who played abaddon in supernatural

Who Played Abaddon In Supernatural?

Alaina Huffman

Who plays abaddon Season 8 Supernatural?

Alaina Huffman (born April 17, 1980) is a Canadian film and television actress who portrays the demon Abaddon, in turn her human vessel Josie Sands, on Supernatural. She has also appeared on the television series Smallville and Stargate Universe. She is married and has four children.

Who is Alaina Huffman married to?

John Henry Huffman IV

Who plays Sam and Dean’s grandfather?

Supernatural Season 8 Cast — Gil McKinney as Winchesters’ Grandfather | TVLine.

Who plays Nikki in Season 7 of the 100?

Alaina Huffman
Nikki is a recurring character in the seventh season. She is portrayed by Alaina Huffman and debuts in “From the Ashes”. She is an Eligius Prisoner and is a bank robber and was among the 36 prisoners woken from cryosleep after the Season 6 finale.

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Is Alaina Huffman black?

Biography. Huffman was born Alaina Kalanj in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is of Croatian descent.

Who plays Ginn on Stargate Universe?

Julie McNiven
Amherst, Massachusetts, U.S. Julie McNiven (born October 11, 1980) is an American actress and singer. McNiven was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, and got her start in local community theatre productions. She is best known for her recurring roles in Mad Men (2007–2009) and Supernatural (2008–2010).

Who killed Samuel Campbell?

William Campbell
William Campbell is alleged to have killed 24-year-old Samuel Campbell at an address in Sunderland, on June 18. Police were called to Park Avenue, in the Silksworth area after being alerted by the ambulance service to reports of an assault.

Who pulled Samuel Campbell back to life?

Samuel Campbell – resurrected twice

Campbell is possessed and killed by Azazel (in 1973) in season four’s third episode ‘In the Beginning. ‘ He’s later resurrected by Crowley sometime prior to season six premiere ‘Exile on Main St’ (nearly 40 years later).

Who killed Sam and Dean’s grandfather?

4.04 Metamorphosis. Samuel isn’t mentioned by name, but after Dean informs Sam of what happened in 1973, Sam wonders aloud what the point was to Azazel killing their grandparents (along with the rest of their family), just to give Sam himself Demon Blood.

Who plays Skye’s mom on agents of shield?

Dichen Lachman
Dichen Lachman
Born 22 February 1982 Kathmandu, Nepal
Nationality Nepalese Australian
Occupation Actress producer
Years active 2005–present

Will there be an 8th season of the 100?

The series The 100 is not yet renewed for the eighth season. The series The 100 was concluded with its seventh season.

Who plays Olivia in the 100?

Marie Avgeropoulos
Marie Avgeropoulos
Education Port Arthur Collegiate Institute
Occupation Actress, Model
Years active 2009–present
Known for The 100

Who plays Genevieve on the originals?

The Originals has cast SGU Stargate Universe alumna Elyse Levesque in a recurring role as the redheaded witch Genevieve, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Who plays Cheryl in supernatural?

Madelaine Petsch

who played abaddon in supernatural
who played abaddon in supernatural

Who played Anna in Season 4 of Supernatural?

Julie McNiven
Anna Milton
First appearance “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (4.09) November 13, 2008
Last appearance “The Song Remains the Same” (5.13) February 4, 2010
Portrayed by Julie McNiven
In-universe information
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Is Julie McNiven married?

Michael Blackman Beck

Who pulled Sam out of the cage?

Sam Winchester also spent some time in the Cage but was “rescued” by Castiel. He was unable to raise Sam with his soul, so it spent well over a year (more than 120 years in Hell time) in the Cage being tortured by Lucifer until Death finally retrieved it.

What does Dean’s dad whisper to him?

Before dying, John tells Dean, if he can’t save Sam, he’ll have to kill him, should he become evil.

Why is Crowley looking for Purgatory?

Crowley makes a deal with Castiel that they will locate Purgatory in order to access and use the power of the souls housed there. They instigate a plan where they use Samuel Campbell, getting his agreement with a promise to resurrect Mary, to capture the Alpha monsters who they are convinced know its location.

Why is Sam Lucifer’s true vessel?

Now knowing his destiny, Sam decides to join up with Dean again to prevent it in The End. In Changing Channels, it was revealed by Gabriel that Sam is Lucifer’s vessel because his relationship with his father mirrors that of Lucifer and God’s.

Who does Dean Winchester end up with?

Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden have shared a complicated, romantic relationship. They’re almost like family, which includes Lisa’s son Ben, due to Dean’s relationship with the two.

What is Sam and Dean’s real names?

In 2005, Ackles joined the cast of the WB show horror/action series Supernatural where he starred as Dean Winchester. Dean and his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) drive throughout the United States hunting paranormal predators, fighting demons and angels, and showcasing fantasy & sci-fi pop culture.

Did Jim Beaver want to leave supernatural?

Jim Beaver reveals feelings about ‘Supernatural’ exit in emotional interview. … Jim Beaver certainly wasn’t happy about the writers’ decision to kill off Bobby, he reveals to TV Guide, but he understands why it had to happen: I don’t like it, but dramatically it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

How is Bobby alive in Supernatural Season 14?

An angry Lucifer kills Bobby and Castiel when they interfere, and then sets his sight onto Dean. Sam is able to reassert control over his body, and uses the rings to imprison himself and Michael. With the Apocalypse over, God resurrects Castiel, who in turn brings Bobby back to life.

What did Bobby do to Rufus?

He returned to active hunting after Lilith began to break the 66 Seals. Rufus died when Bobby, possessed by the Khan worm, stabbed him.

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Who is Skye’s dad?

Mister Hyde

What happened to Skye’s mom?

Jiaying was tied down by HYDRA and, after hours of torturous experiments, she finally died as a result of the subsequent surgery, which involved the removal of her organs and bodily fluids to find what made her Inhuman.

Was Dichen Lachman pregnant?

Dichen Lachman was pregnant during the filming of the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which was hidden by wearing loose-fitting clothing. … Dichen Lachman is one of the actors to portray characters for both Marvel Television and DC Entertainment. She portrayed Veronica Sinclair in Supergirl.

How old are the characters in the 100 season 7?

Raven Reyes (13), Echo (13), Eric Jackson (12), Emori (12), Gabriel Santiago (12), Sheidheda (12), Jordan Green (11), Niylah (9) and Penn (6).

Is there a third season of Lost in Space?

Season 3 of Lost In Space will premiere on Netflix December 1, 2021. The new season will be available to stream at 3 A.M E.T. The first two seasons are currently available to watch on Netflix for those who need to catch up before the new season drops.

What was the second dawn in the 100?

The Second Dawn, also known as the Second Dawn of Man or the Second Dawn of the Human Race, was a doomsday cult that was founded by Bill Cadogan before the Nuclear Apocalypse.

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