what is a stepford wife

What does it mean to be called a Stepford wife?

noun. Stepford wife a married woman who submits to her husband’s will and is preoccupied by domestic concerns and her own personal appearance.

How do you act like a Stepford wife?

What is a Stepford Husband?

The definition of stepford is a term used to refer to someone that is so obedient and perfect that he or she seems almost like a robot. A woman who is extremely subservient to her husband and who meets his every need in an overly-perfect manner is an example of a Stepford wife.

What is a Stepford community?

Stepford is Connecticut’s family paradise. … Stepford, also known as Stepford Village, is the idyllic, modern-day suburban Connecticut town in the United States of America and it is home to its iconic and creepily beatific (and bio-mechanical) housewives publicly dubbed the “Stepford Wives”.

Who was in Stepford Wives?

The Stepford Wives is a 2004 American science fiction black comedy film directed by Frank Oz from a screenplay by Paul Rudnick, and stars Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken, Faith Hill, and Glenn Close.

What is the message of the Stepford Wives?

They are representatives of the driven women of society, but instead of promoting such women, the movie brings them down. The 2004 Stepford Wives suggests that such women cannot function without having a mental breakdown, as both Joanna and Claire have in the movie.

What year was the original Stepford Wives?

Filmed in Connecticut in 1974, The Stepford Wives premiered theatrically in February 1975. It grossed $4 million at the U.S. box office, though it received mixed reviews from critics.

What happens to the Stepford Wives?

In a 1987, a television sequel/remake titled The Stepford Children, both the wives and the children of the male residents were replaced by drones. It ended with the members of the conspiracy being killed.

Is there a sequel to Stepford Wives?

Revenge of the Stepford Wives

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Are you a Stepford wife?

This is the source of the term “Stepford Wife,” meaning a submissive, docile, youthful, and “beautiful” wife. … The Stepford Wife is a woman who subordinates her life purpose to the desires of her husband and children.

What is the Stepford effect?

In the classic sense, Stepford syndrome “is more about having an attractive, dutiful, and subservient wife,” he says. … He says his wife works hard and he does not need to come home to a hot meal and ironed shirts.

Who wrote the book Stepford Wives?

Ira Levin

What is Dale Coba’s nickname?

Dale’s nickname is “Diz” after the company he used to work for—Disneyland, to be specific—and it’s easy to see why Stepford would have been an obvious next logical step for him, creatively and professionally.

Where was Stepford Wives 1975 filmed?

The film was shot on location in Connecticut, with towns like Darien and Fairfield standing in for the utopian Stepford. “A lot of horror movies are dark and gloomy and sinister, but this was a horror that was in sunlight with beautiful surroundings and beautiful people,” Newman says.Oct 23, 2017

Is the original Stepford Wives scary?

Parents need to know that The Stepford Wives is a remake of a ’70s horror film that goes for comedy rather than scares, yet still has some material within that may traumatize younger viewers.

what is a stepford wife
what is a stepford wife

Is The Stepford Wives satire?

In 1975, when the movie The Stepford Wives first came out, it was widely regarded as a chilling parable about men’s fears of feminism, a tale of horror that also worked as a social satire on sexism.

Are they robots in Stepford wives?

That the women are not robots but cyborgs is borne out when, at the film’s climax, the seemingly convinced Walter goes down into the “lab” in the basement of the Men’s Association and finds numerous floor-to- ceiling touch-screen panels that control the wives, which he swiftly un-programs with random button pushing.

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Is Stepford wives dystopian?

More than a decade before Margaret Atwood, however, Ira Levin explored the feminist dystopia in his novel The Stepford Wives. Both books speculate on life in the West without women’s lib and feminism. … And rather than reducing women to drudges, it elevates them to flawless goddesses – on the surface, anyway.

Is Stepford Wives feminist?

Because the film includes a consciousness‐raising session (which deteriorates into a discussion of the wonders of Easy‐On spray starch by the wives who have been robotized), and frequent references to the women’s movement, “The Stepford Wives” is one of the first films to deal with feminism in any manner.

When was Stepford Wives written?

The Stepford Wives was published in 1972, almost a decade after The Feminine Mystique that sparked the “Second-wave” of the American feminist movement (Bralesfod, 2006:12). The Stepford Wive novel concerns men who discover the ultimate method of controlling women.

Where was Stepford Wives filmed 2004?

The majority of the film was shot in Darien and New Canaan, both in Connecticut, but On Location Tours features the CNN Studios in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, which were used in The Stepford Wives as the workplace of main character Joanna Eberhart in the beginning of the film.

What is Stepford Wives movie about?

Joanna Eberhart (Katharine Ross) moves to the quiet town of Stepford with her husband (Peter Masterson) and children. The town seems perfect — maybe a little too perfect. There’s something not quite right with the suburb’s women: they’re vapid, unfathomably devoted to housework and completely subservient to their husbands. Joanna teams up with another recent transplant, Bobby (Paula Prentiss), to investigate the mystery of Stepford’s wives and makes a horrific discovery.

Is The Stepford Wives a good book?

5.0 out of 5 stars A Great American Horror Classic… I set out on a mission years ago to read as many American horror classics as I can, and I’m happy to say, I finally made my way to The Stepford Wives.

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What is Joanna’s passion in The Stepford Wives?

Joanna Eberhardt’s passion is photography. She is often seen with a camera in hand. In fact, when she meets Bobbie, she is taking photos. In one scene, she is upset when a critic doesn’t like her photos.

How long is the Stepford Wives movie?

1h 33m

How can I watch the original Stepford Wives?

Currently you are able to watch “The Stepford Wives” streaming on Tubi TV for free with ads.

Is The Stepford Wives OK for kids?

The MPAA rated The Stepford Wives PG-13 for sexual content, thematic material and language.

Why is Stepford Wives satire?

(The Stepford Wives is one of the earliest, and canniest satires of the Disneyfication of American culture.) The men of Stepford have conspired to upgrade their spouses, replacing them with more attractive, subservient, and sexually acquiescent replicas.

What did Second wave feminism focus on?

Whereas first-wave feminism focused mainly on suffrage and overturning legal obstacles to gender equality (e.g., voting rights and property rights), second-wave feminism broadened the debate to include a wider range of issues: sexuality, family, the workplace, reproductive rights, de facto inequalities, and official

How many pages are in the Stepford Wives?


Is Stepford wives on Tubi?

You are able to stream The Stepford Wives for free on Tubi.

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