when did hey there delilah come out

“Hey There Delilah” is a hit song by American band Plain White T’s. It was released in May 2006 as the third single from their third studio album All That We Needed. The song received radio play over the following year, becoming a sleeper hit, and eventually reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July 2007.

Did he ever date Delilah?

“Hey There Delilah”

Higgelberry was inspired to write the song after meeting her. Though the two were never in a relationship, DiCrescenzo did attend the 2008 Grammy Award show as the guest of Higgelberry, where her namesake song was nominated for 2008 Song of the Year (won by Amy Winehouse for “Rehab”).

How old is Delilah in Hey There Delilah?

The real Delilah is now 37 years old, and long gone are the days when Tom Higgenson was wondering about how she was doing in New York City (he’s since become a father).

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Is Delilah based on a true story?

As it turns out, Delilah is in fact a real person, named Delilah DiCrescenzo, and the band’s frontman, Tom Higgenson, wrote the song after meeting her in 2002.

Who is the original singer of Delilah?

Tom Jones
“Delilah” is a song recorded by Welsh singer Tom Jones in December 1967.

Delilah (Tom Jones song)
Songwriter(s) Les Reed Barry Mason
Producer(s) Peter Sullivan
Tom Jones singles chronology
“I’m Coming Home” (1967) “Delilah” (1968) “Help Yourself” (1968)

Why did Delilah betray Samson?

She was a Philistine who, bribed to entrap Samson, coaxed him into revealing that the secret of his strength was his long hair, whereupon she took advantage of his confidence to betray him to his enemies. Her name has since become synonymous with a voluptuous, treacherous woman.

Are Delilah and Tom together?

According to an old Columbia College Today article, the real life Delilah, a competitive cross-country runner and graduate of Columbia University, never dated guitarist and frontman Tom Higgenson, who wrote the now-famous lyrics.

Who is Delilah in you 2?

Carmela Zumbado
Delilah Alves was a main character in the second season of You, and is portrayed by Carmela Zumbado.

What is the meaning of Hey There Delilah?

Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” is song about a long distance love relationship with all the pitfalls involved. … The lyrics of this song were written for American long distance runner Delilah DiCrescenzo by lead singer of the band, Tom Higginson. He makes no attempt to hide his sentiments towards Delilah.

Who wrote Hey There Delilah lyrics?

Tom Higgenson

Who is Delilah married to?

Delilah has been married four times, and frequently jokes about, and refers to, her multiple divorces on her show. She is currently married to her longtime pal Paul Warner. The two were married at her home on October 27, 2012.

What key is Hey There Delilah in?

D major

How much are the plain white t’s worth?

Lopez was born in Santa Barbara, California, and rose to fame as a member of the rock band, The Plain White T’s. The group, which formed in 1997, has been nominated for two Grammy Awards and one American Music Award.

Tim G. Lopez Net Worth.
Net Worth: $3 Million
Profession: Singer, Guitarist, Musician
Nationality: United States of America
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Who is the lead singer of Plain White T’s?

Tom Higgenson

Who was Delilah written for?

Front man Tom Higgenson originally wrote the song about that one time he met a Columbia student-athlete obviously named Delilah (she’s real) at a party, told her he was going to write a song about her despite her having a boyfriend, then showed up at her house some months later with this creepy song about their whole …

when did hey there delilah come out
when did hey there delilah come out

Who sang Delilah other than Tom Jones?

Title Performer
i One Day at a Time – (Que Sera Sear) Wha… Bobby Crush
i Acqua azzurra, acqua chiara – Delilah -… Love Orchestra
i Delilah Ricky King
i Delilah Bob Thompson [US2]

Is Tom Jones in Welsh?

Tom Jones, in full Sir Tom Jones, original name Thomas John Woodward, (born June 7, 1940, Pontypridd, Wales), Welsh-born singer with broad musical appeal who first came to fame as a sex symbol with a fantastic voice and raucous stage presence.

Who was Samson’s wife?

Samson is betrayed by his lover Delilah, who, sent by the Philistines officials to entice him, orders a servant to cut his hair while he is sleeping and turns him over to his Philistine enemies, who gouge out his eyes and force him to grind grain in a mill at Gaza.

Was Micah’s mother Delilah?

Louis Ginzberg’s classic The Legends of the Jews further mentions that Micah’s mother was none other than Delilah, and that the Philistines bribed her with the 1,100 shekels for Samson’s secret.

What was Samson’s weakness?

Samson confessed that he would lose his strength “if my head were shaved” (Judges 16:15- 17). While he slept, the faithless Delilah brought in a Philistine who cut Samson’s hair, draining his strength.

How old is Delilah Dicrescenzo?

38 years (February 9, 1983)

Who is plain white T’s wife?

Plain White T’s Tim Lopez Marries Jenna Reeves. Cue the fireworks – this couple is ready for love! The Plain White T’s Tim Lopez tied the knot with Jenna Reeves in front of family and friends in an intimate ceremony at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum on Saturday evening, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

What genre is Hey There Delilah?


Why did Joe trap Delilah?

We start to see the darker side of Love when she discovers Joe’s neighbor Delilah trapped in his book vault. Joe initially thinks he killed Delilah in a drug-fueled stupor, until it’s revealed that Love murdered her to protect his secret.

Why did Joe lock up Delilah?

Delilah investigated and found Joe’s glass murder tank, so he locked her up in it to buy himself time. When he returned, her throat had been slit and Joe can’t remember if it was him so he does a The Hangover to retrace his steps.

Will there be a season 2 of Delilah?

As of December 5, 2021, Delilah has not been cancelled or renewed for a second season.

What happened to the plain white T’s?

In 2017, Plain White T’s re-signed with Fearless Records. Their latest studio album, Parallel Universe, was released on August 24, 2018. Tirio quit the band in October 2020, making Higgenson the only member of the original line up.

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Are the plain white t’s a one hit wonder?

1 spot on top 100 lists worldwide, the Plain White T’s may have to settle for living off the song’s profits for a few years before hitting the infamous one-hit-wonder state-fair circuit. Either that, or one of the members will make it onto a VH1 reality show.

Who sings Delilah what you do to me?

Plain White T’s

What does Hey there mean?

It’s a casual/colloquial way to say hello (greetings), or that’s unusual/impressive. The modern phrasing for hey there! is what’s up? It’s almost flirty in some contexts, especially when said with a broad glowing smile and/or raised eyebrows. When it’s said without any intense facial expression, it just means hello.

How do you play Hey There Delilah on guitar chords easy?

What movies was Hey There Delilah been in?

  • Known For. No Strings Attached Soundtrack (2011)
  • Prom Night Soundtrack (2008)
  • Underdog Soundtrack (2007)
  • College Road Trip Soundtrack (2008)
  • Soundtrack. The SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage! ( 2019)
  • Beat Shazam (2017)
  • Coronation Street (2016)
  • Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle (2015)

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