who is the voice of despicable me

Who is the voice behind Gru in Despicable Me?

Steve Carell

Who makes the voice of minions?

Pierre-Louis Padang Coffin (born 1967) is a French animator, film director, and voice actor best known for co-directing all four films in the Despicable Me franchise and as the voice of the Minions, which won him the Kids Family Award at the 10th Seiyu Awards.

Who voices the villain in Despicable Me 3?

Trey Parker
Trey Parker, who voices the villain in “Despicable Me 3,” is shown at the South Park Studios in Marina Del Rey on June 22. To the easily offended, Trey Parker has long been a kind of comedic super-villain.Jun 30, 2017

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Who does the voice of the little girl in Despicable Me?

Elsie Kate Fisher (born April 3, 2003) is an American voice actress. She is in multiple films and is the star of the movie, Eighth Grade. She is best known for voicing Agnes in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2.

Who is Gru’s dad?

Robert Gru

What voice is Steve Carell?

Feature Film Filmography
Year Film Position
2010 Despicable Me Voice Actor (Gru)
2013 Despicable Me 2
2015 Minions Voice Actor (Young Gru)
2017 Despicable Me 3 Voice Actor (Gru and Dru)

How do I speak Minionese?

Who is the leader in Despicable Me 3?

Despicable Me 3

Mel is the leader of the Minions in the film’s storyline and the protagonist of the minions’ subplot. Gru has retired from being a villain for years.

What accent does GRU have?

He speaks in an unusual accent (probably east European) which, according to Steve Carell, was described as “a mix of Ricardo Montalban and Bela Lugosi”.

When did Despicable Me 4 release?

Despicable Me 4 will likely fly to theaters some time in 2023 or 2024.

Do GRU and Lucy have a baby?

Dana Gaier as Edith, Gru and Lucy’s middle tomboyish adopted daughter. Nev Scharrel as Agnes, Gru and Lucy’s youngest innocent and immature adopted daughter.

How Old Is Steve Carell?

59 years (August 16, 1962)

Who is older GRU and Dru?

Dru is the twin brother of Gru and is incredibly wealthy. He strives to be a supervillain and to make his father (who sees him as a disappointment) to be proud of him.

Is Gru’s brother evil?

Face it, Gru. … Dru Gru is the anti-villainous deuteragonist of Illumination’s 8th feature film Despicable Me 3. He is an amateur supervillain and the twin brother of Felonious Gru. Just like his twin brother, he was voiced by Steve Carell.

Who is Gru’s real mother?

Marlena Gru
Marlena Gru (also known as Gru’s Mom) is Felonius Gru and Dru Gru’s mother, Lucy Wilde’s mother-in-law, Robert Gru’s ex-wife, and the adoptive paternal grandmother of Margo, Edith and Agnes.
Marlena Gru
Mother Madeline Gru
Spouse Robert Gru (ex-husband) (deceased)
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who is the voice of despicable me
who is the voice of despicable me

Is Steve Carell married?

Nancy Carell

How old is Will Ferrell?

54 years (July 16, 1967)

Who plays Michael Scott?

Steve Carell

What’s GRU’s full name?

Gru, whose full name is Felonious Gru, discovers he has a twin brother named Dru, which, yes, means the brother’s name is Dru Gru, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, But then again, long-lost twin sibling stories rarely do.

What does Papoy mean in Minion?

In Minions, new Minionese words were heard from the minions, such as “Trōpa” in Tagalog and Spanish which means a group of friends. Also, some words such as “Papōy” (toy) are unique to Minionese.

What is hello in Minion language?

Hello – Bello. Goodbye – Poopaye. Thank you -Tank yu.

Has any minion died?

They’re depicted as existing as far back as “the beginning of time”, surviving millions of years before Despicable Me even took place. Now, screenwriter Brian Lynch has confirmed on Twitter exactly what the movies imply: that minions are immortal, and they cannot die.

Who voiced Lucy in Despicable Me 2?

Kristen Wiig

What happened GRU’s wife?

After resurfacing, Lucy throws herself over Gru but then realizes he might need his arms to tread water. Gru and Lucy get married 147 dates later, the pair get married and Lucy becomes the adoptive mother of the girls, just as Agnes had wished for.

What accent does Arnold Schwarzenegger have?

Austrian accent
Arnold Schwarzenegger says he only uses Austrian accent because fans expect it! It’s his trademark, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he has only continued to use his heavy Austrian accent for his fans who want to hear it!

Is Gru character Russian?

The name of the main protagonist, Gru, appears to be taken from the Russian Military Intelligence agency G.R.U. G.R.U. is an acronym for Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye (roughly translates to Main Intelligent Department/Directorate), the foreign military intelligence directorate of the Russian Armed Forces.

How tall are minions?

3 feet 7 inches
The Minions are small, yellow creatures shaped like pill capsules. They are depicted as being roughly one-third to one-half the height of humans but they were later revealed to be 3 feet 7 inches (1.1 m) tall.

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Does Netflix have Despicable Me 3?

Despicable Me 3 starring Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig is now on Netflix. … Despicable Me 3 is now on Netflix, as of Thursday, April 5. Starring Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig, the film tells the story of Gru, his family and the Minions as they battle villain Balthazar Blatt, who is voiced by Trey Parker.

How old is Edith in Despicable Me?

Edith Gru
Age 8 (Despicable Me) 9 (Despicable Me 2) 10 (Despicable Me 3) 11 (Despicable Me 4)
Eye color Dark bluish-grey
Hair color Blonde
Allies Margo Gru Agnes Gru Felonius Gru Minions Lucy Wilde Dr. Nefario Dru Gru Kyle Fritz Lucky Ice Cream Vendor

Is there going to be a despicable me 4?

Despicable Me 4 is a working title of the upcoming fourth installment in the Despicable Me film series and an upcoming sequel to the 2017 film Despicable Me 3.

Does Netflix have Despicable Me 2?

Despicable Me 2 isn’t headed to Netflix just yet, but it’s still available to stream. While the first “Despicable Me” was added to Netflix in April 2020, the same can’t be said for its sequels.

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