what is m8 mean

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What Is M8 Mean?


What does M9 mean in texting?

M9 means “best mate,” i.e. one better than M8 (“mate”).

What does R8 stand for?

Acronym. Definition. R8. Rate. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

What is the meaning of M5?

Definition of M5 in the English dictionary

The definition of M5 in the dictionary is the amount of money in circulation given by M4 plus building-society deposits Also called: PSL2.

What is the meaning of best mate?

1. The quality or condition of being friends. 2. A friendly relationship: formed new friendships at camp. 3.

What is a ClubSport?

ClubSport. The HSV Clubsport or ClubSport is a full size sports sedan that has represented the brand’s highest volume seller since its introduction in 1990. It was based on the mainstream Commodore range and has been the entry-level HSV model except between 1995 and 1998, when that role was filled by the Manta range.

What does the R stand for in the Audi R8?

R Models. R stands for roadster, and models like the R8 are mid-engine 2-seater performance sports cars. These cars are based on a body structure called Audi Space Frame, a high strength aluminum frame with integrated panels that is lighter and stronger than traditional steel.

What is M5 BMW?

The BMW M5 is a high performance variant of the BMW 5 Series marketed under the BMW M sub-brand. It is considered an iconic vehicle in the sports sedan category. … The first M5 model was hand-built in 1985 on the E28 535i chassis with a modified engine from the M1 that made it the fastest production sedan at the time.

What is M5 in economics?

symbol for. (Economics) the amount of money in circulation given by M4 plus building-society deposits. Also called: PSL2.

What is a M5 screw?

Terms used for Threads

In the case of a metric thread, the bolt is named in accordance with its outer diameter e.g a bolt with a 5 mm outer diameter is known as an M5 bolt. The “Pitch” of the tread is another important feature of a thread. The pitch is defined as the interval (distance) between adjoining threads.

What does D mating mean?

1 : the act of pairing or matching especially sexually. 2 : the period during which a seasonally breeding animal is capable of mating.

Can we call a girl mate?

Here in the US, you’re just as likely to hear it in a sexual-romantic context as in a platonic context. Men and women can be both be mates of both men and women. In most UK dialects where it is used, it just means “friend” (with subtle shadings of meaning depending on the dialect). So the answer is “yes”.

Can you have 2 best friends?

Yes, it is entirely possible to have 2 best friends. I have two closest friends, one with whom I share a deep intellect connection and the other with my other troubles. One friend may not understand all your dimensions. So its entirely possible to have two bffs.

What is HSV called now?

Herpes simplex viruses — more commonly known as herpes — are categorized into two types: herpes type 1 (HSV-1, or oral herpes) and herpes type 2 (HSV-2, or genital herpes). Most commonly, herpes type 1 causes sores around the mouth and lips (sometimes called fever blisters or cold sores).

Is HSV still going?

The news is finally official. HSV is dead. Long live GMSV. In news today jointly confirmed by GM and Walkinshaw Performance, the HSV brand will be replaced by GMSV (General Motors Specialty Vehicles) from the fourth quarter of this year, with a number of existing Holden and HSV dealerships to rebrand for a new future.

what is m8 mean
what is m8 mean

What is the best HSV?

We take a look back at 10 of the best-ever HSVs. And one we hope they will build.
  • 2000 HSV VTII GTS 300. …
  • 2001 HSV GTS Coupe. …
  • 2009 HSV E-Series 2 GTS. …
  • 2015 HSV Gen-F2 GTS. …
  • 2004 HSV WL Grange. …
  • 2004 HSV VZ Maloo R8. …
  • 2015 HSV Gen-F2 R8 Clubsport LSA. …
  • 2017 HSV Gen-F2 GTS-R.
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How much HP does a HSV Clubsport R8?

Powertrain specs
Engine type Naturally Aspirated LS3 V8
Displacement 6.2 l (378 ci)
Power 431 ps (425 bhp / 317 kw)
Torque 550 Nm (406 lb-ft)
Power / liter 70 ps (69 hp)

Will my HSV increase in value?

