why did dan leave extra credits

What happened to Dan on Extra Credits?

After many years and hundreds of videos, Dan retired from Extra Credits in 2018, and James retired in 2019.

Does Kunkel give Extra Credits?

Will is a full-time streamer for Extra Credits, with a focus on starting conversations about the design of the games he’s playing, philosophy and learning. Learn more about Extra Credits at www. extracredits.

Is extra history credible?

History content you can trust

HistoryExtra strives to be the best and most trusted place for history content. We’re home to more than 5,000 features and over 500 podcasts by world-renowned historians including Dan Jones, Michael Wood, Suzannah Lipscomb, Tom Holland and Tracy Borman.

What are YouTube Extra Credits?

Extra Credits® is a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers that has created more than a thousand original short-form animated videos discussing subjects from video games to world history, all of which may or may not involve a cat!

What happens to the extra credits in high school?

These credits allow students to graduate early or take off extra classes as a senior, freeing up hours that students can use for college courses, a job or other personal interests. Having extra credits allows students more freedom in high school, especially in their final year.

What is the meaning of extra credit?

Extra credit is where students are offered the opportunity to undertake optional work as well as their compulsory school work in order to gain addional credit that would boost their grades.

What happened to the original voice of Extra Credits?

Floyd worked as the narrator and one of the writers for Extra Credits, a video lecture series on game design from 2010-2018, and now works on a channel called New Frame Plus, focusing on game animation.

Where is James Portnow now?

Rainmaker Games
James Portnow currently serves as the CEO of Rainmaker Games, a design and consulting firm that has worked with partners from Zynga to Riot Games, in addition to writing the popular Extra Credits and Extra History series.

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Who is James from Extra Credits?

A game designer by trade, James Portnow is also the writer of the Extra Credits, Extra History, …

Why is extra credit good?

It Can Motivate Students

One reason teachers choose to offer extra credit is to increase student motivation. If students are given the opportunity to earn a few extra points on their own terms (instead of being required as with regular assignments), they may have more incentive and motivation to do so.

What GPA do you need to graduate high school in California?

A 2.0 GPA meets high school graduation requirements but most colleges—and some trade schools—expect a high school GPA of at least 3.0 (B) or better. If you take honors and advanced classes, you can earn additional points toward GPA calculation because these classes have an increased level of difficulty.

Is it better to graduate with more credits?

Some advocates have suggested that taking slightly more credits each term can be beneficial for students not just in helping them graduate on time, but in saving them money. … “In fact, the least-prepared students were more likely to persist and get better grades if they took a few extra credits their first term.”

Is extra credit a thing?

Extra credit may also be used as a way to allow a student to improve his or her grade after a weak performance earlier in a course. In both of these cases, extra credit can promote differentiated instruction by factoring in optional work in the assessment of student performance.

Is extra credit a thing in the UK?

No, There Is No Extra Credit!

Is extra credit optional?

It is important that you DO NOT add individual items extra credit within an extra credit category. Doing so will render those items as optional within the category. Extra credit items in an extra credit category will have no effect on the overall grade, whether points are given or not.

why did dan leave extra credits
why did dan leave extra credits

Who owns extra credit?

Credit is complicated.

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ExtraCredit is a brand-new product from Credit.com that gives you unmatched credit coverage for one, low monthly fee.

Why do professors give extra credit?

Creating and grading an “extra credit” project, particularly one designed to help you learn the course content and accurately measure your knowledge of the material, would be a lot of work for professors. … You have to be given the grade you earned, not the grade you tried to earn.

Is extra credit a thing in college?

Each extra credit assignment gives students the opportunity to earn five points, but if they do not write a strong enough paper, they cannot earn all five points.

Is it appropriate to ask for extra credit?

When is a good time to ask for extra credit? When class is over or right before it begins. If you mean the time of year, then you should ask throughout the year, even if you don’t need the extra credit at the time. Most teachers won’t like it if you wait until the very end of the term to ask for extra credit work.

What GPA is required for Harvard?

However, unweighted GPAs are not very useful, because high schools weight GPAs differently. In truth, you need close to a 4.0 unweighted GPA to get into Harvard. That means nearly straight As in every class.

What was the highest GPA ever?

Stephanie Rodas, valedictorian and soon to be a first-generation college student from Carter High School, is making history with the highest grade point average ever recorded since the school opened in 2004 – a whopping 4.88.

Can you graduate high school with a 1.0 GPA in California?

It also waives a requirement for seniors to complete a “capstone” project — which includes a research paper and presentation. Neither requirement is mandated by the state for graduation. Under the new proposal, students would have to have a 1.0 GPA, a D or better, since students would still have to pass their classes.

Is taking 4 classes in college too little?

It’s okay to only take four classes per semester. Just know this will result in you not graduating on time. 24 credits a year will not get you out on time or keep you on track to graduate in the tradition 2years or 4 years.

Is it OK to take 12 credits?

12 credits is full time, so it’s not going to impact financial aid (generally, but do read the fine print). As for consequences, you’ll have a little more free time than your peers who are taking 15 credits/semester.

What does 15 credits mean in college?

Essentially, it represents how much effort you, the student, put into a single course over a semester (15 weeks). … Most single-semester college courses are worth 3 credits, or 9 hours of work per week. If you’re hoping to graduate in 4 years, you’ll need to average 15 credits (roughly 5 courses) a semester.

How do I ask my teacher for extra credit?

Start off with the reason you want extra credit and ask the teacher with the explanation. It is up to them to decide if they want to do it or not. Some teachers will allow it for a good reason. Some don’t like it at all.

Why do some professors not give extra credit?

According to Weimer, some instructors oppose extra credit because they believe that: It reinforces students’ beliefs that they don’t have to work hard because whatever they miss they can make up with extra credit.

Does extra credit help your GPA?

Some professors and schools offer opportunities for extra credit. These opportunities are GPA gold mines; try to take advantage of them. Extra credit can boost your average and enhance your college experience.

What are 60 credits?

The required amount of credits during a year is 60 credits, that means 30 credits per semester. Usually, you would have around four mandatory courses during a semester, with each course worth an average of 7.5 credits.

How many hours is 1 credit hour?

What is a Credit Hour?
Credits to be earned Hours per week, 7-week course Hours per week, 8-week course
1 credit 6 hours 5 hours
3 credits 18 hours 16 hours
6 credits 36 hours 32 hours
12 credits 72 hours 63 hours
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How many hours is a 15 credit course?

The old-school rule is that a student should study two hours a week, outside of class, for each credit hour enrolled. For a student taking 15 credit hours, this indicates they should spend 30 hours studying, or a total of 45 hours per week focusing on class and studies.

How much does 5 points affect your grade?

Your oral exam is 5% of your total grade, so think of it as 5 points. You earn an 80 on your oral exam, so you multiply . 05 (5%) and 80, which gives you 4 points. This means you earned 4 out of a total possible 5 points.

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