who are the rattlers last of us 2

Who Are The Rattlers Last Of Us 2?

The Rattlers are a gang of slavers based in Santa Barbara, California who serve as the final antagonistic faction Ellie and Abby Anderson encounter in The Last of Us Part II.

What happened to Abby Rattlers?

Abby and Lev have both been pinned up and tortured by the Rattlers. Ellie cuts her down, and soon after the two fight for the last time in the game, but Abby is undeniably physically damaged and the strength she once had has been completely lost.

Why did the Rattlers do to Abby?

It appears they often intentionally infect their captives simply for their amusement. A different scene also shows one of the Rattlers telling another to stop beating Abby so badly for fear that she might die. Ellie eventually frees a group of the slaves that were trapped in a cell.

Who were the people that captured Abby and Lev?

Some time later, Abby and Lev arrive in Santa Barbara searching for the Fireflies, but are captured by the Rattlers, slave-keeping bandits. After being weakened by weeks of torture, they are rescued by Ellie.

Who is the villain in The Last of Us 2?

Joel Miller is the last villain of The Last of Us 2, having become a villain to all of humanity, along with the Cordyceps virus, thanks to his actions at the end of the original The Last Of Us.

Is there a secret ending in The Last of Us 2?

No, The Last of Us 2 has only one ending. It will be displayed regardless of whether you killed all the characters you encountered during the course of the game, or left some enemies alive. Also, TLoU2 doesn’t have any hidden endings. The game’s main story line is linear in 100%.

Did Ellie find Dina in the end?

When Ellie finally returns home, she finds that Dina and JJ are gone. All that is left in their family home is Ellie’s artwork, some records and the guitar Joel gave her – which she can no longer play as Abby bit off some of her fingers during their final fight.

What did the Rattlers do to Lev?

A group of Rattlers intercepted Abby Anderson and Lev’s message to the Fireflies, attacking the pair and taking them prisoner at 2425 Constance.

Are the fireflies actually regrouping?

It’s implied that Abby and Lev eventually go after the Fireflies once they escape Ellie, but there’s no official confirmation they found the group. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the Fireflies never re-grouped at all.

Where did Dina go Last of Us 2?

Closer to the end of The Last of Us Part 2, Dina is almost killed by Abby before Ellie intervenes and convinces Abby to let them go. After that event, Dina and Ellie decide to “retire” to a farm in order to raise their newborn son, J.J.

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Where is Dina JJ?

When Ellie returns to her farm in The Last of Us 2’s final scene, Dina and JJ are nowhere to be found, with the entire homestead emptied apart from their studio, with not even a parting note to clarify where the pair have gone.

How did Dina get pregnant last of us?

Background. Near the end of Dina and Jesse’s relationship, the two had a sexual encounter that resulted in Dina becoming pregnant with JJ. She revealed her pregnancy to Ellie near the end of their first day in Seattle while they were sheltered inside a theater, thus explaining Dina’s recent bouts of sickness.

Who was Abby’s father?

Jerry Anderson
Abby’s father, Jerry Anderson, was a Firefly surgeon whom Joel killed at the end of the first game to save Ellie. Four years later, in her early twenties, she tracks Joel down in Jackson, Wyoming, and beats him to death.

Is Ellie the bad guy in The Last of Us 2?

Despite being an anti-hero, she becomes more villainous in the sequel where she is blinded by revenge and uses extreme methods of violence against her enemies, leading to her accidentally killing a pregnant woman and threatening to kill Lev, an innocent child.

How old is Abby Anderson?

24 years (March 10, 1997)

who are the rattlers last of us 2
who are the rattlers last of us 2

Who is the main antagonist in The Last of Us?

David to Ellie. David is the main antagonist of Naughty Dog’s survival horror game The Last of Us. He is a middle aged survivalist and cannibal who resides in the snowy mountains of Colorado. A survivalist and psychopath, David will do anything to survive, even murdering and devouring children.

How many endings does the last of us have?

Both The Last of Us and the Left Behind DLC have only a single ending. There are no hidden endings available in the game. Joel cannot die after taking severe damage during the visit on the university. Once you take control over Ellie, you will not have to rush to help him.

