who plays hector on longmire

What happened to Hector in Longmire?

When Hector was murdered in season 3, his death left a void in both the show’s storylines and the Cheyenne community, and for at least the next season and a half (really more like two and a half seasons in total) it was Lou Diamond Phillips’ Henry Standing Bear, one of the show’s main protagonists, who stepped in to …

Is Jeffrey De Serrano Indian?

Jeff is a Cleveland, Ohio, native. He first pursued a career in acting in New York City after receiving a degree from Ohio University. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Why was Longmire Cancelled?

The first three seasons of ‘Longmire’ were produced by A&E. The channel later announced that they would no longer produce ‘Longmire’. The crime drama series had a strong viewership. Hence, the reasons for cancellation are still not known to this day.

Is Longmire coming back in 2021?

Sadly, we’re here to debunk that no, there won’t be season 7 of Longmire and it certainly isn’t coming in November 2021. Beginning on A&E back in 2012, the show ran for three seasons there before Netflix revived it for seasons 4, 5, and the final season which eventually made its way onto Netflix in 2017.

Who is the new Hector?

Jeffrey De Serrano
Jeffrey De Serrano as Hector — Cheyenne ex-boxer who lives on the reservation, is a mercenary-for-hire and vigilante for Cheyenne people who seek justice (seasons 1-3, 6).

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Does Henry take over for Hector?

Henry goes on to fill the role of Hector after his death, where the Cheyenne were left hopeless as their vigilante was thought dead, giving people hope that justice was being served in the form of Hector. At the end of the series, Henry takes over ownership of the local casino.

What happened to Jacob Nighthorse at the end of Longmire?

After taking Henry Long Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) to the casino to illustrate its importance to their tribe, Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) is accosted by members of the tribe for his shady antics involving profits from the casino. Eventually, he and Henry are forced to leave after gunshots are fired in the crowd.

Who does Cady Longmire marry?

Officer Michael Moretti
In the same book, Cady marries Philadelphia Police Officer Michael Moretti, the brother of Walt’s undersheriff, Vic Moretti, on the Rez; Michael and she had been seeing each other since Kindness Goes Unpunished and engaged since The Dark Horse. In Any Other Name, Cady gives birth to a daughter, Lola Longmire Moretti.

What town is Longmire filmed in?

The series takes place in a fictional Wyoming county, but is filmed in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA and Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA.

Has Longmire been Cancelled?

The series, which ran for six seasons, debuted on A&E in 2012 but was cancelled after just three seasons. … But every good thing must eventually come to an end, and after three additional seasons on Netflix, Longmire came to a close in 2017 after six seasons.

Does Henry get saved on Longmire?

Brief Summary

Cady has flashbacks about her disturbing vision and, when she learns Henry goes missing, she talks to Walt. Ferg jeopardizes his relationship with Meg. Henry is aided but not rescued by the Crow medicine woman. Walt is injured while trying to save Henry.

Did Vic and Walt sleep together?

His relationship with Vic finally turned romantic, and now that he’s not her superior that does away with one big conflict of interest. What their future holds is unclear but their scene the morning after sleeping together was one of their best.

Who killed branch in Longmire?

In 2015, Branch’s body was found down by the river by Walt Longmire, Vic Moretti, and The Ferg. Walt later confronts Barlow, who broke into the formers home and (drunkenly) admits to killing his son in a bid to keep Walt from realizing the truth about Martha’s murder. Walt then kills Barlow, avenging Branch and Martha, …

Who plays Michael Moretti on Longmire?

Sean Keegan | Longmire Wiki | Fandom.

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Does Henry become the new Hector?

In 2016, Henry was caught acting as the new Hector by Mathias after reporting his green 1958 Chevy Apache pickup as missing. After finding blood in his truck that matched the crime scene, Mathias takes him into custody and drives him out to where he was shot.

who plays hector on longmire
who plays hector on longmire

Is David ridges alive?

In the back of the sheriff’s vehicle, David Ridges (David Midthunder) lies dead. … Inside, Longmire commands Ferg (Adam Bartley) to clean out Branch’s desk and take the man his belongings while the sheriff and Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) set out to arrest Jacob Nighthorse.

