who plays tracy in hairspray

What happened to the actress who played Tracy in Hairspray?

While she certainly isn’t experiencing the same level of fame as when Hairspray was released, Blonsky still acts sporadically. She is due to star in an episode of the TV series Quarantine about the coronavirus pandemic, and appeared in the feature film Ghost in the Graveyard last year.

Who originally played Tracy in Hairspray?

The performances were conducted by Lon Hoyt, with approximately 15 musicians. The original Broadway cast included Marissa Jaret Winokur and Harvey Fierstein in the lead roles of Tracy and Edna respectively.

Why did John Travolta play Tracy’s mom in Hairspray?

John Travolta was cast as Edna Turnblad, the main character’s mother, in the 2007 remake of “Hairspray” because the role has always been played by a man in drag, starting with the original 1988 film, in which the role was played by famed drag queen Divine. … He doesn’t wear those clothes when he’s not making a movie.

How old is Nicole Blonsky?

33 years (November 9, 1988)

Who plays seaweeds sister in Hairspray?

Inez Stubbs
Inez Stubbs is the younger sister of Seaweed and daughter of Motormouth Maybelle. She is also a supporting character in both the 1988 and 2007 films, though her role in the second film was later enlarged.
Inez Stubbs
Name: Inez Stubbs
Gender: Female
Family: Motormouth Maybelle (mother) Seaweed J. Stubbs (brother)

How old was Tracy in Hairspray?

Plot. In 1962, Tracy Turnblad is a 16-year-old heavyset high school student living in Baltimore. Along with her best friend Penny Pingleton, Tracy regularly watches The Corny Collins Show, a local teen dance television show.

Why did John Waters make Hairspray?

“He really didn’t like me at first, because he wanted to play my part. He wanted to play both the mother and the daughter like he did in ‘Female Trouble.

Was Hairspray based on a true story?

Hairspray is based on the 1988 film of the same name, directed by John Waters. Waters based the main storyline and “The Corny Collins Show” on the real-life “The Buddy Deane Show” and racial events surrounding it.

Who was the first Tracy Turnblad?

Original Tracy Turnblad Ricki Lake Cameos in Hairspray Live!

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Three Tracy Turnblads are better than one! Ricki Lake, who originated the lead role in the 1988 John Waters film, made a special cameo during Wednesday’s Hairspray Live! on NBC.

Why does a guy played the mom in Hairspray?

In 2007, the Chicago Tribune reported that Meron said Travolta was cast as Edna in order to continue the tradition of the musical, which has continued years later in the NBC live version of the musical.

Why does Penny always have a lollipop?

Trivia (68) Amanda Bynes’ character, Penny, is seen constantly eating lollipops. Bynes’ father, who is a dentist, became very worried for her dental health, as it was estimated she ate about 40 lollipops a day. She told him that she wasn’t really eating all of them, when in reality she ate them all.

How did John Travolta get the part in Hairspray?

Film producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron spent 14 months talking Travolta into wearing a fat suit and dresses to sing and dance the role. Eventually they won him over with the challenge of getting in touch with his feminine self.

How did Nikki Blonsky became famous?

With no previous professional experience, Ms. Blonsky, 18, played the lead in this latest incarnation of the 1988 John Waters film that subsequently became a Broadway show. Waving her arms in the air in victory, she ran down the auditorium aisle.

Where was Nikki Blonsky born?

Great Neck, New York, United States

Is Nikki Blonsky in high school musical?

The High School Musical star played heartthrob Link Larkin in the big-screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, opposite Blonsky as plump wannabe TV performer Tracy Turnblad. … Nikki went on to reveal that she and Zac became firm friends while shooting the film, which was released in 2007.

who plays tracy in hairspray
who plays tracy in hairspray

Who plays the little sister in Hairspray?

Shahadi Wright Joseph
Actor Bio. Shahadi Wright Joseph plays Little Inez in NBC’s upcoming production of “Hairspray Live!,” set for Wednesday, December 7 at 8/7c. Little Inez is Seaweed J. Stubbs’ younger sister, who tries to audition for “The Corny Collins Show” but is at first turned away because she is African-American.

