who plays rafe on days of our lives

Where is Galen Gering from?

Los Angeles, California, United States

Is Rafe married?

Sami agreed, and she and Rafe were married on November 24, 2010. Following their wedding, Rafe joined the Salem Police Department and began investigating E.J, hoping to uncover evidence against him and send him to prison. Rafe’s investigation was quickly stalled, when it was discovered that Johnny had cancer.

How old is hope on Days of Our Lives?

Hope Brady
Born December 24, 1964
Age 56
Occupation Former Detective Former Police officer Former Bounty hunter Former Private investigator Former Model
Residence Salem, Illinois

Who is Galen Gering married to?

Jenna Gering

How old is Brady on Days of Our Lives?

Brady Black
Born May 19, 1981 (onscreen May 19, 1992)
Age 41
Occupation CEO of Basic Black Former CEO of Titan Former partner with John Black at Basic Black Former Vice CEO of Titan Former manager of the Blue Note Chloe’s former manager Former employee at Basic Black
Residence The Kiriakis Mansion, Salem, Illinois
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Who is Rafe sister outerbanks?

While many fans felt that Topper was a villain in Outer Banks when it came to his relationship with Rafe’s sister, Sarah, Rafe exceeded Topper with his villainous ways. And it all started when he tried winning his father’s approval. After being caught misusing drugs, Rafe felt like he lost his father’s respect.

How many kids does Galen Gering have?

Galen Gering
Occupation Actor
Years active 1999–present
Spouse(s) Jenna Hudlett Gering ​ ​ ( m. 2000)​
Children 2

Did Hope Brady lost a child?

Beauregard “Zack” Isaac Theo Brady is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He was the second son and child of supercouple Hope and Bo Brady, born June 9, 2000. … Abe and Lexie adopted the baby that Marlo has given birth to, unaware that Stefano had switched Marlo and Hope’s sons.

How old is Kristen on DOOL?

Kristen DiMera
Born July 11, 1964
Age 55
Occupation Businesswoman Social worker
Residence Salem, Illinois

How old is Eric martsolf?

50 years (July 27, 1971)

Who plays Rafe Hernandez?

Rafe Hernandez/Played by
Galen Gering plays Rafe Hernandez, a handsome FBI agent assigned to guard feisty Sami Brady while she is in the witness protection program.

How tall is Galen Gering from Days of Our Lives?

1.87 m

Are Brady and Nicole married in real life?

Kyle Lowder played Brady Black and Arianne Zucker played Nicole Walker. They fell in love and got married in 2002. … We continue to remain great friends and loving parents to our daughter,” they said in a joint statement, according to Soap Opera Digest.

Is Eric Brady coming back to days in 2021?

The actor will reprise his role on the NBC soap this summer, a recently released promo revealed. … (Fans will recall that the actor left the daytime drama in 2020, saying that after nearly a decade of playing Eric Brady, he felt “like a glorified extra.”)

How old is Belle Black on Days of Our Lives?

Created by head writer James E. Reilly, she was born on October 21, 1993, as the only child of supercouple John Black and Marlena Evans. She is also one half of the supercouple Shawn Brady and Belle Black.
Belle Black
Duration 1993–2008 2015–present
First appearance October 21, 1993
Created by James E. Reilly

who plays rafe on days of our lives
who plays rafe on days of our lives

Is Wheezie Sarah’s half sister?

Wheezie Cameron is the younger sister of Sarah, the rich girl who, of course, becomes embroiled with the show’s lower-class protagonists.

Who killed Rafe in Outer Banks?

Renfield and her get into a fight, and the struggle ends with Carla killing him. Fortunately, it would seem that Gavin and Renfield are the only ones who die in season 2 of Outer Banks. However, if the show gets a third season, more characters could get killed off.

What happened to Sarah Cameron’s sister?

Sarah — yes, his own sister — ends up with a gun wound. In episode 3, Terrance calls on his “doctor” to help save Sarah with an operation, to which he complies for payment in the gold they had been chasing down.

What happened to Bo from Days of Our Lives?

Luckily, he saved the day and Hope’s life and the super couple reunited but their reconciliation was tragically short-lived when Bo was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Soon after – in a November 2015 episode of Days Of Our Lives – Bo died in Hope’s arms in the park where they first met so many moons ago.

Are Bo and Hope together in real life?

Bo and Hope currently live together with their new born daughter Ciara Brady, who got her name through a viewer vote. The lives of their other children, Shawn and Chelsea, had some rough patches, but is now looking up.

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How old is Kayla on Days of Our Lives?

Mary Beth Evans (born March 7, 1961) is an American television actress, known for her role as Kayla Brady on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives, and her role as Sierra Estaban on the CBS daytime soap As the World Turns.

Year 2000–2005
Title As the World Turns
Role Sierra Estaban Drake
Notes Regular role
* Hope was born Born January 10, 1974 but then the date was changed to December 24, 1963. … * Hope is a police officer, and was a stay at home mom. * Daughter of Doug Williams and step-daughter to Julie Williams. * Julie and Hope are related as step sisters and step-mother and daughter.

What babies did Lexie switch on Days of Our Lives?

Later, Abe and Lexie adopt baby Isaac, thinking he is the child of DiMera henchman Wilhelm Rolf. Isaac is actually the son of Bo Brady and Hope Brady who was switched at birth by Stefano. Abe is later appalled to learn that Lexie knew of the switch, but hides the truth from him.

Did Hope and Rafe get married?

Hope finally agreed to marry Rafe, but unfortunately, he cheated on her with a recently-returned Sami, and she didn’t find out about it until after they tied the knot! She left him and they were separated for a time, but continued working on their relationship and eventually got back together.

How old is Nicole Walker on Days of Our Lives?

Nicole Walker
Born July 6, 1975
Age 45
Occupation Businesswoman Former Journalist Former Secretary Former Campaign manager Editor-in-chief Former Model Former Waitress Former Pornographic actress
Residence Eric’s Apartment Salem, Illinois
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Who plays Susan on Days of Our Lives 2021?

Stacy Haiduk
Susan Banks
Eileen Davidson as Susan Banks
Days of Our Lives character
Portrayed by Eileen Davidson (1996–1998, 2014–2017, 2021) Brynn Thayer (2011) Stacy Haiduk (2018–present)
Duration 1996–1998 2011 2014 2017–2019 2021

Is Stacy Haiduk married?

Stacy Haiduk/Spouse
In June 2010, an issue of Soap Opera Digest reported that Haiduk has been married to Bradford Tatum since November 11, 1997. The couple met on the set of seaQuest DSV. They have one daughter, Sophia.

Who is Eric martsolf married to in real life?

Lisa Kouchak

When was Brady Black born?

Backstory. Brady is born onscreen in 1992 to John Black and his wife, Isabella. Sadly, Isabella died soon after, leaving John to raise Brady on his own.

What happened to Brady Black on Days of Our Lives?

The character was written off of DAYS in 2005 but returned in 2008 in the form of Eric Martsolf, who continues to portray Brady to this day. … After Victor Kiriakis kidnapped his grandson and put him in rehab, Brady returned home in 2008 clean and sober. Although divorced, Chloe and Brady agreed to remain friends.

Who plays Rafe’s father on Days of Our Lives?

Eduardo Hernandez
Portrayed by A Martinez
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2015–17, 2020
First appearance September 21, 2015

How old is Gabi on Days of Our Lives?

Gabi Hernandez
Alias(es) Gabi Fallon
Gender Female
Age 30
Occupation Founder and Owner of GabiChic Model (formerly) Waitress (formerly) Receptionist (formerly)

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