what two things does gandalf give thorin?

What Two Things Does Gandalf Give Thorin??

What two things does Gandalf give Thorin? Gandalf gives Thorin a map and a key.

What did Gandalf give Thorin and how did he get it?

Bilbo invites him to tea the next day; Gandalf makes a strange mark on the outside of Bilbo’s front door and leaves. … Gandalf takes out a map made by Thror, Thorin’s grandfather, that shows where the treasure is hidden. He points to a secret entrance marked on the map and gives Thorin the key to it.

What are the terms of Bilbos contract?

Terms: cash on delivery, up to and not exceeding one fourteenth of total profits (if any); all travelling expenses guaranteed in any event; funeral expenses to be defrayed by us or our representatives, if occasion arises and the matter is not otherwise arranged for.

What gift does Thorin give Bilbo?

Thorin’s Gift to Bilbo

Thorin finally gives Bilbo the first installment of his reward for the adventure. He tosses the hobbit a coat of mithril chain mail, the strongest metal in the world. He also gives Bilbo a helmet of the same metal.

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What does Gandalf put on Bilbo’s door and why?

In The Hobbit, it’s explained that Gandalf carved a mark into Bilbo’s door so that the dwarves would know which hobbit hole their prospective burglar lived in.

How does Thorin introduce himself?

How does Thorin introduce himself? Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King under the Mountain. How are Bilbo and the dwarves received in Lake-town? They are received very well and treated very nicely.

What did Gandalf Thorin and Bilbo take from the trolls cave?

7. What did Gandalf, Thorin, and Bilbo take from the trolls’ cave? Gandalf and Thorin each took swords with jeweled hilts. Bilbo took a knife in a leather sheath.

What did the key that Gandalf give Thorin look like?

Here it is!’ he said, and handed to Thorin a key with a long barrel and intricate wards, made of silver.

What did Elrond help Thorin and Gandalf discover about on their map?

Gandalf’s sword is called Glamdring, and Thorin’s is named Orcrist. On Thorin’s map, Elrond is able to read moon-letters—writing visible only in the light of the moon in the proper phase—that describe how to find the secret entrance on the Lonely Mountain.

What is in the note that Thorin leaves for Bilbo?

The letter began with a greeting to “Burglar Bilbo” and thanks for his hospitality and offer to help. A short list of contract terms were then laid out, promising Bilbo one fourteenth of the profits (if any), with travelling and funeral expenses covered.

What does Thorin say to Bard?

In short, Thorin promises Bard Bilbo’s share of the treasure, amounting to “one fourteenth share of the hoard in silver and gold, setting aside the gems.” This refers to one fourteenth of Smaug’s treasure that Thorin’s company of fourteen (13 dwarves plus Bilbo) set out to retrieve at the beginning of the novel.

What does the Bard want of Thorin?

Bard petitions Thorin, reminding him that not all of Smaug’s treasure has come from Thorin’s people. Furthermore, the recent destruction of Esgaroth has come at the provocation of Thorin and his group.

What does Thorin offer for the Arkenstone?

He offers a simple deal: Bilbo’s share of the treasure for the Arkenstone. Thorin is outraged that they have the Arkenstone at all, let alone that they want to negotiate with it and basically make him buy what he believes is rightfully his, but he’s willing to hear their pitch.

Who was Thorin and what was his story?

Thorin Oakenshield is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1937 novel The Hobbit. Thorin is the leader of the Company of Dwarves who aim to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon. He is the son of Thráin II, grandson of Thrór, and becomes King of Durin’s Folk during their exile from Erebor.

What symbol did Gandalf draws on Bilbo’s door?

In the original book, Gandalf draws three symbols on Bilbo’s door, which mean Burglar, Danger and a Reward. In the movie, he draws just one symbol which is either the Anglo-Saxon letter “F” or the Cirth letter “G”, depending on which theory you find more plausible.

what two things does gandalf give thorin?
what two things does gandalf give thorin?

What does Thorin wear to distinguish himself from other dwarves?

In the first chapter of The Hobbit, Tolkien describes Thorin’s importance, stating that he wore “a sky-blue one with a long silver tassel”. This was ultimately a distinction that also proved that he was an “enormously important dwarf“, which further positioned him within the narrative.

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Why is Thorin called Oakenshield?

