who is elf on the shelf

Who Is Elf On The Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition where a special scout is sent to your home from the North Pole to encourage kids to behave themselves. The idea is that Santa’s little helper watches the children by day, and each night, it returns to the North Pole to report on whether they were naughty or nice.Nov 19, 2015

Is Elf on the Shelf a real thing?

They are Elf on the Shelf elves, and to the people who carry out this tradition they are some of the highlights of Christmas. The rules are simple: The elf travels to the North Pole overnight to tell Santa if you’ve been good or bad. … The Elf on the Shelf is real.”

Is Elf on the Shelf wrong?

Elf on the Shelf is a holiday tradition many parents partake in, but some experts say although it has good intentions, it could also be harmful to kids. … A capable, competent, in-charge adult wouldn’t need to rely on tricks and strategies to control the child. The second is that the child feels ‘played’ by the adult.”

Do Moms and Dads move the elf on the shelf?

If little ones find their Scout Elf sitting on something they need to use, like relaxing in their sink, lying on their bookbag or hanging on their clothes, then it is okay for parents to move the elf, so kids can complete their morning routine and elves can get back to their important job!

Are elves alive?

They have become, what Tolkien describes, as “lingerers”: incorporeal spirits not unlike the Nazgûl. Only in Valinor the Elves could live as corporeal beings: in the Middle-Earth they would fade. Yes. They are immortal, after all.

Who banned Elf on the Shelf?

judge Robert Leonard
We’re talking about some parents who are just tired of the annual Elf on the Shelf tradition. And on Georgia judge is trying to help them out. Cobb County judge Robert Leonard has issued an executive order banishing the elf from the county.Nov 12, 2021

Is Santa real for parents?

Don’t make Santa a huge focus for your family

For some parents, pushing your children to believe in Santa may feel like lying. … The Montieths wanted their kids to always know that Santa was simply a fun, cultural story to enjoy, but he wasn’t a real person or a big part of their family traditions.

What happens if you touch a scout elf?

Sprinkle a little cinnamon next to your Scout Elf. … Cinnamon is like vitamins for your elf, and it will help him or her get back to the North Pole where the elf doctors can give them a quick check-up! Sing a Christmas carol with your family!

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How do I tell my kid about the Elf on the Shelf?

Be honest with your child.

Tell him/her that the Elf on the Shelf is something parents do to make the Christmas season a little more fun for kids, and you are sorry he/she is so smart to have figured it out too soon but Santa (or you) will be proud of him/her for letting siblings/friends continue believing in the elf.

Can Your Elf on the Shelf have babies?

To answer the burning question, no, Elf on the Shelf can’t have babies. … So you can go ahead and pick up a little bundle of joy or two (or more) to expand your elf family if you’d like, but just know that they’re not official products of the Elf on the Shelf brand.

Do you get an Elf on the Shelf for each child?

Do I need one Elf per child or one per household? The choice is yours. We have included two Nice List Certificates and two Letters to Santa in each kit, as these items are personal. All the other items can be shared as a family.

Is Luck an elf?

As an elf, Lufulu is a short boy with shaggy white hair and blue eyes. While possessing Luck Voltia, two tattoos appear under Luck’s eyes and his ears become pointed. His skin darkens when Lufulu is corrupted by his own hatred.

What do elves drink?

Just like you, elves cannot survive on food alone! When it comes time to wash down a meal, elves drink a lot of the same beverages as you: a cold glass of milk with their chocolate chip cookies, freshly squeezed orange juice or even North Pole snow melted to make a glass of water.

How do elves reproduce?

Elves have sexual intercourse, just as we do. This, by the way, is why Elves and Men can reproduce and have fertile Half-Elven offspring. … Since intercourse = marriage for Elves, there’s no premarital whoopee, by definition.

Why did the judge ban elf on the shelf?

Given the risks of such emotional damage — and supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic — the judge wrote that he had no choice but to banish the elves from Cobb County.

who is elf on the shelf
who is elf on the shelf

What are the rules for Elf on a shelf?

Elf On The Shelf Rules For Newbie Parents
  • He or she needs a name. …
  • He or she arrives whenever the heck you want. …
  • He or she moves every night while the kids are sleeping. …
  • He or she watches over the kids all day. …
  • The kids can’t touch their Elf. …
  • The Elf doesn’t move or speak while the kids are awake.

