who are the 5 gods of melee

Who Are The 5 Gods Of Melee?

The period from 2013-2018 is sometimes referred to as “The Platinum Age” or “The Era of the Five Gods”, a reference to the five most dominant players of the era: Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, Joseph “Mango” Marquez, Kevin “PPMD” Nanney (formerly known as Dr. PeePee), Adam “Armada” Lindgren, and Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma.

Who is the number 1 melee player?

Juan Debiedma
Top Player Rankings For Super Smash Bros. Melee
Player ID Player Name
1. Hungrybox Juan Debiedma
2. Armada Adam Lindgren
3. Mango Joseph Marquez
4. Mew2King Jason Zimmerman

Who has beaten Armada?

At EVO 2018, Armada was unexpectedly upset by Swedish Delight in round one of Top 48, sending him into an early Loser’s Bracket. Despite this, he was able to defeat Gahtzu, Mew2King, Zain, S2J, Mang0, Hungrybox, and Plup in an incredible Loser’s run, before losing to Leffen 3-0 in Grand Finals, placing 2nd.

Is Leffen a God of melee?

Since Lindgren’s retirement in 2018, Hjelte has been considered the undisputed best Melee player in Europe. Hjelte has won several major Melee tournaments, including EVO 2018, Super Smash Con 2015 and 2019 and Community Effort Orlando 2015.
Nickname(s) The God Slayer
Nationality Swedish
Career information
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Who won Battle of the Five Gods?

Hungrybox wins Battle of the Five Gods. After three grueling days of competition in Austin, Texas, Juan “Liquid Hungrybox” Debiedma came out victorious in the Battle of the Five Gods at SxSW, as he earned the title and $13,000 over 19 of the strongest Super Smash Bros. Melee competitors in the world.

Who is the best Melee player 2021?

Top Players of 2021 for Super Smash Bros. Melee
Player ID Player Name
1. Mango Joseph Marquez
2. Zain Zain Naghmi
3. Hungrybox Juan Debiedma
4. Plup Justin McGrath

Who is MkLeo’s main?

Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez (or “Leo”) is an Ultimate Byleth player, and a former Wii U top professional Cloud and Marth main, from Mexico. MkLeo is his country’s best player and widely considered to be one of the best players in the world. He is ranked as the 3rd best Wii U player of all-time on the PGR100.

Did AXE ever beat Armada?

At a local tournament held by MVG, Axe reached winners’ finals against Mew2King in Melee singles, and lost 1-3. … Axe was then defeated 0-3 by Armada, and eliminated by Westballz in a 1-3 set.

Does Mango still play smash?

Joseph Manuel Marquez, known by his gamertag Mango (stylized MaNg0 or Mang0), is an American professional Super Smash Bros. … Marquez has won several major tournaments, including GENESIS 2009, EVO 2013 and 2014, The Big House in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2019 and Smash Summit 11 in 2021.

Why did Armada retire from Melee?

Armada, who was one of the “Gods of Melee,” retired in 2018 citing extreme motivational issues that had plagued his whole career.

Does Armada still play Melee?

Armada is one of the most successful Smashers of all time and is regarded as one of the best players ever. He retired from Melee singles as of September 18, 2018.

How old is Hungrybox?

28 years (June 21, 1993)

Who was the Godslayer in Melee?

How Leffen Became the God Slayer of Smash Melee. In Smash Melee history, five players are immortalized in the pantheon of the game as the Five Gods: Juan ‘Hungrybox’ DeBiedma, Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman, Adam ‘Armada’ Lindgren, Joseph ‘Mango’ Marquez, and Kevin ‘PPMD’ Nanney.Jul 20, 2020

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Is Hungrybox a God?

Hungrybox is a professional Super Smash Bros. Melee smasher from Buenos Aires, Argentina who currently resides in Orlando, Florida and was considered the best player in the world from 2017 to 2019. He is considered a Melee “God” and is widely considered to be the greatest Jigglypuff player of all time.

