what images do grumio and curtis use in their banter

What elements of farce are present in grumio and Curtis meeting?

What elements of farce are in Grumio and Curtis’ meeting? There is a lot of physical comedy and jokes about Grumio’s size and coldness.

What is Bianca doing during the banter?

What was Bianca doing during the banter? The merchant disguised as Vincentio. Who greets the real Vincentio at the door when he knocks? Petruchio won the wager between the men.

What role does the pendant play in tranio’s plot how does tranio get him to play along ?\?

Tranio persuades a Pendant to assume the role of Lucentio’s father, by telling him that he is a citizen from Mantua (tells him that people in Padua hate people from Mantua) and he is in danger in Padua and must therefore pretend to be from Pisa.

What do Petruchio and Katherine do in their bedroom quizlet?

Scene 1: The cold also reflects the sense that the shrew (katherine) can be somehow tamed, “She was, good Curtis, before this frost. … But thou knowest winter tames man, woman and beast…” Grumio also says that Petruchio is as “shrewish” as Katherine if not more.

What does grumio do in Taming of the Shrew?

Grumio is Petruchio’s old servant. He has a tendency to interpret his master’s speeches and commands in the most literal and ridiculous way imaginable. His misinterpretations, however, are responsible for producing some of the most comedic and virtuosic verbal performances in the entire play.

How does Gremio react to this proposition?

How does Gremio react to this proposition? He says that He’ never marry Kate and would rather humiliate her. How does Katherine feel about her father’s offer? Tranio and Lucentio are watching the interactions between Baptista, his daughters, and the gentlemen callers.

Does Baptista favor Bianca?

Baptista agrees to award Bianca to Lucentio as soon as his father can guarantee the wealth that he has claimed. Tranio, confident of his ability to play the part of Lucentio, believes he can produce Lucentio’s father as well.

What happens to Hortensio when he gives Katherine a music lesson?

How is Hortensio (disguised as Litio) injured? He goes in to teach Katherine her first music lesson. As he attempts to reposition her fingers on the lute (a stringed instrument, similar to a guitar), she becomes frustrated and breaks the lute over his head.

Why is tranio at Hortensio home?

He means that Kate will be so blinded by Petruchio’s rhetoric that she will readily give her hand in marriage and submit to his every whim. Why does Tranio appear at Hortensio’s house? Tranio is dressed as Lucentio and asks directions to Baptista Minolla’s home. … He helps his master to marry Bianca.

How was their journey from Padua?

How was their journey from Padua? Grumio’s account suggests it was a miserable, cold trip with Kate falling down with her horse into mud. You just studied 10 terms!

Who has Tranio played for vincentio?

Enter Tranio-as-Lucentio and the merchant whom Tranio has persuaded to impersonate Lucentio’s father Vincentio, and guarantee to Baptista the dowry for Bianca so that he’ll consent to her marriage to Lucentio.]

How does Tranio trick the merchant?

In Padua, Baptista decides that Tranio (disguised as Lucentio) will marry Bianca, but he demands to meet his father first. Tranio as “Lucentio” finds a merchant from Venice and tricks him into agreeing to pose as Lucentio’s father.

What do Petruchio and Katherine do in their bedroom?

Petruchio tells her not to worry and takes her to the bedroom. Curtis reports that Petruchio is constantly correcting, scolding, and berating Kate. Petruchio treats Katherine and his servants equally harshly, showing how both women and those of lower social classes are in similarly oppressed positions in the play.

Who do Petruchio and Katherine meet on their way to Padua?

Petruchio and Kate travel back to Padua to celebrate Bianca’s wedding. On their way, they meet the real Vincentio.

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How did Petruchio treat Katherine?

He accepts the challenge of taming Katherine and is confident in his ability to exercise male dominance over her. He explains that he approaches taming Katherine as a falconer tames a hawk, by depriving her of sleep and food. Petruchio is violent and rude toward his servants, and heavily misogynistic toward Katherine.

what images do grumio and curtis use in their banter
what images do grumio and curtis use in their banter

Who is Curtis in The Taming of the Shrew?

Curtis: Curtis is another of Petruchio’s servants, who discusses Petruchio and Kate’s shrewish relationship with Grumio. He tells of the cold and calculating acts of cruelty they do to one another.

What is the relationship between Petruchio and grumio?

Grumio is Petruchio’s servant, but he is also a very close friend of his.

