where does the hobbit take place

Where Does The Hobbit Take Place?


Where is the setting of The Hobbit?

the Shire
The Hobbit is set in “Middle-earth,” a fantasyland created by Tolkien. Within Middle-earth, The Hobbit is restricted to settings in the Western lands. It starts and ends in Hobbiton, a town in the Shire, a peaceful region usually untouched by troubles elsewhere in the world.

Is The Hobbit set in Middle Earth?

Tolkien’s most widely read works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, are set entirely in Middle-earth. “Middle-earth” has also become a short-hand term for Tolkien’s legendarium, his large body of fantasy writings, and for the entirety of his fictional world.

Where in Middle-earth did The Hobbit take place?

The Shire
The Shire
Race(s) Hobbits
Location Northwest of Middle-earth
Characters Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, Merry Brandybuck, Pippin Took, Sam Gamgee
Capital Michel Delving on the White Downs

What is the time and place of the Hobbit?

time and place written Roughly between 1929 and 1936 in Oxford, England; since the story was first told orally to Tolkien’s children, there is some doubt as to the exact dates of its composition.

Does Lord of the Rings take place on earth?

The story of the LOTR takes place in J.R.R.Tolkiens’ fictional fantasy Legenderium universe of ; Ea , more specifically on the planet world of Arda – where the continent of Middle-Earth resides .

Why is it called Middle-earth?

The term “Middle-earth” was not invented by Tolkien. Rather, it comes from Middle English middel-erde, itself a folk-etymology for the Old English word middangeard (geard not meaning ‘Earth’, but rather ‘enclosure’ or ‘place’, thus ‘yard’, with the Old Norse word miðgarðr being a cognate).

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Where is the lonely mountain?

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium, the Lonely Mountain is a mountain northeast of Mirkwood. It is the location of the Dwarvish Kingdom under the Mountain. The town of Dale lies in a vale on its southern slopes. In The Lord of the Rings, the mountain is called by the Sindarin name Erebor.

Where is the real Shire?

“The Shire” set in Matamata, New Zealand is a popular tourist destination. Flickr/Chris J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” series takes place in an expansive and storied land called Middle Earth.

What is Bilbo Baggins address?

The Hobbit: Bilbo’s address is “Bag-End, Under_________, Hobbiton…. (3581 people answered this)

When did Hobbit take place?

The Hobbit is the first published novel by J.R.R. Tolkien set in Middle-earth. The book was first published on September 21, 1937 and is set in the years 2941 to 2942 of the Third Age before the events of The Lord of the Rings.

How old was Bilbo in The Hobbit?

Bilbo was 51 years old during the events of Hobbit. We know this because he is celebrating his eleventy first birthday at the beginning of the lord of the rings.

Who killed Smaug?

Bard the Bowman
Bard the Bowman is a character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. A Man of Laketown and a descendant of the ancient Lords of Dale, Bard manages to kill Smaug, the dragon, after which he becomes king of Dale.

How long was Bilbo gone in The Hobbit?

Not too shabby — and probably very, very tiring with a full pack! Bilbo, on the other hand, travels a total of 950 miles in 172 days — an average of just 5.52 miles per day. And the Company makes the 397-mile trek from Bag End to Rivendell in 39 days at a more leisurely average of 10.17 miles per day.

What is east of Mordor?

Rhûn is immediately East of Mordor. That’s where the Easterlings come from, that general area. Other than that, little is known about it. Beyond that is the East Sea, and after it, another continent, called the Land of the Sun , or the Burnt Lands, Eastland, or Easterness.

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where does the hobbit take place
where does the hobbit take place

Where is Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings?

Middle-earth (Q. Endor) was a large continent of Arda, situated between Aman to the West (across Belegaer), and the Land of the Sun to the East (across the East Sea).

What country is Middle-earth based on?

The fictional places in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were brought to life by Peter Jackson in his glorious adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s famous stories in New Zealand, making the country the official home of Middle-earth.

What age is Gandalf?

The closest approximation of Gandalf’s physical age is 24,000 years old, according to Gandalf himself. Yet, various dates of key events in other Tolkien texts show that Gandalf has actually only walked in his physical form for just over two thousand years.

What race is Gandalf?


How many countries are in Middle-earth?

There are seven kingdoms in The Lord of the Rings/Middle-earth.

Did Gandalf know Bilbo had the ring?

So, yes, Gandalf is aware at the very least shortly after The Hobbit that Bilbo has the Ring; however, he does not ascertain its true nature until much, much later.

What happened to tauriel after Kili died?

Tauriel was banished from Mirkwood by Thranduil, so what happens to Tauriel after the Battle of Five Armies remains unknown, although actress Evangeline Lilly stated in an interview that Tauriel returns to Mirkwood.

Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo?

Gandalf ‘felt’ that he was bolder than the other hobbits and he decided to have Bilbo join Thorin and his company. … Gandalf never explicitly said why he had chosen poor Bilbo to join him and the dwarves in their expedition. Being wise and proud he did not liked to explain his reasons to anyone.

Where is Rivendell in real life?

Giant stone archway Rivendell: Tourists often take pictures under the stone archway Frodo and his friends exited through when leaving the Elven City of Rivendell, which is located in the Kaitoke Regional Park in Wellington in real life.

Where is Gondor in real life?

Ruler Kings of Gondor; Stewards of Gondor
Other name(s) The South-kingdom
Location Northwest Middle-earth
Capital Osgiliath, then Minas Tirith

Are Hobbit holes real?

New Zealand Has a Real-Life Version of Middle Earth You Can Visit Called “Hobbiton” … Called Hobbiton, it’s a movie set experience that’s nestled in the heart of Matamata, a small town in New Zealand. Lush pastures are punctuated with 44 tiny Hobbit holes built directly into the sides of rolling hills.

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What is Bilbo Baggins birthday?

Sept. 22
Of a children’s story gone off rails. Sept. 22 marks an important date on the Shire calendar. It is the birthday of the hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two fictional characters in J. R. R. Tolkien’s popular books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Where does Gandalf visit Bilbo at the beginning?

Here’s the answer for “Where Gandalf visits Bilbo at the beginning of “The Lord of the Rings,” with “the” crossword clue NY Times” : Answer: ‌SHIRE.

Is lord of the rings connected to Harry Potter?

Because The Lord of the Rings was written several decades before Harry Potter was, many think all those similarities between the two works aren’t coincidence or inspiration, but rather a copy of one another. … However, there are some actual similarities in Harry Potter that have copied The Lord of the Rings.

Is The Hobbit for adults?

Why J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ Isn’t Just For Kids. … Tolkien’s first published novel, however, is a much more artistically and intellectually sophisticated book than it often gets credit for, and it richly rewards adult re-reading. Tolkien’s characters have a fascinating depth.

Is The Hobbit first?

The Hobbit is a film series consisting of three high fantasy adventure films directed by Peter Jackson. The three films are The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012), The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013), and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014).

How tall is Gandalf?

19 Gandalf’s official height is listed as 5′ 6”

What killed Gandalf the GREY?

Gandalf the Grey’s physical body dies after the battle with the Balrog. However, as an immortal Maia, his spirit presumably returns to Valinor, where Eru Iluvatar decides to send him back to Middle Earth in order to fulfill his final task, defeating Sauron.

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