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What are the types of dere?

You might recognize these Big Five Dere types in an anime or manga: Deredere, Tsundere, Yandere, Kuudere, and Dandere.

What are the 4 types of dere?

12 “Dere” Anime Types, Explained
  1. 1 “Hiyakasudere” Coyly Flirt With & Tease Their Love Interests.
  2. 2 “Shundere” Are Melancholy & Depressed By Default. …
  3. 3 “Sadodere” Want To Manipulate & Tease Others. …
  4. 4 “Kuudere” Stoically Watch Over Their Love Interests. …
  5. 5 “Kamidere” Expect To Be Treated Like Gods. …

How do you know your dere?

In other words, your Dere indicates how you would react to a new crush, flirting, being complimented, or loved. For instance, if you are the type of person who would bombard their lover with kisses, your Dere is Deredere. If you always hide your emotions around your crush, you are Kuudere.

What is a Kuudere and dandere?

The difference between a dandere and a kuudere is that a dandere character may be nervous or shy inside (not calm), which cause them to not want to talk too much with people because of their insecurity, while a kuudere character can speak while retaining their serenity (are calm) but will prefer to stay silent or will …

What dere is DEKU?

deku as dandere (an extremely anxious bean that cries even when u say hi) ; “so, sorry!!”

What is the best dere?

The 10 Most Iconic Dere Types In Anime (& Which Characters Best Represent Them)
  1. 1 TSUNDERE: Asuka Langley Sohryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  2. 2 YANDERE: Yuno Gasai (Future Diary) …
  3. 3 KUURDERE: Angel (Angel Beats) …
  4. 4 DANDERE: Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya) …
  5. 5 HAJIDERE: Kosaki Onodera (Nisekoi) …

What are Tsunderes and Yanderes?

Yandere is a portmanteau of two Japanese words. … Yandere is a spinoff from tsundere, another anime character archetype, one applied to characters who are sometimes deredere, or lovestruck. A tsundere, however, has a tough, cold, and moody personality that later changes to gentle affection.

What is the difference between tsundere and kuudere?

The difference is how a kuudere will respond to everything unemotionally and may insult nonchalantly without realizing how this can hurt other people, while a tsundere will be more aggressive and start insulting because they feel embarrassed, sometimes knowing very well that this can hurt others.

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What is a Dorodere?

A “Dorodere”, sometimes spelled “Doredere”, refers to a character who acts or seems sweet on the outside but is actually full of bad feelings, like grudges, towards others or even their love interest. [

How do you know if you’re a Yandere?

A Yandere is usually cold before gradually showing its warmer friendly side, whereas a Tsundere comes off as lovely and gentle then switches up to being aggressive and deranged.

How do you know if you are a tsundere?

24 Signs that You are A Tsundere
  1. You have a cold exterior.
  2. You don’t take compliments well.
  3. You always have an excuse for doing a good deed.
  4. You get uncomfortable when talking about your emotions.
  5. You sometimes want to slap the stupid out of people.
  6. You have to belittle the person you are helping.

What is a Yangire?

Yangire (also referred to “Cute and Psycho”) is a Japanese term used to refer to normal people who suddenly become violent, sometimes due to a past trauma. A Yangire is a character whom snaps suddenly out jealousy, irritation or similar.

Which dere is shy?

The most known “Shy Dere” is “Dandere”, but there are a lot more different dere types with this personality and even variations of them.

What is opposite tsundere?

Type A, also known as harsh, is what we typically consider tsundere; they are typically angry, mean, or pessimistic on the outside, but have a sweet side that they reveal to characters they like (or in other similar situations). Type B, also known as sweet, is the reverse of Type A.

What dere is Sumi?

All the the girls are cookie cutter dere types with the exception of Chizuru. Sumi is a dandere, Ruka yandere, Mami is just bad for the sake of being bad (nobody knows why she acts likes a sociopath). This wouldn’t be an issue if there dere types weren’t their largest character trait.

what type of dere
what type of dere

Is Todoroki a tsundere?

My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Characters Shoto Todoroki Would Be Friends With. … At first, Shoto was a prickly tsundere, being self-absorbed and reluctant to make friends.

