when was my seth thomas clock made

When Was My Seth Thomas Clock Made?

1869 – The first perpetual calendar clock was produced by The Seth Thomas Clock Company. 1872 – The first Seth Thomas tower clock was made in Thomaston. Between 1872 and 1927, Seth Thomas was one of the major producers of tower clocks, not only in the United States, but also worldwide.

How do you date a Seth Thomas clock?

Many Seth Thomas clocks from 1881 to 1918 have a date code stamped in ink on the case back or bottom. Usually, the year is done in reverse, followed by a letter A–L representing the month. For example, April 1897 would appear as 7981 D.

How do I identify my Seth Thomas clock?

The first step in identifying your clock is to look for the Seth Thomas label. You can find the label on the inside, back, or bottom of the clock case. You’ll also see stamped metal labels on some clocks, as well as engraved pendulums featuring the Seth Thomas name.

How do I find out when my clock was made?

Using the Maker’s Name or Company Name to Identify an Antique Clock
  1. Engraved or printed near the center face of the dial.
  2. Engraved or printed around the edge of the dial’s face and may be covered by the bezel.
  3. Stamped or engraved on the clock movement’s backplate.
  4. A paper label pasted on the back of the clock.
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How old is my antique clock?

100 years old
An antique clock is at least 100 years old. If your clock is younger, it’s considered vintage. You can learn more about the age of your mantel clock, as well as its likely origins, on the DiscoverClocks.com website and clock forum.

How do I know if my clock is valuable?

Examine the clock for the marker’s signature or label. Check the face, mechanism and case. Clocks that are labeled or stamped with the name of its maker or a trademark are more desirable than unmarked clocks. If you can’t find a label or a stamp, you’ll need to identify the type of clock yourself.

Is Seth Thomas a good clock?

The name Seth Thomas is symbolic of value and excellence of craft, and the variety of sophisticated styles it has produced since 1813. As the longest established clock maker in the United States (nearly 200 years), Seth Thomas is recognized as one of the most respected brands of clocks in the world.

What are the three holes on a Seth Thomas clock?

The back “door” is made of wood, but the knob is missing. On the front are three holes (two large and one very small). The key that is with the clock only fits the two large holes (between the 4 and 5 and the 7 and 8 on the dial). As far as I can tell, the clock still works.

How old is a Seth Thomas mantle clock?

The name Seth Thomas is symbolic of value and excellence of craft, and the variety of sophisticated styles it has produced since 1813. As the longest established clock maker in the United States (nearly 200 years), Seth Thomas is recognized as one of the most respected brands of clocks in the world.

Are old Seth Thomas clocks valuable?

Antique Seth Thomas clocks—particularly wall clocks and mantel clocks—are treasured by clock collectors and antiques lovers who value craft and sophistication.

How old is my grandfather clock?

Antique Grandfather Clock Identification

Start by checking out the face and dial of the clock, as the manufacturer’s name may be engraved or painted there. You may also find a copyright symbol or trademark near the dial. To look further, open the hood (the top part); you may need to open a latch.

What does S and F mean on a clock?

There is usually a small F (Faster) and S (Slower) printed on either side of the dial. French clocks may have an R (Retard) and A (Advance). To make the clock go faster, turn the key toward the F (or A). To make the clock go slower, turn the key toward the S (or R).

What name is given to the old style clocks and watches?

People interested in horology are called horologists. That term is used both by people who deal professionally with timekeeping apparatus (watchmakers, clockmakers), as well as aficionados and scholars of horology.

What are the most valuable antique clocks?

How to Value Antique Clocks
  • Condition. Clocks that are in excellent condition will garner a higher price than those bearing chips, scratches, or those that are missing elements. …
  • Restoration. …
  • Clockmaker Marks.
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How do you get antiques appraised?

You can go in person to a local appraiser or an appraisal fair such as Antiques Roadshow. Increasingly popular, online appraisers allow you to get an estimate of an item’s worth without leaving your house. Even such longtime New York City auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s offer online appraisals for free.

when was my seth thomas clock made
when was my seth thomas clock made

How do I identify my clock maker?

