what is an otamatone

How does an Otamatone work?

The Otamatone produced a nasal tone from a simple electronic oscillator and is played by sliding one finger up and down the instrument’s neck to hit specific musical notes. The performer squeezes the ‘mouth’ of the musical note open and closed to control volume, pitch and tone, producing all types of quirky sounds.

Are Otamatones worth it?

Upgraded from the normal sized otamatone, well worth the money. Much louder, bigger, and easier to play. … Overall, I would definitely recommend the otamatone deluxe over the regular sized one. Even though it’s a little pricier, it’s totally worth it for what you get.

What sound does an Otamatone?

Otamatone is shaped like a musical note and sounds like thermin. As you can see on the fig. 01, you have to use both of your hands to play Otamatone. To produce sound you have to tap or slide your finger up and down the neck (fig.

How much does an Otamatone cost?

Otamatones sell for around $26 on Amazon, and they come in standard colors like white, blue, or black.

What’s inside an Otamatone?

Description. The Otamatone is a synthesizer whose body is shaped like an eighth note (quaver) (it also somewhat resembles a tadpole, or a ladle, otamajakushi (おたまじゃくし) being Japanese for tadpole and ladle), with sound emerging from a “mouth” on the notehead.

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How hard is the Otamatone?

Originally Answered: How easy is it to play an otamatone? Getting noise out of an Otamatone is easy – really, just pick it up and play it. If you want to play recognisable melodies, you’ll have to spend a bit of time working out how to find particular notes on the touch controller.

What’s the difference between English and Japanese Otamatone?

Mechanically there is no difference. Packaging is a little different and everything is in English, including the instructions. The manufacturer is Japanese, but due to our close relationship with them, we have introduced the Otamatone overseas at an enormously reduced price.

Can you plug headphones into an Otamatone?

You can plug in your headphones (some people unaccountable find sound of Otamatone very disturbing), or connect to an you big Marshall amplifier! Playing on Otamatone stays simple as before. Just hold note in two hands and slide along the neck for pitch by one hand, squeeze the mouth by another.

How do I connect my Otamatone to my phone?

All you need to do is to connect your smartphone with the Otamatone via the 4-pole 3.5mm stereo cable and OTM Link. Provided they have a 4-pole 3.5mm input jack, tablets and other devices can also be connected.

Is Otamatone a theremin?

It’s seen some updates over the time since but here’s the first major re-release: the Otamatone Digital. This is a reinterpretation of the theremin (as we know, a popular instrument in Japan) but it reinvents the musical instrument in terms of look, sound and action.

How does an Omnichord work?

The Omnichord is an electronic musical instrument introduced in 1981 by the Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation. … The most basic method of playing the instrument is to press the chord buttons and swipe the SonicStrings with a finger in imitation of strumming a stringed instrument.

How can I make my Otamatone sound better?

Does Walmart have Otamatones?

Otamatone Touch-Sensitive Electronic Musical Instrument English Edition, White – Walmart.com.

Does Otamatone need batteries?

STEP Hold the Otamatone. How to change batteries: Required batteries: AAA x 3 : The Tail swivels. Test batteries are included.

What is the weirdest instrument?

The 10 strangest musical instruments
  1. 1 The Great Stalacpipe Organ. …
  2. 2 The Blackpool High Tide Organ. …
  3. 3 The road that plays Rossini. …
  4. 4 Musical ice. …
  5. 5 The Cat Piano. …
  6. 6 Aeolus Acoustic Wind Pavilion. …
  7. 7 The Musical Stones of Skiddaw. …
  8. 8 The Singing Ringing Tree.
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what is an otamatone
what is an otamatone

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Squidward : No. Patrick : Is mayonnaise an instrument? Squidward : No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

Is synth an instrument?

What Is a Synthesizer? A synthesizer is an electronic instrument that uses some form of digital or analog processing to produce audible sound. As their name might suggest, most synthesizers seek to artificially reproduce (or synthesize) the sounds of acoustic instruments like those listed above.

How does a Hydraulophone sound?

Played by touching small jets of water, the hydraulophone produces a rich, unique, soulful sound. Typically acoustic instruments produce sound by matter in its solid state (percussion or string instruments), or by matter in its gaseous state (by air in wind instruments).

How big is a Otamatone?

x 5.4 x 14.9 inches
Product Dimensions 1.7 x 5.4 x 14.9 inches 4.3 x 13.7 x 37.8 centimeters
Item Weight 2.4 ounces 68 grams
Shipping Weight 2.4 ounces 70 grams
Color white
Material ABS plastic, silicone

What is the range of the Otamatone?

It has the octave switches , With two hands you can play practically every melody you want within range of one octave. You can change octave in three grades -low-mid-high by sliding lower slider. With upper slidder you can either turn off/on Otamatone or increase volume of Otamatone speaker.

When was the Otamatone made?

The Otamatone is a cute, quirky, and fun to play electronic musical toy characterized by its eighth note-shaped body, adorable moving mouth, and silly, buzzing, amusingly off-key “voice.” Developed by design firm Maywa Denki, it was first released in Japan in 2009 and has been the country’s best-selling musical toy …

What kind of batteries do Otamatones need?

STEP (2) Hold the Otamatone. How to change batteries: Required batteries: AAA x 3 : The Tail swivels. Batteries are not included.

Does Otamatone neo have headphone jack?

Yes it does, the jack is in the back next to the power and the speaker is inside the “mouth.” You can get a different sound by opening and closing the mouth while you play, similar to how a mute works in a trumpet. … But you can plug it into a external speaker.

How big is the Otamatone Deluxe?

Product Dimensions 5.4 x 18.5 x 5.8 inches 13.7 x 47 x 13.7 centimeters
Batteries 3 x AA batteries required
Power Power supply connector for external power supply
Out Stereo headphone jack
Color white
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Where can I find notes on Otamatone?

Use a small tuner to find where C is or, if your model came with a player’s manual, refer to that to find the notes. You can also find note charts by doing an online search for “Otamatone note chart.”

“OTM Link (Otamatone Music – Link)” was added to the back of the Otamatone. Use the included 3.5 mm 4 pole stereo mini cable and connect with a smartphone. You can change the tone of Otamatone to various sounds by using an existing music system application that can input and output sound!

How do you play Otamatone melody?

It doesn’t get much easier than this: Just press the play button to the rhythm of the selected song and perform 11 famous tunes from all over the world. With Otamatone Melody everyone can be a star musician! A movable mouth for vibrato and an octave switch are included as well.

How old is the Otamatone?

First imagined by brothers Masamichi and Nobumichi Tosa of the Maywa Denki design firm, the Otamatone was first developed in 1988 by Japan’s CUBE toy company.

Is Omnichord easy?

OMNICHORD is completely portable and has a simple, straightforward design so that even young children can easily play it the very first time. With a minimum of care, OMNICHORD will perform flawlessly to give you years of musical instrument enjoyment.

Does Suzuki make instruments?

The Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation (鈴木楽器製作所, Suzuki Gakki Seisakusho) is a Japanese company that produces a range of musical instruments.

When was the QChord released?

The QChord is part of the Omnichord series by Suzuki and was first released in 2000. Suzuki combined the technology of a basic keyboard along with an electric guitar for an instrument that is not only easy to play, but also very portable.

Are Otamatones rechargeable?

Answer: Hello, This is Abhishek from Hamee. Thank you for your inquiry. You can use rechargeable batteries to power this product, but it will not recharge batteries.

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