The first dwarven assault led by Thrain and his son Thorin was driven with loss into a copse of trees not far from Moria. In this clash, Thorin’s shield was notched. Therefore, he cast it away, picked up an oaken branch that he used as shield, or wielded as a club. Hence, he got the name Oakenshield.

Who plays Thorin Oakenshield?

Hans Conried

Where was Thorin during The Lord of the Rings?

He was dead. He was buried. Bilbo had tried to go back to Dale and the only thing that came back and was mentioned in the first chapters were toys that said that they were made in Laketown or in Dale. The most we have is rumors that Dain Ironfoot is King Under the Mountain.

How did Thorin & Co get out of the mountain?

The dwarves hide in the tunnel because they are afraid that the dragon is going to find them. Bilbo is frightened and keeps reminding the dwarves that they are in danger, but Thorin is in charge and is not pleased with being cooped up. They find that they are trapped, and the only way out is through the tunnel.

How did Bilbo get caught by the trolls?

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Bilbo goes to the trolls when their ponies are taken. Fíli and Kíli force him into it and leave him behind. Bilbo tries to steal a knife from the Trolls’ pocket which leads to his capture.

How does Gandalf defeat the trolls?

Gandalf tricks the trolls by impersonating, or mimicking, the other trolls’ voices. By pretending to be William, Bert, or Tom, he stirs up conflict with the other trolls, making them argue and forget their original purpose of killing and eating their captives.

Where did Thorin put the key after Gandalf gave him?

The key and the map was presented to Thorin the day that he and his fellow Dwarves visited Bilbo at Bag End in late April, 2941, and from that moment he kept it fastened to a chain around his neck.

How does Thorin locate the door and the keyhole in the side of the mountain?

A moon opens on the horizon, and the old thrush shrieks as the light beams down. It illuminates a keyhole on the ground. Bilbo tells Thorin to put his key in the hole. They all push and the door opens.

How did Gandalf get the map and key in the book?

The book had Gandalf finding Thorin’s mad father in the dungeons of Dol Guldur, who ends up giving Gandalf the key and map there.

What did Elrond do for Thorin and Company?

Elrond’s ability to read runes also allows him to interpret the map that Thorin has inherited from his grandfather. Elrond’s translation of the map provides an important foreshadowing of the dramatic discovery of the secret door in Smaug’s mountain lair, much later in the novel.

What important feature on Thror’s map does Gandalf point out to Thorin what important feature on the same map does Elrond later point out to Gandalf and Thorin?

The most important feature on Thror’s map that Gandalf points out to Thorin is the secret passage to the Lower Halls of Erebor. When Gandalf first shows Thorin the map, the latter is skeptical. He believes that Smaug may already know about the secret entrance.

What did Elrond do for Thorin and the rest?

Elrond helps them out on their journey by giving them a place to rest and some supplies, as well as translating runes for them. Elrond also uncovers the names of the swords recovered from the troll cave, and he also translates some moon-runes written on Thorin’s map.

What indication is there in the note left by Thorin and Company that the adventure or quest may prove to be perilous for Bilbo?

What indication is there in the note left by Thorin and Co. that the adventure or quest may prove to be perilous for Bilbo? in the note they say “funeral expenses to be defrayed by us or our representatives, if occasion arises & the matter is not otherwise arranged for.” You just studied 9 terms!

What indication is there that Thorin is the leader of the dwarves?

An indication that Thorin was the leader of the dwarves is how he acts and how he speaks. He acts important and he was the one explaining the situation to Bilbo. He was also the one talking most of the time rather than the other dwarves.

Who began to arrive at Bilbo’s home the next day for tea?

Who began to arrive at Bilbo’s home the next day for tea? Gandalf and thirteen dwarves. Give proof that Gandalf has knocked very hard on Bilbo’s front door. Gandalf knocks so hard that he leaves a dent in the door while with the same knock the wizard removes the secret sign that he had left there the morning before.

Why didn’t Bilbo gave Thorin the Arkenstone?

The reason Bilbo didn’t give the arkenstone to thorin was that Bilbo thought it would corrupt Thorin and destroy him with greed. Smaug had told Bilbo that the arkenstone would corrupt Thorin. When Bilbo ran into Thorin trying to escape Erebor, Bilbo could tell that smaug was right about the stone.

What does Roac advice Thorin?

What piece of wise advice does Roac, the ancient raven, have for Thorin? He must only trust Bard, and not the other civilians of Laketown.

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