who voiced invader zim

Who did Richard Steven Horvitz voices?

His voice credits include the original Alpha 5 on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo, Razputin in Psychonauts, Kaos in Skylanders, Billy and his father Harold in Grim & Evil and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Grey Matter in Ben 10, Daggett in The Angry Beavers, Zim in Invader …

Do Zim and Billy have the same voice actor?

Richard Steven Horvitz is a voice actor known for voicing Invader Zim, Billy, and Chilled.

Who speaks for Invader Zim?

Richard Horvitz
Richard Horvitz, voice of Invader Zim and other characters, speaking at Zenkaikon.

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How old is Richard Steven Horvitz?

55 years (July 29, 1966)

Who voices acts Raz in Psychonauts?

Richard Horvitz
Horvitz, Richard Horvitz, or Richard Wood, (born July 29, 1966) is an American actor and voice actor best known for his work as the voice of the original Alpha 5 in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, and Power Rangers Turbo, as Raz in Psychonauts, Billy in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Kaos from …

Who voices blitz in helluva boss?

Brandon Rogers

Who does the voice of the Red M&M?

Billy West
Over his career, Billy West has voiced multiple characters in television commercials. These include (but are not limited to): Red, the plain milk chocolate M&M (1996–present) (after Jon Lovitz’s departure from the role in 1996).

Who voiced Rasputin in Psychonauts 2?

Fans of cartoons may also recognize Richard Horvitz and the talent that he brings. One of his most popular roles is Billy in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. On top of that role, he was Daggett Doofus Beaver in the original Angry Beavers cartoon series.

Who plays Raz in Psychonauts 2?

Richard Steven Horvitz
Raz (Richard Steven Horvitz) The protagonist of Psychonauts 2, Raz, is a charismatic ten-year-old psychic eager to join the espionage agency Psychonauts.

Who plays Invader Zim’s dad?

Richard Steven Horvitz
Richard Steven Horvitz – IMDb.

How old is DIB in Enter the Florpus?

12 year old
Appearance. Dib is a 12 year old boy (as confirmed during the opening narration of Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus) and resembles his father Professor Membrane.

Who made Invader Zim?

Invader Zim was the brainchild of comic book creator Jhonen Vasquez, and Nickelodeon took a chance on this bizarre but lovable series by commissioning 13 episodes for a first season, which eventually totaled 2 seasons, 27 episodes, and a Netflix movie by the show’s end.Mar 29, 2021

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Who is the voice of Moxxie?

Richard Steven Horvitz

Is Richard Steven Horvitz in Ratchet and Clank rift apart?

Richard Steven Horvitz is the voice of Zurkon Jr. in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Who voices Stolas in helluva?

Bryce Pinkham

who voiced invader zim
who voiced invader zim

Who voices Raz archetype?

The Raz archetype was voiced by the same actor that voiced Gir in Invader Zim. Raz himself was voiced by Richard Horvitz, who also voiced Zim in that same show. The casting was an intentional reference to the character dynamic between Zim and Gir on the show.

Who voices loona helluva boss?

Erica Lindbeck

Who voices Dr Rota?

Richard Steven Horvitz is the English dub voice of Dr. Rota in Dragon Ball Super, and Masami Kikuchi is the Japanese voice.

Is Blitz voiced by Brandon Rogers?

Helluva Boss (TV Series 2019– ) – Brandon Rogers as Blitzo, Additional Voices, Doctor, Loopty Goopty – IMDb.

How do I contact Vivziepop?

Conversation. If you want an official email to send to also –send too hazbinhotelcast@gmail.com! :D.

Is Blitzo bald?

In Blitzo and his sister Barbie Wire’s case they would be considered bald. Imp heads are relatively large compared to their bodies, and have some vaguely reptilian traits, such a lack of ears, lack of defined noses, and their heads often have a slight conical pointedness towards the upper lip.

Who voiced the yellow M&M before JK Simmons?

John Goodman
3. John Goodman // Yellow. Before J.K. made the Yellow M&M his, America’s Sweetheart John Goodman had the role.Feb 27, 2015

Who voiced yellow M&M?

J.K. Simmons
J.K. Simmons talks lending his voice to the Yellow M&M in the M&M ads.

Who voices Amy Wong?

Amy Wong/Voiced by
Lauren Tom tells what it’s like to voice Amy Wong, a fun-loving klutz who makes up words.

Who voices Dion in Psychonauts 2?

Yuri Lowenthal is the voice of Dion Aquato in Psychonauts 2.

Does Psychonauts 2 have the same voice actors?

From Jack Black, Rikki Simons, Elyse and James Willems, and Elijah Wood, here is every voice actor that made an appearance in Psychonauts 2. …

Who plays Nick Psychonauts 2?

Elijah Wood is the voice of Nick Johnsmith in Psychonauts 2.

Who voiced Jack Black in Psychonauts 2?

Black played Helmut Fullbear, a musician and psychic who was thought to be dead for 20 years.

Is Jack Black a voice actor in Psychonauts 2?

Jack Black voices the protagonist, Eddie Riggs, in Brutal Legends, a game developed by Double Fine Studios. For Jack Black fans there is some good news as he will indeed be featuring in Psychonauts 2. In Psychonauts 2, Jack Black will be voicing the Mote of Light.

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How old is Raz from Psychonauts?

age 10
Razputin Aquato (age 10), or Raz for short, is the main protagonist of Psychonauts.

When did Invader Zim come out?

March 30, 2001

Who voices patch in World of Warcraft?

Richard Horvitz
Patch is voiced by Richard Horvitz in Battle for Azeroth.

What is the plot of Invader Zim?

Invader ZIM is an eccentric alien soldier from the planet Irk. He was banished from the Irken Empire after nearly destroying his home planet on an early mission. … They trick him into going on a “secret mission” to an obscure planet at the edge of the universe, a planet with the unlikely name of Earth.

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