where to find antifreeze fallout 4

Where To Find Antifreeze Fallout 4?

One sure way to obtain antifreeze is to travel to the southeast corner of the map to the Atom Cats Garage. Look for a gal named Rowdy. She specializes in trading power armor parts, but she also carries antifreeze. Unfortunately, she only carries one unit at a time.Nov 11, 2015

Where can I find a antifreeze bottle Fallout 4?

Locations. Anti freeze bottles can be found around the Commonwealth and are sometimes sold by junk vendors. Four bottles can be found scattered throughout the Boston Airport ruins – Two of them are right next to each other in the lowest room of the ruins.

How do you get the reactor coolant in Fallout 4?

One can be found on the upper deck of the Prydwen ship, it is located above the workshop in which Ingram can be found. Create the reactor coolant there. Now go to Ingram and give the item to her. You will receive 100 bottlecaps for that.

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How do you get dirty water in Fallout 4?

Dirty water can only be created in Survival mode, and only by filling empty bottles at a water source, expending the bottles in the process. Empty bottles are not recovered after the dirty water is consumed.

Where can I get bourbon in Fallout 4?

  • Whitechapel Charlie usually has some for sale.
  • Cabot House will have stored bourbon bottles in cabinets.
  • One bottle of bourbon sits on a dresser in the locked cabin at Sunshine Tidings co-op.
  • One bottle of bourbon is on the bottom shelf behind the counter at the University Credit Union in University Point.

Where can I buy Berry Mentats?

Locations. Its recipe can sometimes be bought from MODUS at the medical terminal in the Whitespring bunker. Randomly bought from scavenger traders, Molly (Cautious), Doc Stanley or MODUS medical terminal. Randomly looted from medkits, footlockers and metal boxes.

Where is Charlestown laundry Fallout 4?

Charlestown laundry is an unmarked location in Fallout 4 located in the Charlestown neighborhood southeast of Bunker Hill and west of the U.S.S. Constitution’s resting place.

Where do I find Proctor Ingram?

Proctor Ingram, registration IG-444PR, is head of engineering and the proctor for the Order of the Shield at the Prydwen in 2287.

Where is the airport ID card Fallout 4?

The card is obtainable from Initiate Clarke in the Boston Airport ruins during the mission Duty or Dishonor, either from looting his corpse, pickpocketing it, or having it given to the Sole Survivor upon speaking with him and ending the conversation peacefully. Another copy can be found on a desk near Initiate Clarke.

How do you get empty bottles in Fallout 4?

The earliest available (as well as arguably the best) location to find empty bottles is the Beantown Brewery – according to the Wiki it contains 80 Gwinnett brew bottles, 28 Gwinnett lager bottles, 7 Gwinnett pale ale bottles, 12 Gwinnett pilsner bottles and 10 Gwinnett stout bottles.

Can you make purified water Fallout 4?

In Survival mode, purified water satisfies the Sole Survivor’s thirst. Additionally, purified water can be generated by using the “Fill Bottle” option when next to a water pump, water fountain or sink if there are empty bottles in the player character’s inventory.

How do I get antibiotics in Fallout 4?

  1. 2 Acid.
  2. 3 Glowing fungus.
  3. 2 Purified water.
  4. 3 Stimpak.

Where is Rum Fallout 4?

Locations. In the basement refrigerator of the Cabot House. On the Prydwen, in the briefing room. In the basement of the D.B.

How do you make Nuka-Cola oranges?

  1. May spawn in the various vending machines in the parks.
  2. May be sold by aid merchants, like Shelbie Chase.
  3. Sold at the Nuka-Cade for 1000 Nuka-Cade tickets (items rotate every couple of days).
  4. One on a table in the employee area of Starport Nuka, behind the fence that unlocks with the manager’s key.
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How do you make Nuka orange?

