why did apple remove the headphone jack reddit

Why Did Apple Remove The Headphone Jack Reddit?

Apple began removing the headphone jack from iPhones with the launch of the iPhone 7, and it was pulled to make room for other components as well as to improve water resistance by removing a point of ingress.Sep 20, 2021

Why did Apple remove the headphone jack?

Before iPhone 7, most waterproof phones relied on an annoying door that needed to be removed to access charging ports or the headphone jack, barring a few exceptions. The hardware that allows for waterproofing takes up space, and ditching the jack helped make that a reality.

Will Apple reintroduce the headphone jack?

Will Apple ever bring back the analog headphone jack? – Quora. No, it would cost them a few cents, and they will not do it. Apple is only interested in 1 thing. Unfortunately it’s not their consumers, nor is it their employees, it’s their stockholders.

Why did phones get rid of headphone jack Reddit?

The real reason phone makers are scrapping the headphone jack. Tracking. The removal of the headphone jack in phones is intended to make wireless headphones more convenient and appealing to the masses than wired ones. Dongles are annoying and cumbersome, especially on phones.

Why do Macs still have headphone jacks?

It’s a combined analog/digital output port, which supports optical-digital Toslink cables and high sample rate output. Apple would have to replicate that feature or provide an alternative, or it’s stepping away from customers who need it.

Does iPhone 6 have 3.5 mm jack?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both feature a standard mini 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack. Both iPhones ship with a set of Apple EarPods, in-ear headphones with an in-line microphone. … The headphone jack is located on the bottom of the iPhone 6.

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Why is there no 3.5 mm jack?

The 3.5mm jack is over 50-years-old and doesn’t do much besides carry an audio signal. It needs its own power amplifier and digital audio converter, which can be built into headphones, so removing the jack makes room for other things, such as a second speaker.

How can I play music on my phone without a headphone jack?

When did iPhone remove the home button?

In 2016, Apple released the iPhone 7, which replaced the home button with an unmoving, solid circle that wasn’t really a button at all. Thanks to a new haptic feedback engine, users could still “press” on the home button area and feel a fake click, but the “button” didn’t move.

Does iPhone 12 come with headphones?

Starting with the 2020 iPhone 12 lineup, Apple phones no longer come with a charger or headphones in the box. … And if you have an old USB charger, Lightning-connector EarPods, or any wireless headphones, they’ll continue to work with your new phone.

Will wired headphones become obsolete?

Wired headphones are under no immediate threat of extinction, but the future of personal audio will be defined and dominated by their wireless peers, that’s already clear.

Why are manufacturers removing the headphone jack?

The removal of the headphone jack in phones is intended to make wireless headphones more convenient and appealing to the masses than wired ones. … Enjoying the “convenience” of wireless earbuds means keeping Bluetooth on more often or all the time and, therefore, enables more tracking of your every move for targeted ads.

Are headphone jacks going away?

Audio jacks are endangered, but they’re not gone. … The joy of the 3.5-mm headphone connector is that it’s one of the few truly universal standards left. You can use pretty much any pair of corded headphones—no need to worry about whether they’re Lightning or USB-C or whether the connectivity will blip in and out.

Does the MacBook Pro have a 3.5 mm jack?

New MacBook Pros Feature 3.5mm Headphone Jack With Advanced Support for High-Impedance Headphones, Six-Speaker Sound System. Apple’s new MacBook Pro models are equipped with the “best audio system in a notebook,” according to Apple, with upgrades to the headphone jack and the speaker system.

Does iMac 24 have a headphone jack?

Update: the base model 24-inch iMac features only two USB 4 / Thunderbolt 3 ports. … Unlike previous models, this one features just five ports in total: 4 USB-C ports, two of which are Thunderbolt, and the fifth port is the headphone jack. That is all. You do not get an SD card slot or regular USB ports either.

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why did apple remove the headphone jack reddit
why did apple remove the headphone jack reddit

Does MacBook Pro 2021 have headphone jack?

The 3.5 mm headphone jack on the MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) or MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) features DC load detection and adaptive voltage output. Your Mac can detect the impedance of the connected device and will adapt its output for low- and high-impedance headphones, as well as for line-level audio devices.

Will Apple get rid of lightning?