How many elf on the shelf have sold?

19 million people
Aebersold’s other daughter, Christa Pitts, left a job at QVC to help with marketing; by the end of 2005, they had sold their first 5,000 copies. Since then, more than 19 million people worldwide have bought “The Elf on the Shelf.”

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Should a 12 year old believe in Santa?

The Age Most Kids Figure It Out

According to psychologists, believing in Santa can be beneficial to children because it teaches selflessness and service to others. In most cases, eight or nine is the age that children stop believing in Santa, but not for the reasons you’d think.

Is the tooth fairy real?

The tooth fairy may not be real, but it’s still a fun way to talk to your kids about their oral health. Lombard dentist, Dr. Brett Blacher likes to make pediatric dentistry fun for kids and is always ready to encourage preventative dentistry to all his patients, young and old.

Is the Easter bunny real yes or no?

Is the Easter bunny real? While there is no actual bunny that once was the iconic hare, the legendary egg-laying rabbit is said to have been brought to America by German immigrants in the 1700s, according to History. As mentioned, children would make nests for Oschter Haws to leave behind eggs.

How do I get my elf back early?

Tips for Getting Your Elf to Come Back Early
  1. Write a note. …
  2. Host a celebration. …
  3. Make fake snow. …
  4. Create a welcome zone. …
  5. Put candy out.

What happens if elf on the shelf falls?

If your elf is “accidentally” touched, or falls out of the tree, or the dog mistakes it for a chew toy, you can revive the magic. … Sprinkle a little cinnamon next to your elf! Cinnamon is like vitamins for your elf. It will help them get back to the North Pole where the elf doctors can check them out!

How do I bring the elf on the shelf back?

Keep it simple. Grab a little card or piece of scrap paper and write “I’m back!” Or use a dry-erase maker to write “Did you miss me?” on a mirror. Plop that little elf in front of it and ignore it until your kids discover that their elf has magically returned.

At what age should you start Elf on the Shelf?

The Elf on the Shelf tradition can be started at any age, but most parents recommend waiting until your child is between the ages of 2 and 3. They claim it’s the perfect sweet spot for children to appreciate and understand the elves’ magic while establishing this family tradition at a young age.

Do parents move Elf on the Shelf at night?

The second rule of Elf on the Shelf is that the elf will not speak or move while the kids are awake. The elf only moves at night when it makes its trip back to the North Pole. Once it returns home, it then assumes a new position in the house. … The world was first introduced to the Elf on the Shelf in 2005.

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Do elf babies grow up?

Eventually your Elf baby might grow up. For example, you have a baby Elf for one year and the next year that Elf baby arrives as a second Elf. Follow these Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Multiple Elves if your baby grows up.

Can Elf pets move?

Do Elf Pets move every night? Since children are encouraged to love and cuddle with Elf Pets, they don’t need to move on their own as the children will move them. So, no, they don’t move every night.

Can you touch Elf pets arctic fox?

The best thing about the Elf Artic Fox and all Elf pets are Elf on the Shelf pets can be touched. Unlike Elves, you can play with your Elf pet all season long. The more you hold and play with your Elf pet, the more you create the magic of Christmas for Santa Claus to fly on Christmas Eve.

What age does Elf on the Shelf stop coming?

The Elf on the Shelf website recommends your Elf arrive between November 24 through December 1. This is also known as Scout Elf Return week, a.k.a. the time when Santa’s little helpers flee the North Pole and head out to the houses they’ll be staying at until Christmas.

How do you get the elf on the shelf to move in front of you?

How do you get your elf on the shelf to talk?

eMessage Your Elf

Instantly send a message to Santa or your Scout Elf. Each letter makes it to Santa’s Mail Room Grotto, where the Scout Elves will read and sort each message, so you can be sure your elf reads your note! After you contact your elf, learn some new North Pole Knowledge about your red-suited helpers!

Is Klaus an elf?

As a member of the Golden Dawn squad, Klaus also wears the squad’s signature robe. … Additionally, the squad’s insignia is also positioned at the left-hand side of the robe. While possessed by an elf spirit, two tattoos appear on Klaus’s temples and his ears become pointed.

What is Elf on the Shelf?

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