  1. 10 tbsp orange syrup.
  2. 1/4-1/2 tsp citric acid.
  3. ice.
  4. 1 1/4 cup club soda.
  5. 1 drop orange food dye, optional.

where to find antifreeze fallout 4
where to find antifreeze fallout 4

How long do Berry Mentats last?

Berry mentats last for 5 mins and give a +5 int and with max rank Chem Fiend they will last for 10 mins, and with the chest mod on top of that, they will last for 12 min.

What are Mentats used for in Fallout 4?

Mentats increase one’s Intelligence and Perception by 2 for five minutes, but carries a 10% chance of addition. Mentats are also a component of other chems, including berry, grape, and orange Mentats, as well as Bufftats and Psychotats.

How do you craft Mentats?

Where is Abraxo cleaner Fallout 4?

Abraxo cleaner
  • Eighteen boxes in Charlestown laundry.
  • Fourteen in Fort Hagen, seven of which are in the command center.
  • Twelve in Greenetech Genetics.
  • Eight in Vault 95.
  • Seven in The Dig.
  • Six can be found in Marowski’s chem lab.
  • Commonly available from traders and general stores.

Who should I give the Holotape to?

Proctor Ingram
Give the Holotape to Proctor Ingram

Once the data is retrieved from the Institute terminal and loaded onto the holotape, you can complete the rest of Main Quest: Institutionalized if you wish. When you’re ready, leave the Institute and return to Proctor Ingram.

How do you trigger in Fallout 4?

  1. How to unlock: Talk to elder Maxson in Boston Airport (M7,3) or on the Prydwen ship. …
  2. You receive the From Within quest from elder Maxson – the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Commonwealth. …
  3. Your task is to find doctor Li who escaped from the Brotherhood of Steel some time ago and joined the Institute.

How do I start liberty Reprimed?

This mission begins immediately after completing Outside the Wire. This quest is part of the Brotherhood of Steel missions. Enter the Boston Airport and speak with Proctor Ingram. After revealing plans to recreate Liberty Prime, Ingram will task you with convincing one of two doctors to help with the war machine.

Why is initiate Clarke hostile?

Opening the generator room and killing the ghouls will cause Clarke to automatically become hostile forcing the Sole Survivor to kill him. Similarly, entering the next room adjacent to the room Clarke is in without talking to him will cause him to become hostile.

How many Brotherhood Squire missions are there?

Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quests Walkthrough. In total, there are 5 Brotherhood of Steel Radiant quests: Cleansing the Commonwealth.

How do I get to Boston airport Fallout 4?

Can you make glass bottles in Fallout 4?

Allows the player to make empty bottles to refill with 2 glass and 1 bottlecap. It’s in thje Utility section of the chemlab. … The bottle cannot be scrapped, as it creates an exploitable xp crafting loop, so it will be in your misc objects.

How do you fill a bottle with water?

How do you farm purified water in Fallout 4?

How do you make noodle cup in Fallout 4?

What does the scavenging station do?

Scavenging stations are a cheap method for reducing unemployment in any settlement, which is necessary for the recruitment radio beacon to continue to function. No new settlers will join a settlement in which more than four settlers are unemployed.

How do you build a jet farm in Fallout 4?

In order to make a jet farm you need a reliable source of fertilizer. Fertilizer can be obtained through brahmins at any of your settlements. The best way to attract them is to have 4-5 linked settlements that just have a few people at them and a ton of mutfruits so there is a high surplus of food.

How do you cure sickness in Fallout 4?

Diseases can be cured by visiting a doctor and paying them to remove it. Alternatively, antibiotics can be used to get rid of diseases. Furthermore, prophylactic herbal remedies can be crafted at chemistry stations to lessen the chances of contracting certain diseases in the first place.

How do I get rid of mole rat disease in Vault 81?

Description. The Vault 81 cure is the only cure for the mole rat disease contracted after being bitten by a Vault 81 lab mole rat. There is only one dose given to the player character by Curie and one has to decide if they want to give it to Austin or keep it for themselves in the case they have contracted the disease.

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