Similar to historical Holden’s like the Torana and Monaro, the HSV range and Commodores will likely see appreciation in their value over time.

What does HSV stand for Holden?

Holden Special Vehicle
Walkinshaw moved to create Holden Special Vehicle (HSV) in 1987, when the company essentially replaced the Holden Dealer Team (HDT) and HSV initially developed the 5.0-litre V8-powered VL-series Commodore SS Group A for racing homologation.

What does Audi Q7 mean?

The Audi Q7 is a luxury crossover SUV made by the German manufacturer Audi, unveiled in September 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. … It was the first SUV offering from Audi and went on sale in 2006. Later, Audi’s second SUV, the Q5, was unveiled as a 2009 model.

What does A4 mean Audi?

The A stands for audi, and the four stands for a 4 cylinder which is standard and probably all that was available when the model was introduced, same follows for A6 & A8.

What does S mean in Audi?

The characteristics and costs of these cars are equated to cars belonging to the supercar class. RS models is Audi’s highest performance ‘top-tier’ trim level, positioned distinctly above the “S” (“Sport”) specification level of Audi’s regular model range.Sep 8, 2020

What does CS mean in BMW?

Coupé Sport
AN HISTORIC ABBREVIATION. The letters CS have a long tradition at BMW and BMW M. Many fans will know the designation from sports coupés like the BMW 3.0 CS, the 3.0 CSi or the legendary 3.0 CSL competition touring cars from the 1970s. Back then, the abbreviation stood for “Coupé Sport”.Dec 29, 2020

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What does CS mean BMW?

Coupé Sport
First, let’s start off with what the name “CS” means. It stands for “Coupé Sport” (just say it with a German accent and you got it) and it started on the iconic E9-generation of cars, such as the BMW 2800 CS and 3.0 CS, back in the ’70s.

What BMWs have a V10?

So if you’re looking for BMWs with a V10 engine, there are only two — the E60 BMW M5 and E63 BMW M6 — and, so long as you take proper care of them, they will provide years of incredible thrills.

What is M4 monetary?

Broad money e.g. M4 money supply is defined as a measure of notes and coins in circulation (M0) + bank accounts. It is a broader definition because it includes bank accounts and not just notes and coins in circulation.

What is M3 and M4 money?

M3 and M4 are known as broad money. These gradations are in decreasing order of liquidity. M1 is most liquid and easiest for transactions whereas M4 is least liquid of all. M3 is the most commonly used measure of money supply.

What is Mo in money supply?

M0 refers to the most liquid form of money: cash. That includes central bank notes and coins. MB refers to the base money supply from which banks can extend the money supply. In addition to M0, that also includes central bank deposits, which can’t be used to pay anyone other than banks.

What does M12 mean?

6. Those are metric screw dimensions. M10 means a 10 millimeter outer diameter for the bolt or whatever piece it is; M12 means 12 millimeters. The part after the ‘x’ is the pitch — how many mm a thread is wide. To figure out which you have, you can measure the existing part with calipers and a thread gauge.

What does M stand for in screws?

The “M” designation for metric screws indicates the nominal outer diameter of the screw thread, in millimetres. This is also referred to as the “major” diameter in the information below.

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How do I know what M8 bolt I have?

The defined diameter of metric bolts is actually slightly larger than the actual diameter of the bolt shaft. So an M8 bolt would have a shaft diameter that’s slightly under 8mm which means that the bolt should fit through an 8mm hole.

What is pen mating?

Pen-mating is the process of putting boars and females in the same pen for a designated period (usually 21 to 42 days) with an unsupervised copula- tory process. … In Table I, a comparison can not be made between breeding pens due to boar age differences, number of boars per pen and number of sows in each pen.

What does m8 mean?

Meaning of LOL, OMG, WTF, IDC, JK, FYI, …

what dose m8 mean??

What Does M8 Mean?

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