who is renly baratheon

Who Is Renly Baratheon?

Introduced in 1996’s A Game of Thrones, Renly is the youngest of the three sons of Lord Steffon Baratheon and Cassana Estermont, and the younger brother of Robert and Stannis Baratheon. He is Lord of Storm’s End and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.

Was renly a good person?

#1 Renly Baratheon

Stannis proved Renly’s point many times over. Besides, Renly has all the makings of a great king. He’s charming, well-loved, intelligent, kind and yet still politically savvy enough to play the game of thrones. Had he not been murdered by his brother, he very well could have taken the Iron Throne.

Is renly evil?

Renly is not really an evil person, but he is not even much of a good one either, as he lacks morality and has no problem causing the deaths of innocent if it means gain something personal in return. … Renly has a positive relationship with Ser Barristan Selmy and he’s corterous to Sansa Stark.

Who is Renly Baratheon wife?

Margaery Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell
Gender Female
Title Queen of the Seven Kingdoms
Family House Tyrell House Baratheon House Lannister
Spouse Renly Baratheon (unconsummated) Joffrey Baratheon (unconsummated) Tommen Baratheon

Are Renly and Stannis princes?

Why weren’t they styled ‘Prince’? Technically Stannis and Renly Baratheon weren’t princes per say as Robert won the throne and didn’t inherit it from his father. Stannis and Renly thus are mentioned as lords and they rule over Dragonstone and Stormlands respectively.

Was Ned Stark a good man?

Ned was the good guy, he played by the rules “good guys” played at. It’s just that he went from ultimate authority in the North to King’s Landing, where he was the Hand and despite his honour, he needed to play by a different set of rules.

Who was the worst king in Game of Thrones?

Game Of Thrones: Every Ruler In The Show, Ranked From Best To…
  1. 1 Joffrey Lannister. Finally, we have Joffrey – hands down, the worst ruler in Westeros.
  2. 2 Cersei Lannister. …
  3. 3 Daenerys Targaryen. …
  4. 4 Euron Greyjoy. …
  5. 5 Stannis Baratheon. …
  6. 6 Robert Baratheon. …
  7. 7 Balon Greyjoy. …
  8. 8 Robb Stark. …
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Who raised Renly?

Renly Baratheon is the youngest son of Lord Steffon Baratheon and Lady Cassana Estermont. His parents died early in his life during a shipwreck and he was mostly raised by Maester Cressen, while his eldest brother Robert became head of the household.

Who is Renly’s boyfriend?

Margaery Tyrell

Who killed Stannis Baratheon?

After Brienne and Sansa reach Castle Black, Brienne later confronts Davos and Melisandre. She tells them how she witnessed Stannis’s defeat at Winterfell. Brienne then tells them that she was the one who killed Stannis after his confession about Renly’s death, leaving the two of Stannis’s former allies stunned.

How Joffrey Baratheon dies?

At the conclusion of the dinner, however, Joffrey dies from poisoned wine. Tyrion is falsely accused and arrested by Cersei in A Storm of Swords (2000) but it is later revealed that Lady Olenna Tyrell and Lord Petyr Baelish were the true perpetrators.

How old is Renly Baratheon?

In the books Renly’s age is known, he is 21. Based on the fact that the actor Gethin Anthony was 27 when the series begun we can assume that in the series he’s older (in his late twenties).

Who is Robert Baratheon’s son?

Robert Baratheon
Family House Baratheon
Spouse Cersei Lannister
Children Mya Stone Bella Gendry Edric Storm Barra Several others (with various women) Joffrey Baratheon (legal son) Myrcella Baratheon (legal daughter) Tommen Baratheon (legal son) Television: Unnamed infant son with Cersei

Who is Robb Stark’s father?

Eddard Stark

How many Targaryen kings were there?

In the three hundred years between the Targaryen Conquest and the War of the Five Kings, there has never been a ruling queen: a female heir of the current monarch inheriting power in her own right. The first four Targaryen kings all had male heirs who were also their eldest child.

who is renly baratheon
who is renly baratheon

How did Ned Stark become friends with Baratheon?

