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Who Is Lil B?

Brandon Christopher McCartney (born August 17, 1989), professionally known as Lil B and as his alter ego The BasedGod, is an American rapper.
Lil B
Genres Hip hop cloud rap outsider hyphy new age
Occupation(s) Rapper songwriter
Years active 2004–present

What is Lil B famous for?

Perhaps he is most famous for his Flame series. Mixtapes like “Pink Flame,”“Red Flame,” “Evil Red Flame,” “Red Flame (Devil Music Edition),” “Green Flame,” etc… all feature Lil B at his most nonsensical and braggadocious. Other albums like “Hoop Life” or “Based Jam” are basketball themed.

Why is Lil B so respected?

Lil B is said to be the father of Internet Rap. He’s credited with the re-emergence of mixtape culture — he’s released about 50 albums since 2009, one of which had 100 songs on it. It’s easy to argue that Lil B has been at (or near) the forefront of most of the major trends in hip-hop over the last decade.

Why is Lil B The Based God?

Lil B has reclaimed “based” to have positive implications: “Based means being yourself. Not being scared of what people think about you. … Being positive.“ BasedGod is how Lil B refers to himself in many songs, and he’s further adopted the name throughout his social media and public persona.

Did Lil B invent based?

By the end of the interview, Lil B had come up with a new song. … Lil B is hardly the first rapper to claim status as a deity, but he did coin “based” (or “#based”), an adjective he defines vaguely, and which uses to describe his music, his lifestyle, and himself.

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How old is Lil B The Based God?

32 years (August 17, 1989)

Does Lil B make his own beats?

I’ve started to think of Black Ken as a metaphysical He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper situation. Over its 27 tracks, Lil B raps over entirely self-produced beats with occasional narration from the omniscient DJ BasedGod.

How long has lil baby been out?

Lil Baby
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 2016–present
Labels Capitol Motown Quality Control 4PF Wolfpack YSL
Associated acts 42 Dugg Gunna Lil Durk Moneybagg Yo Quay Global Rylo Rodriguez YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Is Lil B vegan?

On January 17, 2015, Lil B released “vegEMOJI”, in cooperation with vegan company “Follow Your Heart”, despite the fact that Lil B is not yet a vegan, he has stated that he is cutting down on his consumption of processed foods, and that he is “ashamed of eating meat”.

Is Lil B the most influential rapper?

Danny Brown affirmed on Twitter that Lil B is the most influential rapper in the last 10 years. … Lil B’s influence on modern rap doesn’t end with his artistry, however; he stands as one of the first rappers to make use of the potential of the internet to distribute his music.

How old is Lil Uzi?

26 years (July 31, 1995)

How old is Lil Wayne?

39 years (September 27, 1982)

Does Lil B make money?

LIL B net worth: Lil B is a rapper and author who has a net worth of $4 million. Lil B earned his net worth as a member of the hip hop group, The Pack, and with his solo performances and recordings. … The Pack released two albums, called “Based Boys” in 2007 and “Wolfpack Party” in 2010.

Who is Lil pump net worth?

Lil Pump, as of 2021, has a net worth of $8 million, and this post will dissect his claim to fame.

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What is little baby’s net worth?

Lil Baby Net Worth
Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of Birth: Dec 3, 1994 (26 years old)
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Gender: Male
Profession: Rapper

who is lil b
who is lil b

What does TYBG stand for?

TYBG means “Thank You BasedGod.” The abbreviation TYBG is widely used with the meaning “Thank You BasedGod” as an alternative to abbreviations such as (Thank God) and (Thank God For That).

Who inspired Lil baby?

His inspiration comes from the streets of his hometown of Atlanta. The city has become his muse and he’s made it his mission to give back to the community. “Being from the hood gets glorified, like ‘I’m from the hood’ but it’s not an option. It just is what it is,” he says.

How old is rapper Lil Durk?

29 years (October 19, 1992)

How old is Dababy?

29 years (December 22, 1991)

How old is Drake now?

35 years (October 24, 1986)

Is Lil Peep dead?

Deceased (1996–2017)

Who is Lil Wayne’s wife?

Toya Johnson

What is Lil Wayne sickness?

Wayne, who has epilepsy, was transported to Northwestern Memorial, where he had yet another seizure.

How Much Does Nicki Minaj Have?

As of 2021, Nicki Minaj’s net worth is $80 million.
Net Worth: $80 Million
Born: December 8, 1982
Country of Origin: Trinidad & Tobago
Source of Wealth: Rapper/Actor
Last Updated: 2021

How much is Lil B feature?

Jason asks how much he’d have to pay: “not going to say but lil b charges 10k to 20k for features so whatever you paid is a discount,” he’s told. “I know he’s big but he’s not that big,” Jason says, though he understands such fees are the norm these days and a rapper as big as Drake will charge way more.

What is Drake’s 2020 worth?

What Is Drake’s Net Worth? Forbes reports that Drake’s 2020 earnings topped $49 million, and placed him at no. 49 on the outlet’s Celebrity 100 list of 2020. However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Drake has a total net worth of $200 million, with a salary of about $70 million per year.

Is NBA Youngboy a billionaire?

As of 2021, NBA Youngboy’s net worth is $6 million.

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Is Lil pump still rich?

Lil Pump net worth: Lil Pump is an American rapper and songwriter who has a net worth of $8 million. He is a prominent member of the SoundCloud rap scene.

Lil Pump Net Worth.
Net Worth: $8 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Rapper, singer, songwriter

What is Lil pump real name?

Gazzy García

Who is richer NBA YoungBoy or Lil Baby?

Based on all the information above, we can safely say that there is no doubt about who has more money between these two rappers. NBA YoungBoy’s steadily rising income puts him $1 million more than Lil Baby, and thus he is the clear winner.


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