Is there a way to save Joel in The Last of Us 2?

Can you save Joel in The Last of Us 2? Unfortunately, for fans of the original game’s gruff protagonist, it isn’t you can’t save Joel in The Last of Us 2. His fate is sealed and there is nothing that the player, as Ellie, can do about it.

What happened to Abby at the end of The Last of Us 2?

The slavers capture and beat Abby and Lev, and by the time Ellie tracks them down in the game’s final act, the two are near death after months of torture and slave work. … The only way for Ellie to ever find any peace and return to Dina and her baby J.J. (who she abandons to chase after Abby) is to finally kill Abby.

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What happened to Tommy the last of us?

Recently, a player discovered that Abby can kill Tommy during the infamous sniper section in Abby’s Seattle Day Three. Tommy’s death at this moment is clearly not a scripted part of the game, as his survival is a crucial part of the narrative after his shootout with Abby and Manny.

Where did Abby and Lev go at the end?

However, Abby and Lev’s story is far from over, as they eventually leave Seattle for good. A year after the events thus far, the duo reaches Santa Barbara and trades goods in order to find leads about the rumor that Owen once shared with Abby about the Fireflies regrouping somewhere in that area.

Are Ellie and Dina together?

However, after killing Nora, Ellie expressed that she did not want to lose Dina, displaying their relationship remained strong. Their love for each other was further strengthened after their departure from Seattle when they moved into their farm with JJ.

Will there be last of us 3?

The Last of Us Part 3 rumors and leaks

Very little is known about a third game in the series, with Naughty Dog notoriously tight-lipped about their future projects. Speaking in April 2021, Neil Druckmann, Creative Director of Part II, has confirmed that he has penned a story outline for a third game.

In what year does the last of us take place?

The Last of Us takes place in the year 2033, twenty years after a fungal-based, brain-altering pandemic has spread and infected over 60% of the world’s population. Since the outbreak, the world has gone into a state of panic and frenzy as officials try to fix and keep the situation under control.

Who are the Fireflies The Last of Us?

The Fireflies are an antagonistic group in The Last of Us series. They are a rebel group that opposes the oppressing United States Armed Forces under the control of FEDRA.

Are there any fireflies left Last of Us 2?

For most of The Last of Us Part 2, we hear the Fireflies disbanded after the end of the first game, though there is a rumor they are reuniting in Santa Barabra. … It’s a poignant moment and a smart way to keep both characters alive for future games.

Is Marlene part of the the fireflies?

Marlene was the leader of the Fireflies, a group who fought against the Military totalitarian rule during the apocalypse. Marlene met and befriended a woman named Anna, who asked the former to protect her daughter, Ellie as her dying wish.

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Why does Ellie leave Dina?

Ultimately, Ellie’s lust for revenge leads her to lose that family, and a few fingers, which means she can no longer play the guitar, one of the few connections she still had to Joel. … The theory explains that Dina most likely returned to Jackson after Ellie left to hunt down Abby.

Who is the father of Ellie’s baby in The Last of Us 2?

Considering Dina had broken up with Jesse before his death, it only makes sense his family would do this if they believed JJ to be his. Given all of the evidence scattered throughout The Last of Us 2, it seems clear that Jesse is the father of Dina’s son JJ.

What does JJ stand for the last of us?

The beginning of The Last of Us Part 2’s final act sees Ellie and Dina living on a farm with their baby, J.J. It’s never really addressed, but “J.J.” is short for Jesse Joel, a name commemorating two of the fallen characters in the game.

What is JJ’s real name Cocomelon?

Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Character information “Play with friends, play with friends, that’s what I do” J.J. in the video Finger Family. His real name is Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt . He is a baby and the main character in Cocomelon (formerly ABC Kid TV) It was primarly added into the series as Cocomelon was inserting 3D animation to it.

How old is Owen in The Last of Us 2?

According to his looks and his puppy love relationship with Abby, it’s estimated that Owen was somewhat between 22 to 24 years old at the time of his death. That means he was born between 2014-2016, while the Outbreak caused by the Cordyceps Brain Infection happened in 2013.

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