What happened to Ppmd?

In March 2016, after Battle of the Five Gods, PPMD announced a hiatus from competitive play due to health issues, and has not entered a singles tournament since, although he did enter doubles at Bad Moon Rising 2. In April of 2019, PPMD announced that he would resume streaming Melee on Twitch.

who are the 5 gods of melee
who are the 5 gods of melee

Who is the melee goat?

Most Melee players, commentators, and supporters consider Armada to be the greatest Melee player of all time, due to his consistent level of dominance over all other competitors during his prime. Among Armada’s major accomplishments include first place finishes at some of the most prestigious Melee supermajors.

Who is the best smash melee player in the world?

Zain Naghmi (born June 11, 1996), more commonly known by his tag Zain, is an American Super Smash Bros. Melee player.

Who did ZeRo Main?

Gonzalo Raúl Barrios Castro
Gonzalo Raúl Barrios Castro (born April 17, 1995), known by his gamertag ZeRo, is a Chilean former professional Super Smash Bros. player and streamer. He was considered the best Super Smash Bros.

ZeRo (gamer)
2012 vVv Gaming
2014 Clash Tournaments
2015–2018 Team SoloMid
2018–2020 Tempo Storm

What does MK mean in Nairomk?

Nairo meta knight Monster kingdom leo.

How old is Sparg0?

age 16
Real name Edgar Valdez
Birth date November 25, 2005 (age 16)
Location Tijuana, Baja California

How old is Leffen?

27 years (October 16, 1994)

Who are the smash gods?

Currently – the Platinum Era – the best players of Melee, colloquially known as the “Five Gods”, are Mew2King, Joseph “Mango” Marquez, Kevin “PPMD” Nanney (formerly known as Dr. PeePee), Adam “Armada” Lindgren, and Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma.

Was Ludwig a pro smash player?

He is also known for his work as an esports commentator at various Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments. Since beginning streaming full-time on February 16, 2019, Ahgren has become one of the largest streamers on Twitch.

Ludwig Ahgren.
Twitch information
Years active 2018–2021
Genre Gaming

Has Wizzrobe beaten mango?

Wizzrobe went on to fall to Mango. … He placed 9th in SSBM at the event, defeating Ice before losing to Mango and Axe.

Who is Scorpion master?

Mango (often stylized as Mang0, also known as Scorpion Master, The Kid, and The Buster) is a professional Melee player from Norwalk, California who is currently ranked 1st on the SoCal Melee Power Rankings and 3rd on the 2019 MPGR, and was formerly ranked at the 0 position on the Northeastern Ohio Melee Power Rankings.

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How old is Adam Lindgren?

28 years (March 28, 1993)

What happened elegant Smash?

On April 13, 2018, it was announced that Beefy Smash Doods would be putting their esports team on hold, disbanding their Smash roster. Elegant joined Nevermore eSports on July 12th, 2019. He parted ways with Nevermore eSports due to the organization stopping its operations on February 6, 2020.

How many Evo wins does Armada have?

He is widely considered one of the greatest Super Smash Bros. Melee players of all time and the greatest Melee Peach player of all time. Lindgren has won several major tournaments: he is a three-time champion of GENESIS, two-time champion of EVO, two-time champion of Apex and one-time champion of The Big House.

How old is Jason Zimmerman?

32 years (February 5, 1989)

Does Mew2King still play melee?

During most of 2019, Mew2King stopped focusing on Melee singles, as during that time he was focusing on Ultimate and Melee doubles, where he teamed with his static partner Plup, forming one of the best Melee teams in the world.

How old is Gonzalo Barrios?

26 years (April 17, 1995)

What is Hungrybox ranked?

Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma is an American Jigglypuff main currently playing for Team Liquid. His success at the highest level of competition has cemented his place as one of Melee’s best players and one of the Five Gods. He is currently ranked 1st in MPGR 2019.Nov 21, 2021

How old is Mkleo?

20 years (January 20, 2001)

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