Look for any markings (or signings) on the clock’s dial or movement. A movement generally includes all the moving parts of a clock, other than the hands. Quite often a clockmaker clearly placed his name on the movement or dial, but in some cases the name that appears there may be the name of a retailer.

Who invented the 8 day clock?

Daniel Munroe apprenticed with clockmaker Simon Willard in Roxbury and then established his own company in Concord from 1797 to 1808. He partnered with his brothers Nathaniel, also a clockmaker, and William, a cabinetmaker, to produce fashionable clocks.

Can you Overwind a clock?

What is overwinding? It’s actually impossible to overwind a clock, whilst you can wind a clock until it cases internal damages and breakages, it’s impossible to continuously wind a clock. … However, in many cases it may be difficult to spot when your clock needs an oiling.

How do you clean a Seth Thomas mantle clock?

How do you wind a clock with 3 winding points?

3) Winding the clock

To wind the clock use the enclosed key. Turn key clockwise until it stops (about 3 1/2 turns on the left winder and about 4 1/2 turns on center and right winder. The center winder is for the timekeeping, the right winder is for the quarter-hour chime, and the left winder is for the hour strike.

Who is Seth Thomas clockmaker history?

Seth Thomas, (born Aug. 19, 1785, Wolcott, Conn., U.S.—died Jan. 29, 1859, Plymouth Hollow, Conn.), American clock manufacturer who was one of the pioneers in the mass production of clocks and the founder of one of the most important clock companies in the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Does Seth Thomas still make clocks?

The Seth Thomas Clock Company was founded by Seth Thomas and began producing clocks in 1813. It was incorporated as the “Seth Thomas Clock Company” in 1853. … No manufacturing is underway, however an entire line of Seth Thomas Clocks is now available made by another clock builder for CST under the Seth Thomas brand.

How do you set a Seth Thomas wall clock?

How do you set the time on a Seth Thomas mantle clock?

How do you tell what year a grandfather clock is?

Grandfather clocks can be from the early 18th century to the 21st century. You can determine the date of some clocks within a year of their manufacture from the serial number on the dial by their maker; clocks from unrecognized makers will need to be dated by an expert.

Are old grandfather clocks worth anything?

Longcase clocks, even the battered, dusty and stored-in-the-garage-because-it-doesn’t-work variety, can be worth from hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds, according to a specialist.

How do you date antique wall clocks?

Signatures on an antique clocks dial or movement can sometimes help to date a clock. Providing you can find the clock makers name and the date of activity listed in one of the many guides accessible to watch and clockmakers. However, a signature may refer to someone other than the clockmaker.

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Is it bad to turn a clock backwards?

If you refer to turning the adjustment knob backwards, that is fine as long as there are no other mechanisms such as perpetual date that have to be accurate like you would have on an analog watch. In the case of date mechanisms, the date is usually set by moving the clock back and forth past 12 am.

What does A and R mean on a French clock?

Regulation of French Carriage Clocks

The plate will be marked with a+ or A and a- or R. To advance or speed the clock up move the small lever towards the A or + a tiny amount. To retard or slow the clock down move the lever just a little towards the R or -.

Which hole winds the clock?

To wind up your wall or mantel clock, first locate the time spring hole. If you have more than one keyhole in your clock, this is usually the one located farthest to the right as you’re looking at the clock’s surface. However, models can vary, so you may need to experiment a bit with this.

What are clock makers called?

Definition of horologist

1 : a person skilled in the practice or theory of horology. 2 : a maker of clocks or watches.

How did they tell time in the 1700s?

One of the earliest of all devices to tell time was the sundial. The sundial is looked on as being a form of sun-powered clock. … This shadow clock or sundial permitted one to measure the passage of hours within a day. Another very early form of clock to tell the time was the water clock.

Seth Thomas 298 Clock Made In USA 1904 Đồng Hồ Cổ Mỹ

Who WAS Seth Thomas?


Seth Thomas Clock No.102 Made In USA 1880-1900 Đồng Hồ Cổ Của Mỹ Sản Xuất

Seth Thomas 8-Day OG Clock Made About 1865 – 1870

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