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Who plays seaweeds mom in Hairspray?

Motormouth Maybelle
“Motormouth” Maybelle
Enemies: Amber Von Tussle (probably) Velma Von Tussle Franklin Von Tussle (1988 only)
Appearences: Hairspray (1988 film) Hairspray (2007 film) Hairspray Live (2016 special)
Portrayed by: Ruth Brown (1988) Queen Latifah (2007) Jennifer Hudson (2016)

Who plays the blonde girl in Hairspray?

Nicole Blonsky (born November 9, 1988) is an American actress, singer, dancer, and internet personality who is known for her breakthrough role as Tracy Turnblad in the film Hairspray (2007), for which she won two Critics’ Choice Awards and received nominations for a Golden Globe Award and a SAG Award.

How tall is Tracy Turnblad?

“Growing up, all I saw were the really thin actors and pop singers of the world. Everybody was so thin and tall and blond and everything I was not,” says Nikki Blonsky, the hefty, 4-foot-10 newcomer who plays Tracy.

Where was Hairspray live filmed?

Hairspray Live!
Producers Craig Zadan Neil Meron Richard Bakewell
Production locations Universal Studios Lot, Universal City, California
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 113 minutes (DVD)

Who does Link Larkin end up with?

Link Larkin is a spunky and charming, but sweet and kind-hearted character who plays a major role in hairspray as Tracy Turnblad’s friend and love interest. He is a member of The Corny Collins Show council.
Link Larkin
Relationships: Amber Von Tussle (ex-girlfriend) Tracy Turnblad (girlfriend)

What era is Hairspray set in?

A ‘pleasantly plump’ teenager teaches 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on a local TV dance show.

Was hairspray a play or movie first?

The first was the 1988 original film, the second was the 2002 Broadway musical, the third was its 2007 film adaptation, and now the 2016 live television production on NBC.

Was Tracy Turnblad real?

Tracy Turnblad is based on John Waters as a teenager in Baltimore. “I was Tracy,” said Waters. “We hung around with black and whites together, which you couldn’t do. The black cops would stop us and say: ‘This isn’t Greenwich Village, you know.

What is the message of Hairspray?

On the surface, Hairspray is a fun and frothy show, but it’s a musical with a message: Segregation is wrong. Discrimination is wrong. And while Hairspray is set in 1962, among the signs in the protest scene is one proclaiming the more modern slogan Black Lives Matter.

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Will there be a Hairspray 2?

Film bosses have scrapped plans to bring movie-musical Hairspray back for a sequel. You can’t tell the same Hairspray story again, it’s been told three times.” … But Hairspray director Adam Shankman has now confirmed plans for a sequel have been dropped.

Where was Hairspray filmed in Baltimore?

Before creating the sets for “Hairspray” he toured the Highlandtown neighborhood of East Baltimore where Waters filmed the original movie.

What race is Tracy in Hairspray?

Tracy, who is white, shows active allyship and solidarity with the black community in segregated Baltimore. She stands up for what she believes in and inspires others to do the same.

How old is Penny in Hairspray?

Appearance. Prudy’s stage age is 40+. She is usually portrayed as a brunette with short hair.

How old is John Travolta?

67 years (February 18, 1954)

Who has played Edna Turnblad UK?

Harvey Fierstein
The original cast starred Broadway newcomer Marissa Jaret Winokur in the lead role, with Matthew Morrison as Link Larkin and Harvey Fierstein as Edna Turnblad. After the musical’s success in America, Hairspray made its West End premiere at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 2007, where it ran for two and a half years.

Was Cher in Hairspray?

Gerard, and Ruth Brown.

Hairspray (1988 film)
Written by John Waters
Produced by John Waters Robert Shaye Rachel Talalay
Starring Sonny Bono Ruth Brown Divine Debbie Harry Ricki Lake Jerry Stiller Ric Ocasek Pia Zadora
Cinematography David Insley

Hairspray Cast: Where Are They Now?

Tracy Turnblad & Link Larkin (Hairspray 2007)

Hairspray Inside the recording Booth

You Can’t Stop The Beat

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