who plays robbie in victorious

Does Robbie actually voice Rex on Victorious?

He hits on most girls at Hollywood Arts High School with the notable exception of Cat, Robbie’s own love interest. Rex is puppeteered by Matt Bennett and voiced by Jake Farrow, who is left uncredited to give the illusion that Robbie voices Rex.

Who played Robbie in victorious now?

Matt Bennett
Matt Bennett
Born November 13, 1991 Massapequa Park, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 2009–present
Known for Victorious

How old is Robbie from victorious now?

30 years (November 13, 1991)

Did Ariana kiss Matt Bennett?

In a stoop kid video (that they deleted) Matt was riding on Ariana’s back and Ariana said that it hurt so he got down and was hugging her, then she got up and he kept hugging her, than she said “that really hurt yo”. In this video of them, Matt said that he was Ariana’s biggest fan and then kissed her on the cheek.

Why is Jade West so mean?

Jade West, the antagonist of the show, is described as sassy and grouchy who is overconfident in herself and her abilities. She is mean and snarky due to her distant relationship with her father who she hardly speaks to.

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Is Christopher Cane a real person?

Christopher Cane is the fictional alter ego of Rex, who hosts the episode Blooptorious. … In the episode, Christopher is depicted as an actual actor playing the part of Rex, rather than being a ventriloquist dummy.

Is Robbie Shapiro a girl?

Robbie is shy, awkward, and a little weird, but he’s also a good friend, loyal, honest, and smart. He is a student at Hollywood Arts High School who often gets into minor trouble.

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop.
Robert “Robbie” Shapiro
Gender: Male
Age: 16-17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel

What is Jade from Victorious real name?

Elizabeth Gillies

How old is Trina Vega now?

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop
Trina Vega
Age: 17-18
Hair Color: Brunette (Season 1 & 2) Dark brown with blonde highlights (Season 3 & 4)
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Hollywood Hills, California

Is Robbie Shapiro mentally ill?

In the episode, Robbie does not understand why he was referred to as a “ventriloquist”, which either jokingly indicates that Rex has a mind of his own and is not controlled by Robbie at all or (in a more serious matter) that Robbie suffers from schizophrenia, therefore considering Rex a real person.

Are Matt and Ariana friends?

The Former ‘Victorious’ Star Is Still Friends With Ariana Grande. Anyone familiar with Victorious knows that it helped launch Ariana Grande into superstardom. …

How old is Leon Thomas?

28 years (August 1, 1993)

Did Ariana and Robbie date?

Everyone only dreamed that Ariana and her co-star, Matt Bennett, AKA Robbie from Victorious would hook up. Although there was no confirmation about the relationship, they did get up, close and personal during Ari’s One Last Time video.

Who Is Ariana Grande husband?

Dalton Gomez

Who did Matt Bennett marry 2021?

Matthew Bennett didn’t find love on Married At First Sight, but it turns out he didn’t need expert help to build a loving relationship. Now, the 32-year-old has excitedly announced he is engaged to his girlfriend-of-two-years, Annabel Jameson.

who plays robbie in victorious
who plays robbie in victorious

What is cat’s talent in victorious?

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop
Cat Valentine
Talent: Singing Acting Costume Designing Juggling Tap Dancing Stage Makeup
Weaknesses: Criticism Playing Pirates with Robbie Bibble Addiction
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
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What was wrong with cat from victorious?

However, another reason could be that she is bipolar, as she does show traits associated with the disorder such as inflated self-esteem, being more talkative than usual and having racing thoughts.

Why is jade so rude in victorious?

It is shown throughout the series that deep down, Jade is lonely, sad, insecure and her heart is broken, which is part of the reason she is so rude towards people.

Is Christopher Cane salsa real?

Christopher Cane is a fictional alter ego of Rex from Victorious who hosts the episode iBloop 2 – Electric Bloopaloo. … A running gag is that he makes each cast member hold it up to their face and say “Christopher Cane Salsa rocks my mouth”.

Is Rex from victorious a puppet?

Rex is a puppet, but for Robbie, who finds the term “puppet” offensive, he’s more of a best friend. “Rex is my wants and desires put into physical form,” actor Matt Bennett revealed back in 2010 during the first season of filming this show.

What inspired Christopher Kane?

Born: Motherwell, Scotland, 1982

Glaswegian Christopher Kane started his love of fashion from admiring John Galliano’s creativity. His inspiration led him to studying fashion at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. While studying, Kane interned for designers Russell Sage and Giles Deacon.

Who plays the puppet in victorious?

Jake Farrow
Jake Farrow voiced Rex, the sassy-AF puppet β€” or Christopher Cane, if you’re going by the “Blooptorious” episode β€” but before that, he played everyone’s favorite weirdo Premiere employee, Gavin.May 5, 2016

Who does Beck end up with?

Jade West. Jade: “You love me again?” Beck and Jade have been boyfriend and girlfriend for over three years.

How old is Tori Vega?

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop
Tori Vega
Age: 16-17
Hair Color: Brown (Season 1 & 2) Dark Brown (Season 3 & 4)
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 1993

Can Daniella Monet sing?

Daniella Monet Zuvic (born March 1, 1989) is an American actress and singer. She is known for her role as Trina Vega on Victorious and Rebecca in Zoey 101. … In real life, she can actually sing, unlike her character Trina, who is notorious for her bad singing.

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How old is cat from victorious?

Who is Cat Valentine?
Cat Valentine
Age June 26th 1995 (age 16-17)
Resides in Venice, Los Angeles, California
Occupation Babysitter Student at Hollywood Arts
Affiliations Hollywood Arts High School Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service

Does Jade have a crush on Tori?

Jade enjoys making Tori suffer and likes to get a reaction from her, while at the same time she will also run to her for help and comfort, such as in Jade Dumps Beck.

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop.
Shipped Characters Jade West and Tori Vega
Length of Relationship 2010-present
Status Friends/Frenemies

How old is Elizabeth Gillies?

28 years (July 26, 1993)

Who plays Trina Vega in victorious?

Daniella Monet

Do Tori and Beck date?

Bori is the pairing of Beck and Tori (B/eck and T/ori). … In Tori Goes Platinum, it is suggested that Beck has been harboring romantic feelings for Tori, and they almost kissed. After Victorious, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia starred in the 2017 film The Outcasts as love interests.

Did Avan Jogia and Liz Gillies date?

Elavan is the real-life pairing of Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia (Elizabeth and Avan). They have been seen to be very close and hang out sometimes.

Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop.
Shipped: Avan Jogia and Elizabeth Gillies
Status: Close Friends
Projects together: Victorious

Do Jade and Beck end up together?

According to recent social media posts by Liz Gillies and Avan Jogia, Beck and Jade are now married and living in Beck’s trailer, owing to their inability to afford a house, with a child of their own.

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