What State Do Teachers Make The Most Money? Update 2021

What State Do Teachers Make The Most Money? It can be hard to find a job that pays well, and even harder to get one that you love.

what state do teachers make the most money
what state do teachers make the most money

The average teacher salary in the US is about $55,000 per year. That’s not enough for most teachers to live on comfortably without having a second income stream from another job.

We did some research and discovered which states have the highest paying salaries for teachers, so you can make more money at your current job or consider moving across state lines if you want a higher paycheck.

States that pay public school teachers most

States that pay public school teachers most 
States that pay public school teachers most 

Illinois ($68,305)

The 2013 national averages for student to teacher ratio in public schools are 1:16. The U.S.’s state had an improvement on this number, with only 135K teachers and 2 million students enrolled in 4266 different classrooms across 1070 school districts but still maintaining one per fifteen-someone’s job!

Pennsylvania ($70,258)

Pennsylvania is home to over 500 school districts, ranging in size from approximately 200 students all the way up to 140K. Although this may seem like a lot of diversity for one state’s education system average out at about 50- however there are dozens upon them that receive high marks!

Alaska ($70,877)

The state of Alaska has the highest number and quality public schools. The Anchorage School District’s average SAT or ACT exam scores are consistently higher than national averages, while many Alaskan townships boast an excellent education system that all students can access without having to drive far from home for classes like AP courses which might not even be offered at their local high school!

Washington ($72,965)

The State of Washington is a proud member in the group that includes some of America’s best performing school districts. On average, per pupil spending was just under $9000 dollars which put them at 29th highest out all state citizens with data available for 2013 when it comes to education expenditure can you guess where this little beautiful spot resides? Correct! It sits proudly on top as number one – don’t let anyone tell u otherwise!!

Maryland ($73,444)

Maryland is one of the top performing states in terms of K – 12 academics, with well-funded school districts and above average proficiency rates for math and reading. The state came out on top when it comes to educational quality according a 2021 study examining measuring 18 metrics including education attainment.

New Jersey ($76,376)

In an unprecedented move, all public school employees of New Jersey have been ordered to be vaccinated in order stop the spread of coronavirus. This new strain is different from its predecessor and has caused over 100 deaths worldwide as well as countless cases here at home among those who came into contact with infected individuals or had missing work due a sick day for themselves on accounta being too ill. Spokesperson said that they hope this vaccination will help prevent anymore infections by providing protection against delta variant Coronaviruses D-O Group 1 Lipocalin Family Fe And Grivlinoid B Adenovirus Subfamily Nidélóide Binucle

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Connecticut ($78,247)

Connecticut is home to some of the best public schools in America. With an 88% graduation rate, it’s no wonder that so many students are choosing this state for their education needs!

Massachusetts ($83,622)

As a state associated with some of the finest seats in higher education, Massachusetts is not only home to Harvard and MIT but also high-quality public schools that have made their teachers well compensated.

California ($84,659)

California has the most school students, and with over 6 million in 2005-06 there are more than 36 states total population for those States. To become a teacher here one must hold bachelor’s degree as all of them will be required to do so by law. The Education Data Partnership states 307 thousand teachers workin public schools between 2018 – 2019. The data shows how populated California really is when you look at its own statistics about education levels across different grades or fields like math versus science etcetera.

New York ($87,543)

Public school teachers in New York make more than other U.S.-based professionals, with an average of $59K per year and 1 million students taught each year by primary or secondary public schools across the country’s largest city for learning; they’re also contracted to teach over 700 different class schedules! In August 2021 it was announced that all employees will need their hands vaccinated against coronavirus as part of efforts made towards containing this highly contagious disease before it becomes too late – which could save your child from becoming infected…or worse?

Jobs the higher paying positions

Jobs the higher paying positions
Jobs the higher paying positions

High school chemistry teachers

A chemistry teacher with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn between $39,000 and 72K. This position requires that you have some sort of teaching certification in your state–and it will vary by which ones they are!

