when they cry characters ages

When They Cry Characters Ages?

Their implied ages on June 19 1983 are 11 for Rika and Satoko, 13 for Rena, 14 for Keiichi and Mion/Shion, and 15 for Satoshi. The anime, manga and console ports support these ages, but the live-action movies and TV drama aged the kids up, probably by about 3 years.

How old is Rika from Higurashi?

Furude Rika
Furude Rika 古手 梨花
Nickname “R” (by Tōkyō)
Age 6 – 16 [11 in 1983] (mentally over 100)
Birthday August 21, 1971
Weapon(s) Pepper Spray Mop

How old is Satoko in when they cry?

Hōjō Satoko
Hōjō Satoko 北条 沙都子
Nickname Trapmaster
Age 11-17 [11-12 in 1983] (mentally 124+ in Gō)
Birthday June 24, 1971
Weapon(s) Traps Gun

How old is Shion from Higurashi?

She and her sister are implied to be 14 in most media (or around 17 in the live-action adaptations) as of June 1983.

Sonozaki Shion.
Sonozaki Shion 園崎 詩音
Age 14
Birthday July 10, 1968

How old is Keiichi in Higurashi?

16 years old
It is assumed that Keiichi is 16 years old, and it is confirmed that his birthday lies in April. As Higurashi takes place in June, it is most likely that he is already 16. In Onikakushi-hen, paranoia drives him to believe that his friends are trying to kill him, which leads the murder of Mion Sonozaki and Rena Ryuuguu.

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How old is Mion from Higurashi?

Mion is 17, according to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri, with a birthday in early February. Mion is a tomboy and calls herself “oji-san” throughout the games, manga and anime. However, no matter how boyish she acts, she also has a girly side when opening her heart, mainly to her twin sister Shion Sonozaki.

How old are the characters from Higurashi?

Their implied ages on June 19 1983 are 11 for Rika and Satoko, 13 for Rena, 14 for Keiichi and Mion/Shion, and 15 for Satoshi. The anime, manga and console ports support these ages, but the live-action movies and TV drama aged the kids up, probably by about 3 years.

How old is Moon from Higurashi?

Her and her sister’s age are implied to be 14 in most media (or around 17 in the live-action adaptations) as of June 1983, since she is in her final year at the Hinamizawa school but has not yet had her birthday that year.

Are Satoko and Rika in love?

Satoko kills herself and Rika to reset the time loop back to 1983, and makes it her goal to keep Rika trapped in the loop until she gives up on leaving Hinamizawa. Satoko states that she loves Rika and is apparently possessive of her.

Is there a season 2 of when they cry?

The second season is titled When They Cry: Kai (ひぐらしのなく頃に解, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, lit. When The Cicadas Cry: Solution). It was produced by the same team and contains 24 episodes.

Is Shion a Yandere?

Shion Sonozaki is the yandere of Satoshi Hojo from Higurashi: When They Cry.

Is Satoshi Hojo dead?

Satoshi seems to be the only protagonist who survives in all arcs, but this may be because he rarely appears in any of them. His fate after the death of Irie is very ambiguous due to Takano Miyo’s eagerness to vivisect victims of Hinamizawa syndrome.

When they cry Who is the killer?

Takano Miyo (鷹野 三四), born Tanashi Miyoko (田無 美代子), is the main villainess/antagonist in the original Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai.

How old is Akemi?

Akemi ( 朱 あけ 実 み , Akemi) is a young 15-year old thief girl, living with her mother Oko and selling any weapons they gather from battlefields.

Does Rena Kiss Keiichi?

In Onikakushi-hen, after Keiichi had won the Teddy at the Watanagashi festival and gave it to her, it is revealed by Mion that Rena kissed him.

when they cry characters ages
when they cry characters ages

Who did Keiichi give the doll to?

However, things are cut short when Mion announces that she has to go to her part-time job. Mion’s uncle gives the club members condolence prizes, with Keiichi receiving a doll. Everyone agrees that the prize doesn’t suit him, so Keiichi decides to give it away. Taking a hint from Rika, Keiichi offers the doll to Mion.

