who plays alfred in batman v superman

Is Alfred in Batman vs Superman?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Jeremy Irons as Alfred – IMDb.

Who plays Alfred in the Batman with Ben Affleck?

Jeremy Irons
Jeremy Irons as Alfred. The upcoming Justice League movies will star Ben Affleck Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot as Batman Superman and Wonder Woman respectively.

What happened to Alfred in Batman vs Superman?

In Zack Snyder’s movie, Pennyworth is originally employed by Thomas and Martha Wayne as a bodyguard and was the only member of staff Bruce kept on after the death of his parents. … He is now publicly known as Bruce’s chief of security.

Did Jeremy Irons play Alfred?

Ben Affleck’s Batman, the character’s latest incarnation, first introduced Alfred in Batman V Superman. Played by Jeremy Irons, Batman V Superman saw him play both Bruce’s chief of security and chief comforter.

Where does Alfred live in BVS?

The residence is depicted as a large mansion on the outskirts of Gotham City and is maintained by the Wayne family’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth.
Wayne Manor
Type Mansion
Locations Gotham City

Who’s playing Alfred in the new Batman?

Exclusive: Andy Serkis, who will play Alfred Pennyworth in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie, says he is sure the movie will be “pretty amazing.” The Batman’s Alfred Pennyworth actor, Andy Serkis, is sure that the movie will be amazing.

Who was the best Batman ever?

Michael Keaton
From Adam West to Christian Bale, George Clooney to Ben Affleck, a lot of actors have played the mysterious role of Batman. Out of the eight Caped Crusaders, Michael Keaton is the self-proclaimed greatest. He played Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 film and later once again in 1992.

Will the Joker be in The Batman?

Thanks to one of our trusted and proven sources, we’ve learned that Joker will appear near the end of The Batman, setting up his future for sequels. The Batman is going to be packed full of Gotham’s villains. Joker won’t be appearing until near the end of the Robert Pattinson movie, and then only briefly in a cameo.

Who killed Alfred Pennyworth?

He is visited by Superman in Year Five, the Kryptonian wanting to know the ever-elusive Batman’s location. Alfred, unaware where Batman is and not willing to help nonetheless, ignores Superman. He is eventually killed by Victor Zsasz, whom Superman sent to get information on Batman’s location.

Why does Alfred Call Bruce master?

“Master” is a term that any good gentlemen’s gentlemen uses when referring to the man he works for. It indicates that Wayne Manor is Bruce’s home, and Alfred is responsible for taking care of it and Bruce Wayne. The title comes from the time when wealthy British landowners were referred to by their staffs in this way.

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Is Alfred still dead?

Alfred in the main continuity may have been murdered by Bane, yet his presence remains in the form of flashbacks, drug-induced hallucinations, and in the case of Robin, a ghostly father figure offering “old man gibberish.” Since his death in Tom King and Tony Daniel’s City of Bane arc, Alfred has remained dead for an

What age is Jeremy Irons?

73 years (September 19, 1948)

Is Pennyworth in the DCEU?

The DC Extended Universe Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Alfred Pennyworth.

External links.
Justice League
Members Batman (leader) | Wonder Woman | Cyborg | Flash | Superman | Aquaman
Associates Alfred Pennyworth

Is Andy Serkis Alfred?

Venom: Let there be Carnage helmer Andy Serkis is also attached to the cast; he plays Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s mentor and butler. Recently Serkis talked about his decision to join The Batman with Uproxx.

Who will play Joker in The Batman 2021?

We got that two-fold with Jared Leto’s Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad (2016) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), and again Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in Todd Phillips film of the same name (2019). Jared Leto as the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) Warner Bros.

who plays alfred in batman v superman
who plays alfred in batman v superman

Who played Batman in order?

Film U.S. release date Actor
Early films
Batman Returns June 19, 1992 Michael Keaton
Batman Forever June 16, 1995 Val Kilmer
Batman & Robin June 20, 1997 George Clooney

Who was the last Batman?

Ben Affleck tied Bale for appearances as Batman with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, his Suicide Squad cameo, and 2017’s Justice League. That run will not extend to a fourth film, though, as Affleck has exited the role. Instead, Robert Pattinson is your new Bruce Wayne.

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Who is the best Joker actor ever?

1. Heath Ledger. To many, Heath Ledger will always be the ultimate Joker. As the main villain of the second, and ultimately most critically acclaimed, part of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Ledger’s Joker was nothing like those who came before him.

Is there a new Batman movie coming out in 2021?

Having been delayed several times and originally slated for release in 2021, an official release has finally been set for ‘The Batman’ of March 4, 2022 in the USA. The movie was originally due out in June 2021 and then October 2021, with both delays being put down to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is the villain in the Batman 2021?

The Riddler
Paul Dano’s The Riddler

That’s because the acclaimed actor (There Will Be Blood, Prisoners) is playing the main villain of The Batman: Edward Nashton a.k.a. The Riddler.

Is Justice League 2 Cancelled?

The Justice League sequels were permanently cancelled. 2. A Zack Snyder cut of Justice League was released in 2021. 3.

How many times Alfred died?

Truth be told, apart from the tragedy depicted in the most recent issue of ‘Batman,’ Alfred Pennyworth has only been killed in continuity once before — in 1964’s ‘Detective Comics’ #328, just in time to save Batman and Robin from getting crushed by a giant boulder.

Can Alfred from Batman fight?

Alfred is a an old butler, but he knows how to fight because of his training in the British army. He knocked out a undead person during “Batman: Eternal”. He is brave enough to punch Deathstroke in the face. He also has a shotgun and has no problem killing anyone who breaks into Wayne Manor or the Batcave.

How did Alfred beat Superman?

When Superman turns to face Alfred, Alfred headbutts him, breaking Superman’s nose with his newfound strength. The Wayne Family Butler continues to pummel the Man of Steel into the ground, all the while telling him how disappointed he is.

Did Alfred take the super pill?

He is the man of steel. But this is injustice you are talking about, where superman created an army to take control of Earth. Alfred took the superpill created by Lex Luther for superman’s army. Batman brought some of them and was analysing it when this scene happened.

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Who killed Alfred injustice?

. Zsasz
Alfred was eventually murdered when Mr. Zsasz broke into the Batcave during the fifth year of Superman’s regime, further dividing Bruce’s connection with his son, newly christened as Nightwing.

How much does Bruce Wayne pay Alfred?

Butler Alfred likely charges $30 an hour. If he works every hour every day, that’s a yearly salary of $262,800.

Who is Alfred Pennyworth daughter?

Julia Pennyworth
Julia Pennyworth is a disavowed spy of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, known under the code-name Tuxedo One. She is the daughter of Alfred Pennyworth, the goddaughter of the late Lucius Fox, a longtime friend of Bruce Wayne and Luke Fox, and the ex-girlfriend/close friend of Kate Kane and Sophie Moore.

How old is Damian Wayne?

As of Robin (Volume 3) #1, Damian is 14 years old.

Is Alfred’s death canon?

More than a few insiders were gossiping about it at recent comic convention bars. That the reaction to the storyline has been so strong, that DC Comics has decided to keep it in canon. … DC Comics will not be reversing the death of Alfred Pennyworth any time soon.

How tall is Dave Patel?

1.88 m

How old is James Earl?

90 years (January 17, 1931)

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