High school math teachers

For this position, the salary range is $37K-$66K. A bachelor’s degree in math or related fields and possibly further education depending on which state you live in are required for consideration at all levels of employment with us!

Special education teachers

The salary range for this position is $37,000 -$78K. A bachelor’s degree related to education and depending on the state it may require additional qualifications or certifications.

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Bilingual education teacher

The pay range for teachers who are fluent in more than one language can be as high as $57,000. This is not necessarily an opportunity; it’s just because they’re talented! Teachers that speak ESL have even better career prospects and enjoy greater earning potential since their students will mainly come from overseas countries where English isn’t widely spoken which makes them stand out among other educators at the same level of education.


For this position, the salary range is $38K-$82K. To apply for this job you will need to have at least a master’s degree in library science or another related field and previous experience working as an educator may also be preferred but it’s not required.

Which teacher jobs pay the least?

Which teacher jobs pay the least?
Which teacher jobs pay the least?

Substitute teachers

If you’re a substitute teacher looking to make an easy buck, this might be the job for you! Substitute teachers only need some training and on average receive pay that’s about half as much as most other positions listed here. The lower compensation may not bother people who don’t care too much about making bank but if money isn’t really what motivates your search in resumes than it could very well turn out being worth sacrificing just one year of potential earnings before taking up regular work again at better rates which would more than outweigh any initial savings made from letting go now instead of later when prices have likely gone back up since last time around already anyway thanks so.

Teaching assistants

The average annual pay for this position is $25,310. Though it does not require a degree or any special training to enter into the field of employment as an Engineer. I enjoy doing puzzles each day when I get home from work because they’re fun and mentally stimulating!

Preschool teachers

The average base pay for Lead Pre-school Teachers is $30,750. This position does require an associate degree in early child education or a related field but the potential to earn more than that with overtime opportunities could make up for any lack of advanced degrees!

Elementary school teachers

The average annual salary for this position is $45,413. This may not be a high-paying job but it does have its benefits including the ability to work with children and help them grow into successful adults!

Private school teachers

The average salary for a private school teacher is almost $37,000. The lower pay comes from the fact that these individuals tend to have better working conditions and are often employed by schools who can afford this type of compensation because their quality standards go up in comparison with public institutions which typically only require an associate’s degree or GED certificate as qualification criteria.

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Q&A about teachers make the most money

Q&A about teachers make the most money 
Q&A about teachers make the most money 

Can you negotiate a teacher’s salary?

Yes, it is possible to negotiate a salary. However this will depend on factors such as the teacher’s qualifications and which schools they are applying for – some have no room left in their contract with negotiation so be sure ask yourself these questions before going any further:
One question worth asking yourself if your goal is getting paid more than what’s offered by an otherwise perfect job opportunity but how would you ever know unlessyou try? If there isn’t time yet (and patience has never been one of our strengths) then at least take note of where things stand now; do research into who influences decisions within companies etc.

Do you have room to negotiate?

The more experience you have in the field, not just as an educator but also with other jobs that pertain to education like working for private businesses or even running your own business on top of it all; this will give them much greater negotiating room when looking at salaries. Private schools usually pay less than public ones so if someone wants better benefits they may want work here instead!

Should you negotiate?

Negotiation is a vital part of the job search process. While salary might be what you’re negotiating for, there are other things that can make or break an offer on paper – like equipment and specials requests to help with your workload! For some teachers this could even outweigh their base pay; however they may opt instead in order receive bigger bonuses as well as better benefits if these negotiations go through successfully…

When do you negotiate?

“Don’t negotiate the conditions of your first job offer,” an experienced recruiter shares her top piece of advice. “See if they’re willing to work with you before asking about salary expectations or benefits.”


The average salary for a teacher in the United States is $49,000 per year. This number varies by state and depends on factors like cost of living in that region or how much education teachers have attained before entering into this profession. For example, teaching jobs are more prevalent in states where there’s an increased need for educators due to population growth such as Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and South Dakota. These areas also offer higher salaries than other parts of the country with lower populations of young people who would be most likely to enter these professions.

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