Apple will retain the Lightning connector on the iPhone for the “foreseeable future,” with no intention of switching to USB-C, according to reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Does iPhone 7 plus have a headphone jack?

Apple has done it again with the iPhone 7 Plus, a phone that’s as powerful as it is controversial. In camera tests it wows with 2× optical zoom and sharp photos, and it’s finally water resistant; but there’s just one little problem: it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

What is iPhone Jack called?

Lightning connector
Introduced on September 12, 2012, to replace its predecessor, the 30-pin dock connector. The Lightning connector is used to connect Apple mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods to host computers, external monitors, cameras, USB battery chargers, and other peripherals.

Does the S21 have a headphone jack?

(Here are CNET’s Galaxy S21 review and Galaxy S21 Ultra review.) Samsung hosted a virtual Unpacked event earlier this month in which the latest Galaxy S smartphone was unveiled, about a month earlier than last year’s announcement. … We now know the answer: No, the Galaxy S21 does not have a headphone jack.

Is Samsung bringing back the headphone jack?

Like its predecessors, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21, the Samsung Galaxy S22 will almost certainly NOT come with a headphone jack. Samsung hasn’t shipped a flagship phone with a headphone jack for a few years now, so there really is no hope for the Galaxy S22 coming with one.

Is headphone jack necessary?

If you travel a lot for a long period at a time inside airplanes, having a headphone jack helps as you can charge and listen at the same time. Without headphone jack, your USB-C gets occupied so you cannot do both.

Which iPhone was the first without a headphone jack?

In fact, the last iPhone to ship with a headphone jack was the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and those two phones first landed way back in 2014. All iPhones, from the iPhone 7 onwards, shipped without headphones jacks.

How can I listen to my iPhone without Jack?

But if you’re new to the experience, here are some handy products to help you survive without.
  1. Bluetooth Headphones. …
  2. Lightning or USB-C Headphone Adapter. …
  3. Bluetooth Adapter for Your Wired Headphones. …
  4. Bluetooth Receiver for Your Stereo.
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How can I listen to music on my iPhone without headphones jack?

If you don’t want to listen to music or calls through the phone’s speaker, you’ll either need to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, attach a dongle or use headphones that connect via the phone’s Lightning port.

Does iPhone 13 have Touch ID?

In spite of this development, the ‌iPhone 13‌ does not have a ‌Touch ID‌ power button. Adding a fingerprint scanner to the ‌iPhone‌ would give it the ability to perform dual biometric authentication, allowing for the use of both ‌Touch ID‌ and Face ID for maximum security or even faster unlocking.

Does iPhone 13 have fingerprint?

There’s no fingerprint sensor underneath the screen, nothing in the power button, or anywhere else on the phone. Just like the iPhone 12, 11, XS, and X that came before it, the iPhone 13 relies solely on Face ID for biometric authentication.

Is there a iPhone 9?

Not only was that name to mark a decade since Apple’s first iPhone, but it also represented a new start for iPhone, heralding a new design using Face ID and binning the Home button. The iPhone 8 has now been discontinued in favour of the iPhone SE (2020). … The iPhone SE (2nd generation) is, if you like, the iPhone 9.

Is AirPods free with iPhone 12?

Apple is offering the AirPods for free with the purchase of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. Apple buyers can avail the new offer via the company’s official website.

Do AirPods come with 12?

No! The iPhone 12 Pro does not come with AirPods. If you want Apple’s wireless earbuds, you’ll need to fork out the cash to buy them separately.

Do AirPods come with iPhones?

iPhones don’t come with AirPods or EarPods — here’s what comes with new iPhones. No iPhone model comes with AirPods — in fact, Apple doesn’t include any headphones. … If you want AirPods for your iPhone, you’ll need to buy them separately.

Why are my headphones breaking?

The most common reasons why earbuds break so easily have to do with the following 7 factors: Pulling or tugging on the earbuds’ cords when disconnecting them. Leaving earphones dangling off tables, couches, beds, and other surfaces. Sleeping with your earbuds in, exposing them to twisting.

How long do wired headsets last?

You shouldn’t expect a cheap pair of headphones to last you more than a few months. On the other hand, a high-quality pair can last you up to ten years. What’s more, most expensive headphones come with good warranties for at least one year. That means you can easily replace or repair them if they stop working.

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