who plays zeke on manifest

How tall is Zeke on manifest?

Matt Long stands at 5 feet 9 inches, which is just below co-stars Josh Dallas and J.R. Ramirez at 6 feet 1 inch but taller than his on-screen wife Melissa Roxburgh.

Who is Ezekiel in manifest?

actor Matt Long
Zeke Landon is played by actor Matt Long in Manifest cast. He debuted towards the ending of the first season of the show. According to a report by Screenrant, Zeke is the only character in Manifest to have his own ability till now. The reason behind this could be related to the death date plot in the season 2 ending.

Where is Matt Long from?

Winchester, Kentucky, United States

How old is Matt Long?

41 years (May 18, 1980)

Who is the wolf of manifest?

Ezekiel “Zeke” James Landon is a character on NBC’s Manifest. He debuts in the twelfth episode of the first season and is portrayed by starring cast member Matt Long and co-star Colin Critchley.

Who is Matt Long married to?

Lora Chaffins

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How does Zeke stay alive manifest?

While doing everything he can to stay warm and survive in a cave, he pulls out the magazine and uses a picture of Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) as a way to stay alive. Though Zeke did in fact freeze to death in the cave, like the 828 passengers, he was resurrected a year later.

Who played Zeke’s dad in manifest?

Michael Medeiros: Gordon Landon

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Was Zeke on the plane in manifest?

The aforementioned “Vanishing Point” episode is where the audience is first introduced to Zeke Landon. He was not on the plane with the other passengers, and he didn’t disappear for five whole years like they did. … But without Zeke, audiences would still be speculating otherwise.

How old is Garrett Wareing?

20 years (August 31, 2001)

Does Matt Long have a brother?

Zac Long

Who plays Mick in manifest?

Melissa Roxburgh
Actor Bio. Melissa Roxburgh stars as Michaela Stone on NBC’s “Manifest.”

Who played Griffin manifest?

Marc Menchaca
James Griffin is a character on NBC’s Manifest. He debuts in the fourteenth episode and is portrayed by guest star Marc Menchaca.

Is Zeke on manifest the same actor?

Matt Long stars as Ezekiel “Zeke” Landon on NBC’s “Manifest.” Long’s big break came when he landed the starring role of Jack McCallister on the WB’s critically acclaimed series “Jack & Bobby,” starring Christine Lahti. He subsequently recurred as Joey Baird on “Mad Men,” as well as Dr.

How old is JR Ramirez?

41 years (October 8, 1980)

who plays zeke on manifest
who plays zeke on manifest

What does the peacock mean in Manifest?

In the season 3 premiere, Ben theorized (perhaps correctly) that the passengers didn’t just vanish – they died and were resurrected five years later. In the Christian religion, the peacock is regarded as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Is Zeke the wolf?

Zeke is a male anthropomorphic wolf with a plantigrade posture.

Do Michaela and Jared get back together?

When fans first met Jared, this Manifest character was married to Michaela’s best friend. However, the ex-lovers still had lingering feelings. As a result, during one episode, the two spent the night together. This reunion was ultimately a mistake, as they decided not to take the relationship further.

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How tall is Matt Long?

1.76 m

Who played James in private practice?

Matthew Clayton Long
Winchester, Kentucky, U.S. Matthew Clayton Long (born May 18, 1980) is an American actor.

Year 2012–2013
Title Private Practice
Role Dr. James Peterson
Notes Recurring role

What happens to Jared on Manifest?

While he wasn’t a passenger on Flight 828, Jared is still put in harm’s way at the party but he works with Ben, Michaela and Zeke to help people escape and manages to survive himself.

Where did the plane go for 5 years in Manifest?

Stewart International Airport
The flight was diverted to Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York, where the plane was met by government officials who told them they had all been missing for five and a half years and had been presumed dead.

Is Jared a bad guy on Manifest?

Fans have questioned what Jared’s intentions are and whether he has a secret motive in mind. Zeke ( Matt Long) had made Michaela question why she still trusted him, with Michaela wondering whether Jared is putting on a front. However, Jared proved himself to be the good guy when the X’ers manage to capture Zeke.

Who plays Zeke’s mother on Manifest?

Maryann Plunkett
Maryann Plunkett as Priscilla Landon (season 1–2), Zeke’s mother.

Cal and Olive Stone have always been twins. After embarking on Flight 828 with his father, though, Cal Stone returned over five years later exactly the same. Olive Stone, of course, had matured five years in that time. That made her Cal Stone’s older sister, instead of his twin of the same age.

Did Manifest get Cancelled?

Netflix announced the popular TV series “Manifest” will return for its fourth and final season. … “Manifest” was canceled by NBC in May despite remaining a consistent top-10 show on Netflix, which streams reruns (and performing well in USA TODAY’s “Save our Shows” poll).

Why did Zeke return manifest?

Perhaps more than any other person on the series, Zeke’s journey has left viewers both amazed and confused. It’s likely because his backstory is unlike any other character’s — despite not being on Flight 828, he was chosen for resurrection and drawn to the Callings (a.k.a. visions and voices that prompt action).

What did Beverly say to Zeke?

Beverly said that Zeke was the man Mick married because she was dying, but that relationship didn’t hold a candle to the 12 years of history she shared with Jared.

Is Zeke a villain?

Zeke Yeager, otherwise known as the Beast Titan, is the main antagonist of the Attack on Titan series. … He serves as the main antagonist in the first half of the Clash of the Titans arc and the Return to Shiganshina arc, a supporting character in the Marley arc, and the central antagonist of the War for Paradis arc.

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Can Garrett Wareing sing?

“I trained for two weeks before we started filming at the American Boychoir School with the conductor, Fernando (Malvar-Ruiz), so I got to learn the music and while I was on set, I did sing. “It was cool to see the possibilities that singing opens up.” Boychoir is Wareing’s first feature film role.

Is boychoir based on a true story?

The film, which has worldwide distribution set up and is close to acquiring U.S. distribution for 2015, was inspired by a news clipping sent 17 years ago to Boychoir’s screenwriter Ben Ripley, about a day in the life of real members of the Princeton, New Jersey-based American Boychoir boarding school.

Who plays calstone?

Jack Messina
Actor Bio. Jack Messina stars as Cal Stone in NBC’s “Manifest.” The 13-year-old Messina began acting at the age of 7.

How old is Jack J Messina?

14 years (2007)

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