who voices the narrator in battleblock theater

Who Voices The Narrator In Battleblock Theater?

Will Stamper

Is Hatty Hattington the narrator?

Described by the Narrator to be the ‘best friend to one and all’, Hatty is a jovial and well-hearted person, extremely friendly and quick to break up fights and ensure everyone gets along; when Rigel and Reginald began arguing during the storm, Hatty told them to “be nice.”

Who is Will Stamper?

William Stamper (born March 8, 1983) is an American animator, voice actor, web designer, and game developer, and a former member of SleepyCabin. His online alias is his surname Stamper.

Who is the voice actor of Sir Pentious?

Sir Pentious/Voiced by
Sir Pentious (voiced by Will Stamper), an anthropomorphic cobra demon from the Victorian era.

Will there be a BattleBlock Theater 2?

We aren’t working on a sequel to BattleBlock Theater right now, and don’t currently have any plans for one! 7 years have already passed since its release and the game turned out awesome.

What does the purple knight do Castle Crashers?

The Blacksmith (also called the Purple Knight) is one of the 31 Playable Characters in the game, Castle Crashers Remastered. His magical attacks are Non-Elemental and Fire. His starting weapon is the Hammer.

Who is honey hug?

Honey Hug was a Space Bear killed at the climax of Battleblock Theater by Hatty Hattington. Afterward, his body crashed into the Earth creating the setting of Pit People. His sudden death caused his friend, Honey Kiss (More commonly known as the Bear) to become evil and the main antagonist of Pit People.

What is Stamper’s real name?

William Andrew Stamper
Stamper was born on March 8, 1983 in Bethesda, Maryland, USA as William Andrew Stamper. He is an actor and writer, known for BattleBlock Theater (2013), Rebecca (2004) and Potato Salad (2013).

What does Stamper mean?

Definition of stamper

: one that stamps: such as. a : a worker who performs an industrial stamping operation. b : an implement for pounding or stamping. c : any of various stamping machines.

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Who is Hatty Hattington?

Hatty Hattington is the possessed villain of BattleBlock Theater with the objective being to save him from the power of the hat. … He can be obtained on PC by purchasing BattleBlock Theater on Steam, and he can be unlocked on the Xbox 360 by getting an achievement in the Xbox Live Arcade game, BattleBlock Theater.

Is Sir Pentious hat alive?

Appearance. Sir Pentious is a snake demon with eyes that have red sclera with black, narrow pupils. … He also wears a top hat which, just like him, has sharp, yellow teeth and a pink eye. The top hat seems to be alive, as it blinks and changes expressions in unison with Sir Pentious.

What does Cherri Bomb call Sir Pentious?

My Rating
Nicknames Edge Lord/Old Man (Cherri Bomb), S.P./Slithering-Smart-Sophisticated-Snake Demon (BloodMoon Storm), Pentious (Most demons), Boss/Mr. BossMan (Egg Bois), Sir Penny (Vessel), Daddy (Angel Dust), Sir Penty (Gwen)
Sexual Liking Bisexual
Shipped With Alastor (Mostly), BloodMoon, Rachel
Status Active

Who does Edward Bosco voice?

Edward Bosco is a voice actor known for voicing Seven, Machias Regnitz, and Chipp Zanuff.

How tall is Hatty Hattington?

Hatty stands at approximately 26 bricks tall, or 9.75 inches tall. He is included with a base/stand which, in the final LEGO product, may or may not have the BattleBlock Theater logo imprinted onto it. He can be included with a gem. In all, Hatty is made up of 101 pieces and would cost around $10 – 15 USD.

Is Alien Hominid invasion out?

We’re excited to announce our Alien Hominid Invasion Steam Beta coming Nov 12th – 14th.

who voices the narrator in battleblock theater
who voices the narrator in battleblock theater

Is Castle Crashers cross platform?

Unfortunately, no. Apologies for any confusion, but “cross-platform” refers to the fact that Mac and PC users can play together. Steam users cannot play with Xbox or PSN users, or vice-versa.

Which Castle Crasher is the leader?

The Barbarian Boss
The Barbarian Boss is the first boss in Castle Crashers. He is a very large, muscular barbarian that might be presumably the leader of the barbarians, or at least their best warrior. He enters from the right of the screen by knocking down a door, flattening a beefy barbarian. The fight starts immediately.

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Is the pink knight in Castle Crashers a girl?

According to the game’s artist, Dan Paladin, there isn’t a consensus on Pink Knight’s gender even within The Behemoth. Pink Knight is a playable character in the game Super Meat Boy. … No other character has this trait.

What is the Green Knight in Castle Crashers?

Green Knight is one of the 31 Playable Characters in the game Castle Crashers. Their magical attacks are Poison and their starting weapon is the Thin Sword. Green Knight’s specialties include damage over time and elemental combo locking.

Is Stamper dead?

Though his death was never confirmed, it seemed pretty obvious that Stamper would not return for another season. After having his head beat multiple times with a rock, he was abandoned in the woods to bleed out. So, it was a big surprise when it was revealed that Stamper actually survived.

Does Stamper still work at Newgrounds?

He has been a member of staff at Newgrounds. He started out as an author and fan on Newgrounds, got involved in Newgrounds-related design work, and was given a job as Newgrounds’s media designer in 2003. … Stamper also does voice work on Youtube and Newgrounds.

What happened stampers?

After the attack, Stamper suffers from serious anxiety and depression. After breaking his arm after slipping in the shower, Stamper is prescribed painkillers, which kick-start his descent back into alcoholism.

What is a stomper?

Definition of ‘stomper’

1. a rock or jazz song with a particularly strong and danceable beat. 2. a person or animal that stomps. Collins English Dictionary.

How does nail Stamper work?

What is tempere?

A painting medium in which pigment is mixed with water-soluble glutinous materials such as size or egg yolk. Also called poster color, poster paint. 2. Painting done in this medium. [Italian, from temperare, to mingle, from Latin temperāre; see temper.]

What is the best weapon in Castle Crashers?

How do you unlock the Insane store in Castle Crashers?

The Insane Store is accessed by unlocking Insane Mode, going to the Barbarian Boss on the map and going down (or alternatively, going down from the home castle level).

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Is Hatty dead?

In the beginning of battle block hatty does not have a hat it is later on that he is “taken hostage”by the hat when he puts it on or cats put it on whatever then he so called dies in the end of the game… but in castle crashers he is alive and guess what with a hat so it had to have happened after battle block and he …

How tall is Cherri Bomb?

BUT if you are wondering her height anyway, she stands at a clean 4’0 feet tall. Cherri Bomb: In the Addict Music Video, we get to see Cherri Bomb and Angel Dust walk towards the camera (4:03), giving me enough space to accuratly say that Cherri Bomb is 6’6.

Is Sir Pentious an overlord?

Sir Pentious is the secondary antagonist of the 2019 adult animated musical series Hazbin Hotel created by Vivienne Medrano, also known as VivziePop. He serves as the main antagonist in the pilot “That’s Entertainment”. He is a inventor and a snake demon who plans to takeover Hell and became an Overlord.

Who is the main villain in Hazbin Hotel?

Vox is one of the main antagonists of the adult animated black comedy web series Hazbin Hotel. He is an overlord of Hell, Alastor’s arch-enemy and a member of The Three Vs along with Valentino and Velvet.

Who voices Cherri Bomb in Hazbin Hotel?

Krystal LaPorte

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