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What happened with Norman Reedus?

In February 2005, Reedus sustained a head injury when a truck collided with his car in Germany. His nose was reconstructed with the aid of four screws and his left eye socket with titanium.

What actor plays Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead?

Norman Reedus

Does Daryl Dixon ever fall in love?

Reedus has always been fiercely protective of the fact that Daryl has never had a romantic relationship on The Walking Dead — not wanting the character to dive into something unless it has real meaning and was charted in just the right way.

Is Norman Reedus in Reservoir Dogs?


How old is Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead?

If we are kindly generous to Merle and say he was 45 then Daryl was 35 when the show began. At least 15 years (TWD time) have passed which makes Daryl at least 50 now. People need to accept the fact that Daryl is NOT the young guy they want him to be.

What was Daryl before the outbreak?

Although he is a right-hand man, his character draws one into wanting to know more about his past than anybody else’s. Known to have been a drifter beforehand, his mysterious character gets people guessing what he could have been before the zombie apocalypse.

Where did Daryl get his vest?

In season 10 episode 11, Daryl Dixon was handed his vest by Judith Grimes. It was revealed that one of the wings had been painted so both of the wings were now visible. Most of the time, something like that would be done behind the scenes by an art or costume department.

Where did the zombies come from in walking dead?

Now creator Robert Kirkman has revealed how that happened. The writer of the comic of The Walking Dead and longtime producer of the AMC TV show said the zombie outbreak occurred because of a “space spore” when asked on Twitter, which is likely another homage to the godfather of the zombie-horror genre George A. Romero.

Who plays Maggie in The Walking Dead?

Lauren Cohan

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Is Daryl asexual?

There were many fans who thought the same; actor Norman Reedus has in-fact even received fan-mail thanking him for portraying an asexual character. However, Robert Kirkman, the writer of the show and comics, revealed that Dixon is “straight” and “somewhat asexual”.

Did Daryl and Leah hook up?

Yes, Daryl and Leah got together over a period of years, in-story. But for viewers, this was a single episode, and it was supposed to answer a question building up for the better part of decade.

What episode does Daryl kiss Beth?

Still (The Walking Dead)
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 12
Directed by Julius Ramsay
Written by Angela Kang
Featured music “Up the Wolves” by The Mountain Goats

What is Daryl Dixon’s middle name?

Your slap echoed through the halls as you looked at him, “Daryl Alvin Dixon, you are a real piece of work.” You snapped before pushing him aside and storming out of the cell.

What did Norman Reedus name his daughter?

daughter of Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus

Where does Daryl Dixon live?

Following the end of the war against Negan and the Saviors, Daryl becomes the new leader of the Saviors, though he eventually resigns from the role, giving it to Carol instead. In the years following Rick’s assumed death, he started living in the woods after spending a long time searching for his best friend’s body.

who plays daryl dixon
who plays daryl dixon

Is Rick older than Daryl?

– Rick is an older-brother figure for Daryl (at least that’s what I’m getting from the show…), which would make him older than Daryl. Point is, Daryl is probably in his late 20s – early 30s.

What did Daryl name his dog?


At some point after Rick Grimes’ apparent death, Daryl went to live in the woods and found the dog, eventually adopting and raising it. He merely names him “Dog”. Six years later, Daryl escorts Carol and Henry to his camp by a dam.

What was Daryl and Beth’s relationship?

Arguably the one with the most romantic potential for Daryl was Beth. Left to escape on their own, they shared intimate conversations about their lives, drank together, and seemed like a sweet couple out on the first date.

What was King Ezekiel before the Apocalypse?

Prior the apocalypse, Ezekiel was just like Carol. His job was a little outside of the ordinary but he is more relatable than his kingly act will allow him to appear. “I was a zookeeper.

What was Sasha before the Apocalypse?

Overview. Sasha, a firefighter before the apocalypse, is among a large group of survivors (a total of 25 at one point) from Jacksonville, Florida, led by her older brother, Tyreese (Chad Coleman).

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Why does Daryl have angel wings?

1. Daryl survived a bad motorcycle injury. According to one Reddit user, angel wings are often worn by bikers who survive motorcycle accidents. Before the zombie apocalypse began, Daryl traveled as a motorcyclist with his brother, Merle, who was in a biker gang.

Where did Daryl get his crossbow?

A Horton Scout HD 125 is used by Daryl Dixon throughout the whole show. A Stryker Strykezone 380 crossbow is taken from Morgan Jones’ safe house by Michonne Hawthorne in “Clear” and Daryl replaces his Horton Scout HD 125 with the Stryker Crossbow as shown in the “Arrow on the Doorpost”.

Who fixed Daryls vest?

5 Daryl’s Vest

One of the wings ruined, Judith Grimes painted on a new one for her favorite Uncle Daryl and made it good as new as a surprise. Even better, actress Cailey Fleming is the one that actually painted the wing on his vest to fix up Daryl’s favorite piece of outerwear.

What did Jenner whisper to Rick?

Just before Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) leaves the CDC, Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whispers something in his ear, “Everyone is infected. Whether you’re bitten or scratched by a walker or not, you will become a zombie once you die.”

Do walkers poop?

Since the process of moving food through the intestinal tract is a muscular process just the same as walking or biting somebody, there’s no reason why zombies can’t defecate.

What is the virus in The Walking Dead called?

“TS-19” was directed by Guy Ferland and written by Frank Darabont and Adam Fierro. Actor Noah Emmerich made a guest appearance on the show, portraying the character of Edwin Jenner, one of the few remaining medical personnel dedicated to eradicating the virus.

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Who plays Michonne on The Walking Dead game?

Danai Gurira
Danai Gurira, the actress who plays Michonne in the AMC series, does not lend her voice for Michonne in the TellTale game. First Telltale game to be a miniseries. Samira Wiley (Poussey Washington of Orange Is The New Black), voices the character of Michonne.

Who plays Beth Greene?

Emily Kinney

Why did Maggie disappear in walking dead?

It’s eventually revealed that Maggie left the Hilltop to help Georgie and her group with another community far away. In “The Storm,” after the trade fair massacre, its mentioned that several letters have been sent to Maggie about the war with the Whisperers, but she hasn’t responded to them.

Did Daryl sleep with Beth?

When Beth wrapped her arms around him, he didn’t push her away. … Daryl and Beth get caught in the path of a walker herd and take cover in the trunk of a broken-down car — luckily for them, one large enough to fit two adults relatively comfortably. Night turns to day, and it appears neither of them slept.

Is Carol Daryl’s mom?

Following the deaths of her husband and daughter, Carol forms a close bond with fellow Atlanta camp survivor Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). After the prison falls, she becomes the adoptive mother to Lizzie and Mika Samuels (Brighton Sharbino and Kyla Kenedy).

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