How many hours is Higurashi?

15 Higurashi: When They Cry (50+ hours)

Is Mion a villain?

Type of Villain

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While heroic and typically a good-natured character, Mion is depicted as the main antagonist of the Watadamashi-hen arc in the sequel anime series Higurashi: When They Cry Gou due to her being corrupted by Satoko. Just like Shion, she is voiced by Satsuki Yukino.

Who is Mion Sonozaki?

Mion Sonozaki (園崎 魅音, Sonozaki Mion) is one of the main characters of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. She is the president of the Hinamizawa after-school games club, Shion Sonozaki’s twin sister, as well as the current heir to the Sonozaki family.

Is Mion older than Keiichi?

Because Mion is one year older than Keiichi but Keiichi’s birthday is still earlier.

Is Rika yoosung’s cousin?

Rika is Yoosung’s cousin through adoption. While the two did not meet until later on, Yoosung feels that they became close. The two worked on community service together. After the death of her puppy, Yoosung vowed to become a veterinarian.

Is Higurashi Gou a remake?

Initially presented as a remake of the original anime under the name Higurashi – New, the series was revealed to be a sequel to the original story during the second episode. … Gou definitely tells its own story, though there are tons of call-backs to events in the original.

Is Lambdadelta a Takano?

Additionally, Lambdadelta and Takano have the same birthday. Ryukishi suggests that Takano and Lambda are separate characters, but can be interpreted as having the same “player”.

Why is Satoko obsessed with Rika?

In short, Satoko is primarily motivated by having the Rika she knew back in Hinamizawa back even if it meant mentally, physically, and emotionally torturing her until she broke. The tragedy to this is that she was unaware of the fact that the cute Rika she knew was merely a mask for Rika to use to avoid suspicion.

Is Hanyu an Oyashiro?

Hanyuu (羽入, Hanyū) is Rika Furude’s ancestor and the true form of Oyashiro-sama. With her powers, Rika is able to travel between Fragments every time she dies and experience different events in an attempt to escape fate. Hanyuu is first officially introduced in Minagoroshi.

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How many episodes of Higurashi 2020 are there?

Higurashi When They Cry
ひぐらしのなく頃に (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
Original network Tokyo MX, BS11, SUN
Original run October 1, 2020 – March 19, 2021
Episodes 24
Anime television series

Is Higurashi finished?

Manga version of Higurashi Gou by Akase Tomato, serialized in Young Ace Up, ended on September 24, 2021. The final chapter came with a teaser for the new story: … Jun will begin serialization in October, 2021.

Is Higurashi a horror?

Higurashi: When They Cry is one of the greatest horror anime ever made. It’s bloody, terrifying — yet you might have never heard of it.

What happened to Sonozaki?

In the anime, Shion dies after accidentally slipping, whereas in the visual novel, she kills herself. In later arcs, Shion becomes Satoko’s loving older sister and is very protective of her.

Who is the green haired Yandere?

Shion resembles her twin sister, having dark turquoise eyes and long emerald hair worn with two gold ribbons. She has short tent bangs framing her face and a fair complexion. She is normally found in the school uniform worn in the series.

Who is the antagonist in Higurashi?

Miyoko Tanashi
Miyoko Tanashi (田無 美代子, Tanashi Miyoko) is the main antagonist of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Feeling that her grandfather’s research went ignored, she sought to prove it to the world and become revered as a god, taking the name of Miyo Takano and masterminding the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.

How did Keiichi remember?

Memories: Rika questions Keiichi since in previous arcs he had memories from Onikakushi-hen. Rika suggests that Keiichi’s remembering Onikakushi-hen allowed him to save Rena. Granted, she was the only one saved.

Who is Oyashiro Sama?

Oyashiro-sama (known simply as Oyashiro in the English dub) is a major antagonist in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. He is the shrine god in the town of Hinamizawa, and is depicted as a very wrathful deity that would be quick to punish anyone who displeases him in any way.


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