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What Is V Board?

V Board is a non-asbestos, autoclaved board manufactured using the Hatschek process and High Pressure Steam Curing (HPSC) technology. It has the composite matrix of non-asbestos cellulose fibers, ordinary portland cement, fine silica, quartz, fly ash and mineral additives.May 29, 2018

What is V board used for?

Vboards have been used in some of the most iconic buildings of our time because they save time & money, are safer and aesthetically more beautiful. Vboard is a non-asbestos, autoclaved, fiber cement board, manufactured using the Hatschek process and High Pressure Steam Curing (HPSC) technology.

What is V board made of?

Vnext Boards are non-asbestos, autoclaved, fibre cement boards manufactured using the Hatschek process and High Pressure Steam Curing (HPSC) technology. Vnext Boards have the composite matrix of non-asbestos cellulose fibres, ordinary portland cement, fine silica, quartz, fly ash, and mineral additives.

What is the cost of V board?

Pilot V-Board Master Pack of 4 (Blue-4)
M.R.P.: ₹280.00
Price: ₹274.00 Fulfilled
You Save: ₹6.00 (2%)
Inclusive of all taxes

What is V board ceiling?

Vnext Boards are an excellent choice for building false ceilings. … These boards are mounted on an exposed grid system where Vnext Boards (tiles) are laid into the grid. The thickness of Vnext Boards used for T- Grid false ceiling is4 mm and 6 mm.

Can you use V board roofing?

Vnext Premium is popularly used in roof underlays as a replacement for RCC slabs. The board is fixed using a self-drilling screw, and the roof is finished using clay tiles or shingles, like Saint Gobain.

What are the disadvantages of fiber cement siding?

List of the Cons of Fiber Cement Siding
  • It is not available for direct order from the manufacturer. …
  • It comes with a higher labor cost than other materials. …
  • It requires you to re-paint the siding at some point during its lifetime. …
  • It is not a recyclable material.

What is the business of Visaka industries?

Founded by Dr G Vivekanand in 1983, Visaka Industries Limited has multiple product portfolios, ranging from corrugated cement sheets and fibre cement boards to hybrid solar roofs and human-made fibre yarn.

What is bison sheet?

Bison Panel is a cement bonded particle board that is fire, weather, & termite resistant a good sound insulating material, dimensionally stable, possesses a smooth surface with wood workability, & is chemically stable. … Due to mineralization of wood particles by cement, Bison is resistant to termite & vermin attack.

Are cement sheets waterproof?

Plain Cement Sheet

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Made available in various specifications, these fiber boards offer high resistance to water and corrosion. Features: Strong construction. Waterproof.

What is cement Fibre board?

Fibre cement is a composite building and construction material, used mainly in roofing and facade products because of its strength and durability. One common use is in fiber cement siding on buildings.

What are the important differences between Portland cement boards and gypsum boards?

As a tile backing board, cement board has better long-term performance than paper-faced gypsum core products because it will not mildew or physically break down in the continued presence of moisture or leaks. Also cement board provides a stronger bond and support with tiles than typical gypsum board.

Can you use cement board as a roof?

Use it as a coverboard in roofing assemblies. DEXcell Cement Roof Board protects and supports the roof membrane; provides increased fire, moisture, and mold resistance; and reduces the potential for penetration damage to the membrane. … Ideal for green roofs and photovoltaic systems.

Can I use Hardiflex for roofing?

HardieFlex® Wet area can be used for bathrooms, restrooms, kitchens, interior gardens, washing and laundry areas. HardieFlex® Senepa is used as backing for roof gutters and to enhance roof designs. … It can be used both externally and internally as design accent to a home.

Can we use cement board for roof?

Due to the thermal insulation and water-resistant properties of cement fiber board, you can use it as the underlay for fabricated roofing works. Usually, you can use it with the roof tiles and roofing shingles.

what is v board
what is v board

How long will fiber cement siding last?

50 years
With regular TLC, your fiber cement siding can last 50 years or more—now that’s what I call long-lasting!

What type of siding is most energy efficient?

  • Vinyl siding is thermally resistant, making it highly energy-efficient, especially when paired with foamed siding.
  • It’s cost-effective, as the material is less expensive and can be easily retrofitted.
  • Vinyl is available in many styles and colors.

