where is misty heartgold

Where Is Misty Heartgold?

Route 25

Why can’t I find Misty in SoulSilver?

1 Answer. You have to go to the power plant on route 10 first and talk to the guy by the machine and he tells you about the missing part.

Where is the Cerulean Gym Leader in HeartGold?

Cerulean City is a peaceful seaside city located in the north-central part of Kanto. As the Bike Shop has moved to Goldenrod City, the remaining landmarks include the Cerulean Gym and a mysterious cave on the edge of town.

A Foreign Legendary.
Dragon Psychic

How old is Misty in Pokemon HeartGold?

Misty (Game)
Misty カスミ Kasumi
Age: 13 (GSCHGSS) 10 (RBGYFRLG) 12 (In Manga) 10 (In Anime)
Hometown: Cerulean City
Region: Kanto
Family: Daisy Lily Violet

Where is Misty in Cerulean City?

Once that nasty business is taken care of, talk to the boy in the northwest corner of town to find out about a hidden item. Use Surf and your own Item Finder to discover the Berserk Gene. Misty still isn’t in the gym though. To find her, you will need to make your way north through Routes 24 and 25.

Why is misty not at the gym?

There are no puzzles to solve in this Gym. In Generations II and IV, Misty isn’t initially at the Gym. … After her boyfriend is scared away by the player’s arrival, Misty will at first be angry at the player for ruining her date, but will then return to the Gym, allowing it to be challenged.

How do you get misty back in her gym in HeartGold?

Bring the missing piece to the plant manager back at the Power Plant. After the plant manager rewards you and thanks you, go back up to Bill’s cottage area. Misty should be on the cape with a date. But you interrupt them, and she goes back to her gym.

Where do I go after beating Misty in HeartGold?

If you beat misty, you fixed the power plant. Get Cut, go through Diglett Cave to Pewter city, beat Pewter, go south to Pallet, surf to Cinnabar, surf to Seafoam, beat Blaine, fly to Cinnabar, talk to Blue, Fly to Viridian, beat Blue.

How do you wake up snorlax in HeartGold?

2 Answers. You need to tune the Pokegear radio into the “Poke Flute” channel, which is at the top center of the circular tuner. Then press A to “talk” to Snorlax and he will wake up and attack!

How do you get Suicune in HeartGold?

First, it will be found in the north of Cianwood City. After you encounter it there, you will shortly find it outside the entrance of Mt. Mortar in Route 42. Once you find it here, it will leave Johto and head to Kanto where you will see it in Vermillion City soon after you arrive.

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Does Misty like red?

Personality. Misty is a dedicated Gym Leader, who wants to protect Pokémon from harm. This dedication goes as far as joining with Suicune to fight the Masked Man, who made an attack at the Pokémon League. She has an interest in Red, which is complicated when she saw him hanging out with Yellow.

Does Misty like Ash?

Misty’s crush on Ash is reciprocated but Ash is simply oblivious to his own feelings and treats Misty as a friend, even if he actually has romantic feelings for her. Many fanworks depict them as adults, where Ash finally matures and recognizes Misty’s feelings for him.

What Gen is Misty from?

Misty カスミ Kasumi
“The Tomboyish Mermaid!”
Generation I, II, III, IV, V, VII
Games Red, Blue, and Yellow Gold, Silver, and Crystal FireRed and LeafGreen HeartGold and SoulSilver Black 2 and White 2 Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! Stadium, Stadium 2, Masters EX
Leader of Cerulean Gym

What level is Misty?

Leader Misty Staryu Starmie
Battle Type Single Battle Level 18 Level 21

What Pokemon does Misty have in fire red?

Cerulean City Gymedit

Misty has two Pokémon: Staryu and Starmie.

where is misty heartgold
where is misty heartgold

How do you beat Misty in Pokemon ash gray?

Why did misty never use Starmie?

In The Misty Mermaid, Misty stopped off at the Cerulean Gym after Horsea was feeling sick due to a lack of open water exercise. Misty also left Starmie there because her sisters wanted to borrow it for their water ballet performances.

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Where is Misty’s gym located?

Cerulean City Gym
Cerulean City Gym is the Gym of Cerulean City. This Gym specializes in Water-type Pokémon. The leader is Misty.

What Pokémon does Misty have?

Misty’s Starmie is one of Misty’s Pokémon that see used during her travels through Kanto and Johto. Misty’s Staryu was one of the three original Pokémon acquired by Misty in the Kanto region in the anime, and Misty also has a Staryu in most of the games she appeared in.

Where is the Kanto power plant?

Route 10
The Power Plant is a location in Kanto south of Route 10. The player must have HM03 Surf in order to go to this place. This place has two Poké Balls that contains Electrode, so the player must watch out which Poké Balls that he/she collects.

Where is the Kanto power plant in Pokemon Heartgold?

Route 9 connects Cerulean City and Route 10, which is where the Power Plant and Rock Tunnel are located. You can ignore the tall grass, as all of its Pokemon are repeats, and focus on the Trainers and loose items.

Where is Bill’s cottage in Pokemon heart gold?

The Sea Cottage (Japanese: 岬の小屋 Cape Cottage) is a small building located in the northeast of Kanto on Route 25. It is on Cerulean Cape and is home to Bill.

What to do after fighting Misty?

To progress after beating Misty, you must head north to Routes 24 & 25 and help Bill. For your efforts he will give you the S.S. Ticket. Head back towards Cerulean, and then head south to Route 5, and take the underground path to Route 6 and Vermilion City beyond.

How do you get into the Kanto radio tower in Pokemon Soul Silver?

The Kanto Radio Tower can be entered, like its Johto counterpart, but only the ground floor, as the upper floors are completely off limits. This was done to prevent a similar take over that happen in Johto. Talking to the receptionist on the ground floor, Trainers can receive a Pokégear radio card for Kanto.

How do you get to Pewter City in soul silver?

What is Snorlax catch rate?

Snorlax is another Pokemon with a 25 catch rate.

How do you get the Kanto radio card in Heartgold?

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After returning the generator part to the power plant, go to the radio tower in Lavander town, talk to the guy in the brown suit and he’ll give you the EXPN card.

How do you get rock climb in Pokemon Heartgold?

1 Answer. Talk to professor Oak after defeating all the Kanto gym leaders, and he’ll give it to you.

Can you catch ho oh with an ultra ball in Pokemon HeartGold?

1 Answer. Assuming it has 1HP left (False Swipe) with an Ultra Ball : You have a 2.833% chance of capturing it per ball. Thus, you have at least a 50% chance of catching it within 25 balls and at least a 95% chance of catching it within 105 balls.

How do you get rayquaza in HeartGold?

You need a Kyogre and Groudon from the HG/SS games (ones from Ruby/Sapphire don’t count). If you then talk to professor oak he will give you a Jade Orb which will make Rayquaza appear at the Embedded Tower.

How do you get Bulbasaur in HeartGold?

Go to the top of Mt. Silver, and defeat Red at least once. After you defeat Red, go to Pallet Town and speak to Professor Oak in his lab, where you’ll be able to get one of the three Kanto starters. *Keep in mind you can only obtain one of them.

Did Ash marry Misty?

Many fans take this as proof that Ash and Misty ended up together, and that Ash bequeathed his Pikachu onto his daughter. This would most likely have meant the end of the Pokémon anime as we know it today.

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