What does grumio mean?

Shakespearean Baby Names Meaning:

In Shakespearean Baby Names the meaning of the name Grumio is: The Taming of the Shrew’ A servant to Petruchio.

What do Gremio and Hortensio plan on doing?

A brash young man named Petruchio, newly arrived in Padua, goes with his servant Grumio to see Hortensio, whom he knows from Verona. … Hortensio, for his part, plans to disguise himself as a schoolmaster so that he can court Bianca secretly.

What is the plan that Gremio and Hortensio come up with in order to marry Bianca?

In offering Lucentio as a tutor to Baptista’s daughters, Gremio’s real plan is to have the scholar (Lucentio) sing his praises to Bianca. When all the men meet, Hortensio informs Gremio that he, too, has found a tutor to send to the Minola’s.

How do Hortensio and Gremio plan to thank Petruchio?

How do Hortensio, Gremio, and eventually Tranio/ Lucentio, plan to “thank” Petruchio? They are going to pay him to marry Katharina. They are going to give him gold, jewels, and a mistress. They are going to “owe him one”.

Does Baptista care about Katherine?

In Taming of the shrew, Baptista doesn’t care about Katherine’s happiness, just Bianca’s. Baptista has expectations on the guys as well but in a different way. Sometimes fathers can be very overprotective but sometimes fathers just want their children to get married so they can live their life.

Is Baptista a good father?

Baptista does not treat his daughters equally and does not care for their feelings. Also, he fails at teaching his daughters to be respectful of others. For these reasons, Baptista is a poor father. As a father, Baptista should not be favouring one of his daughters over the other.

How does Baptista treat his daughters?

Baptista Minola

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Baptista is determined that both his daughters make a suitable marriage with a young man, but he sees that it will be difficult to find a man to marry the fiery Kate. As a result, Baptista decrees that he will not allow anyone to court Bianca until Kate has a suitor.

What does Hortensio realize at the end of the scene?

At scene’s end, Hortensio is beginning to realize he may not become Bianca’s chosen suitor and vows revenge if she prove fickle. His declaration is interesting because it demonstrates that perhaps he is the fickle one — as evidenced by his willingness to seek revenge by transferring his affections to another woman.

What decision is made between tranio Gremio and Baptista at the end of Act 2?

What decision is made? What must Tranio do in light of this decision? Tranio, Gremio, and Baptista are discussing who will make the best suitor for Bianca at the end of Act II. The three decide that the wealthiest suitor will be the best choice.

What did Katherine do to Hortensio pretending to be her instructor Litio when he attempted to teach her how do you play the lute?

What happened to Hortensio (as Litio) when he attempted to teach Katherine to play the lute? She proposed marriage to him. She shocked everyone with her musical talent. She hit Litio on the head with the lute.

What does Kate say to Bianca and the widow?

What does Kate say to Bianca and the Widow? That they way they are acting is unacceptable and the men they married should be their governor, their king, their lord and they should not disrespect them.

What was Petruchio’s reaction to the meal served?

Petruchio immediately becomes enraged, claiming that his servants fail to attend him properly. They do their best, but clearly he is not pleased by anything. He demands dinner, and they prepare it as quickly as possible, but he claims that the meat is burned and pushes the whole meal off the table.

Who did Bianca marry?

Lucentio loves Bianca but cannot court her until her shrewish older sister Katherina marries. The eccentric Petruccio marries the reluctant Katherina and uses a number of tactics to render her an obedient wife. Lucentio marries Bianca and, in a contest at the end, Katherina proves to be the most obedient wife.

What elements of farce are present in grumio and Curtis meeting?

What elements of farce are in Grumio and Curtis’ meeting? There is a lot of physical comedy and jokes about Grumio’s size and coldness.

Why does Petruchio postpone the wedding banquet?

We know Petruchio is eager to wed and make his fortune, so it does not follow that he would not show for the wedding (particularly since the banns, the public proclamation of intent, had been read, in effect announcing the marriage contract).

What does grumio give to Kate for breakfast?

What does Grumio give to Kate for breakfast? He gives her not a morsel. How long has Kate slept on her wedding night?

How does tranio feel about Bianca?

By William Shakespeare

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Hortensio thinks Bianca is acting improper, so he takes off his disguise. Tranio (as Lucentio) gets Hortensio to agree to give up his suit for Bianca and they both swear to each other that they will never marry her.

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