What happens to Standing Bear in Longmire?

Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) has been staked out in the desert and left to die by Malachi (Graham Greene). … In the case of “Longmire” the lawman has an air of sadness that permeates his soul because of the death of his wife and his estrangement from his daughter (Cassidy Freeman).

What is Vic’s secret on Longmire?

Sean suspected her of having an affair with her boss, Sheriff Walt Longmire. While in Philadelphia and prior to her marriage, Vic had an affair with her married superior officer, Ed Gorski, but she broke up with him.

How old is Walt on Longmire?

Robert Taylor (Australian actor)
Robert Taylor OAM
Born Robert John Taylor 1963 (age 57–58) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Nationality Australian
Alma mater Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
Occupation Actor

Is Craig Johnson still writing Longmire books?

The books are set in northern Wyoming, where Longmire is sheriff of the fictional county of Absaroka. The series debuted in 2004 and as of September 2019, Johnson has written 15 novels, two novellas, and many short stories featuring Longmire.

Craig Johnson (author)
Craig Johnson
Spouse Judy Johnson

Who hit Longmire’s daughter?

Billy confesses to texting while driving intoxicated and accidentally hitting Cady. Bob pleads for Walt to arrest him instead of his son, who was coming to the Red Pony to pick up his drunk father. After losing the election, Branch checks out the car that Cady was tending.

Who plays Longmire’s daughter?

Cassidy Freeman
Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Cassidy Freeman (born April 22, 1982) is an American actress and musician. She is known for her roles as Tess Mercer in The CW’s superhero drama Smallville and Cady Longmire in A&E’s modern western Longmire.

Where is the real Red Pony Bar in Longmire?

The Red Pony, a coal mining museum, and really nice people.

We were both fans of the Netflix show Longmire. Ryan found out the setting for the Red Pony bar featured in the show was the Mine Shaft Tavern located in Madrid.

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Where is Walt Longmire’s house filmed?

Valles Caldera National Preserve
It’s Walter Longmire’s log cabin, located at Valles Caldera National Preserve on New Mexico Highway 4, 16 miles west of Los Alamos. Wide open grasslands dominate the preserve. The cabin, and its gorgeous panoramic view, have appeared in practically every episode of Longmire.

How does Henry answer the phone at the Red Pony?

You are fired.” He then answers the phone by saying, “It is a beautiful day at the Red Pony and continual soiree.” It is good to have him running everyone’s favorite Wyoming watering hole, though the way he got it back runs headlong into Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor).

How many seasons of Longmire were filmed?

6 seasons
Longmire had begun nearly a decade ago in 2012 and ended back in 2017. During the course of its run, it has brought a total of 6 seasons with over a total of 60 episodes.

How many Walt Longmire Mysteries are there?

Walt Longmire Mysteries (17 book series) Kindle Edition.

What type of gun does Walt Longmire carry?

In the show, Walt Longmire is portrayed by actor Robert Taylor. Throughout the 2012 series, Longmire’s choice of guns include a Colt Model 1911 . 45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) with stag grips and a Winchester Model 1894 Rifle . 30-30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire).Jun 30, 2016

What kind of truck does Henry Drive in Longmire?

1958 GMC pick-up
Henry Standing Bear’s Ride , in the TV series , “Longmire” , is a 1958 GMC pick-up , with a V8 engine.

Is Jacob Nighthorse a bad guy?

A good hero is defined by their villains: Batman has the Joker, Sherlock Holmes has James Moriarty, and Walt Longmire has Jacob Nighthorse, his best enemy. … At once a seemingly cold, calculating villain, beneath the scheming and the plotting is a man who does legitimately care about his tribe, the Cheyenne.

Does Malachi get caught in Longmire?

He arrested by Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear (serving as a temporary deputy) for unspecified crimes (corruption). Walt tried to prevent him from being released from jail by testifying at his parole hearing, but was unsuccessful.

Why does Longmire call his daughter punk?

Cady is the only child of Sheriff Walt Longmire and his wife Macancer. Her father calls her Punk, which is short for Pumpkin.

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