Is Toga a Yandere?

Himiko doesn’t perfectly fit the Yandere stereotype. After all, the people she genuinely loves she genuinely appears to care for. … But she demonstrates Yandere-like tendencies, which, for many, is enough.

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What type of dere is Hajime?

A “Hajidere” refers to a character who is really nervous and embarrassed around their crush. Their shyness either only appears when they are around or interacting with their love interest or intensifies even more around them if the hajidere is normally shy.

What are the 5 Deres?

While deres usually define female characters, there are some male characters in anime that fit these personality types.
  • Tsundere. The tsundere (pronounced like the ‘tsun’ in ‘tsunami’ + deh-reh) is probably the most famous of the dere types. …
  • Yandere. …
  • Kuudere. …
  • Dandere. …
  • Deredere. …
  • Himedere and Kamidere.

Is Kakashi a kuudere?

Kakashi Hatake, another Sharingan wielder, is also considered a kuudere for his calm and collected personality while caring deeply for his students and comrades.

What type of dere is Sakura?

kashi) on Instagram: “”Dere” Guide~ – Sakura is 100% tsundere and Hinata is 100% dandere but maybe not the other two.

Who is the first yandere?

The character Yukako Yamagishi is the first widely know yandere character and, to my knowledge, the origin of the modern yandere trope. She was a subversion of the common things found in many shoujo manga.

What is worse than a Yandere?

Personality. Yangire is very similar to yandere; they both suffer from a personality disorder and can easily become violent and extremely dangerous. However, yangire characters are far, far more chaotic, and they can be 10 times worse than yandere.

What anime characters are Kuudere?

10 Best Kuudere Characters In Anime, Ranked
  1. 1 AKEMI HOMURA. While she may not be as iconic as a few of the past entries, Homura is the most Kuudere character you can imagine with the craziest story out of them all.
  2. 2 YUKI NAGATO. …
  3. 3 PICCOLO. …
  4. 4 REI AYANAMI. …
  5. 5 BOA HANCOCK. …
  7. 7 JOTARO KUJO. …

What is a Megadere?

A “Megadere” is obsessed with their love interest in a fangirl/fanboy fashion and won’t be afraid to show their interest towards them.

What is a Tsunshun?

Tsunshun (Tag Name : ツンしゅん or ツンシュン) is a character archetype that describes a character acting hostile first, then later feeling depressed when alone.

What is a Mayadere?

A “Mayadere” refers to a character who is often a dangerous antagonist of a series but switches sides after falling in love or after becoming fond of another character, usually the protagonist or someone in the hero’s team.

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What would a Yandere say?

I have been looking for you for a long time, love, but it’s always this way. You always try to escape me, always try to leave me, and you never stay, never, and I don’t understand why. I love you best. I always loved you best, even when you didn’t remember my name: you’ll remember me eventually, won’t you?

What is Shundere?

Shundere[1] refers to a character who is sad or very depressed all of the time. Shundere characters often are sad from the start and don’t have much of a reason to feel like this, unlike utsudere.

Does tsundere exist?

tsunderes exist, but real life tsundere isn’t cute, and just very annoying instead. Basically, it is a “crazy ex” material. Just think about it – tsundere is a person that flips between “violent/insulting” and “shy/blushing” mode all the time.

Can a girl be a tsundere?

In Japanese media, most commonly anime and manga, a tsundere (pronounced “tsoohn-deh-reh”) is someone (usually female) who acts like they don’t care for another person, but actually has a softer side – protectiveness and loving kindness.

Is there an English word for tsundere?

In Japanese, the plural of tsundere is tsundere, but sometimes the regular English plural tsunderes is used by English speakers. … This is the original tsundere archetype. Type B, on the other hand, is usually deredere.

Is Hinata a dandere?

Hinata is likely the most well known Dandere of all time and we’re sure being the wife of one of the most well known shonen protagonists out there has something to do with it. … Hinata is the queen of the Dandere and rightfully so. Even when she’s already married to the man, she’s still pretty shy around Naruto.

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