Is fiber cement siding the same as hardiplank?

Fiber cement siding is often called “hardiplank” or even “hardie board” named from the most popular brand of fiber cement siding which is manufactured by James Hardie. Fiber cement planks are formed by combining wood pulp with Portland cement.

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Who is the owner of Visaka industries?

You can view name of Chairman, CEO, CFO, Management Team, Board of Directors and Key Executives of Visaka Industries Ltd.

G Appnender Babu Director
G Saroja Vivekanand Managing Director
G Vamsi Krishna Joint Managing Director
G Vivekanand Vice Chairman

Is Bison board and cement board same?

In the ultimate analysis the inconvenience due to higher weight is trifle when compared with the strength given by the Bison Panel. For applications like furniture which are not required to be moved often, Bison Panel will be economical and durable.

Is Bison panel soundproof?

Bison Panel is not a very good sound absorbent material. Although it can muffle noise, please consult an acoustics expert.

What is the cost of bison board?

Bison Panel
Thickness (mm) Price (per sq. feet) Price of Sheet
6 Rs. 611.00 + GST Rs. 611 + GST
8 Rs. 822.00 + GST Rs. 822 + GST
10 Rs. 1009.00 + GST Rs. 1009 + GST
12 Rs. 1222.00 + GST Rs. 1222 + GST

Is cement board good for outdoor use?

Made with Portland cement, aggregate and fiberglass mesh, it works well with exterior applications. Lightweight and easy to install, our patented EdgeTech® Technology allows a closer nail or screw application.

Can I paint cement board?

Do not paint a cement board unless you have thoroughly cleaned it first, or you may have problems with adhesion. … Unlike standard cement, which is not an ideal surface for paint adhesion, fibrous cement boards contain pores that soak in the adhesives within the paint, making the finish much more durable.

Is cement board stronger than plywood?

If you compare the two configurations using identical thinset mortars, tiles installed over cement backerboard have greater shear-bond strength than those that are installed over plywood. …

What is Hardie board?

What Is Hardie Board Siding? Hardie Board siding is a super durable siding product that looks amazing, is long-lasting, and comes with a fabulous warranty. It’s made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers which combine to create an outstanding material to both protect and beautify homes.

Does cement board need waterproofing?

Contrary to popular thought, tile and grout are not waterproof, and some moisture will penetrate even if sealant is used. … However, if you choose to use concrete backerboard, which is much stronger and more durable than gypsum board, a water vapor membrane must be placed underneath it or a sealant applied on top of it.

Are cement boards fireproof?

Yes, HardieBacker® 1/4″ Cement Board is deemed noncombustible when tested to ASTM E 136 and can be used in conjunction with other noncombustible materials around a fireplace.

What is the difference between plasterboard and cement board?

Fiber cement boards are far more durable and impact-resistant than gypsum board. However, Fiber cement boards are far heavier than gypsum board. … Fiber cement boards are available in two types: water-resistant and waterproof. For gypsum board, only do water-resistant by moisture resistant paper(the green-colored one ).

What is the difference between tile backer and cement board?

Backer board helps ensure a durable, long-lasting tiling job. It helps prevent cracks in the tile and grout due to moisture, humidity and temperature. Cement backer board is sturdy, waterproof, and an ideal substrate for any tiling job, inside or outside.

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What is Neeru plaster?

Rendering or application of Lime paste/ Putty to fill cracks and uneven surfaces to obtain a smooth and level finish is called neeru finish. Neeru coat shall be of 3 mm thickness. For Neeru finish, the undercoat plaster shall, unless otherwise mentioned, be of 1:4 proportions.

Does cement board provide any insulation?

Hardie Plank is a cement board; it’s composition is sand and water. It is heavy on the wall and provides no insulation value. … It has high R-value, some up to 5.3, and has the potential to yield an 80% return on investment due to the increased energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

What is roof cement?

Roofing cement is a strong material, usually made of ground asphalt. It’s used to fix holes, leaks, and other issues in a roof. Roofing cement is also strongly adhesive, which makes it popular for re-attaching broken shingles or trim.

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