After Lyanna’s “abduction” and killing of Brandon and Rickard Stark, they were brought together for vengeance (for Robert) and justice (for Ned). Ned friendship with Robert cooled off once he saw the tacit approval of Robert on killing children.

Was Joffrey a bad king?

Joffrey was a terrible king. “Control everything thus making Westeros stable” is the exact opposite of what Joffrey did. Killing Ned Stark ensured that the War of 5 Kings happened, a war in which he almost lost his head.

Who is the most powerful queen in Game of Thrones?

2 Daenerys Targaryen

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Daenerys Targaryen commanded more power than any other monarch in the series. The Targaryen queen’s three dragons are formidable weapons invaluable in battle. Additionally, she had a legion of Unsullied soldiers and a khalasar of Dothraki screamers at her back.

Who is the best queen in Game of Thrones?

Sansa is crowned as the new Queen in the North in the series finale, whereas Margaery ruled from King’s Landing as Joffrey and Tommen’s bride before her death in Season 6. Both characters showcased valuable skills that earned their crowns, and either can be regarded as the ultimate Game Of Thrones queen…

Was renly Robert’s son?

Renly is the third and youngest son of Steffon and Cassana Baratheon. Steffon was the head of House Baratheon and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. … Renly has two older brothers Robert and Stannis. Their parents died when the boys were young and Robert inherited his father’s titles.

Who was wearing Renly’s armor?

Loras reveals that his brother, Ser Garlan Tyrell, wore Renly’s armor at the Blackwater to make it appear that Renly’s ghost had returned for vengeance against the kinslaying Stannis.

How much older is Robert than Stannis?

The prologue chapter of A Clash of Kings shows the age of Stannis to be 34, not yet 35, making him anywhere between one and two years younger than Robert.

Is Loras Tyrell a good person?

Loras Tyrell

He’s a formidable warrior and a pretty nice guy, but the Knight of the Flowers has a secret that ultimately gets him killed: He’s gay. His only real crime was his willingness to play along with the overreaching ambitions of his boyfriend Renly and grandmother Olenna.

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Who killed Lord Renly?

Before Catelyn can offer a real negotiation, Renly is assassinated by Melisandre, who gives birth to a shadow demon and sends it to kill Renly in order to remove him from Stannis’ path.

What 3 names did stannis say?

Stannis burned three leeches on a fire, speaking the names of the usurpers Joffrey Lannister/Baratheon, Robb Stark, and Balon Greyjoy.

Does Stannis love Melisandre?

Though it is true that Stannis Baratheon’s only real trait is his grim stoniness and that he never had any real love for his wife, Melisandre still furthered the division between the two.

What killed Melisandre?

Later, Melisandre encounters Arya again and sends her out on her final mission, to kill the Night King. … When the dust settles, Melisandre walks out into the snowy wilderness beyond Winterfell’s walls, takes off her magical choker, and then dies.

How did Tyrell poison Joffrey?

During the feast, the Tyrell matriarch sneakily took the poisoned stone from Sansa’s necklace and put it in Joffrey’s wine glass while he was mocking his uncle, cutting open his wedding cake with a sword, and just acting the pompous fool in general. The Kingchild drank the toxic alcohol and died – painfully.

Who is Sansa Stark’s husband?

Tyrion Lannister
Sansa Stark
Gender Female
Title Princess Television: Lady of Winterfell Lady of the Dreadfort Lady Regent of the North Queen in the North
Family House Stark
Spouses Tyrion Lannister (unconsummated) Television: Ramsay Bolton

Was Joffrey asexual?

Joffrey remained a pawn for the nobles’ games in King’s Landing until one of the players, Olenna Tyrell, poisoned him during his own wedding feast. He appears to be asexual, never sleeping with his girlfriend or wife but frequently beating her for his own amusement.

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