what happened to candace

What Happened To Candace?

Candace is killed by Love.

Joe confesses his crimes to Love, who then runs away in shock. Candace runs after Love to console her, but instead Love whips out a broken glass bottle. Love uses the bottle to slit Candace’s throat.Oct 15, 2021

What actually happened to Candace?

Candace had Joe trapped in his own book vault, showing Love his true colors—without realizing Love was unperturbed by the revelations. Instead, Love caught Candace off guard and killed her by shoving a broken glass bottle through her neck.

What happened to Candace in Season 2 of you?

Anything he can do, she can do better

LOVE kills Delilah. … Instead she just texts Love and is like, come see this situation for yourself. Love arrives, sizes up the whole situation and then … kills Candace. By stabbing her in the jugular.

Did Candace really go to Italy?

Viewers are told early on that Candace cheated on Joe and then she moved to Italy with her lover and cut all contact with her former life. … Maddie asks Joe about Candace’s whereabouts and if he has ever heard from her since she left. She also mentions how odd it seems that she just completely disappeared.

Was Candace really alive in you?

Candace survives being buried alive and, when she wakes up, she goes straight to the police to report what has happened to her. Unfortunately, the police are unable to help Candace because she has “no proof” and a history of filing similar reports.

Did Joe and Love break up?

After Love finds Joe’s bloody shirt after murdering Ryan, Marienne’s boyfriend, Love makes her move, but not before Joe asks for a divorce. So, yes, technically, Joe and Love do break up in You season 3. … Joe escapes after chopping off his toes to make it look like Love killed him, and then he burns the house down.

Who does Joe end up with in you?

The new season of You on Netflix boasts even more twists and turns that the first two seasons, as lovelorn murderer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) realises he has finally met his match in the form of his equally homicidal wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

What happened to Mr Mooney in you?

Mooney the audience gets is in Season 1 of YOU, where it is revealed he had suffered a stroke and was left paralyzed and unable to talk. Fans were instantly suspicious about whether Mr. Mooney had actually suffered a stroke or whether his paralysis was caused by Joe deliberately trying to harm him.

What happened to Joe’s wife in you?

Joe sees Peach as another obstacle in his relationship with Beck, so follows her in Central Park and hits her with a rock at the back of her head. He later kills her after she invites Beck to a retreat at the Salinger estate in Greenwich, framing her death as a suicide.

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What happened to Joe’s mom in you?

A flashback in the finale revealed that Joe’s mom moved on and started looking after another child after abandoning her son. Effectively, she left Joe behind for good, much to the chagrin of our antihero. But the maternal influence in Joe’s life might be back for future installments of the series.

Did Candace cheat on Joe?

We learn that Candace cheated on Joe and later left him, telling him she never loved him. In an attempt to restore their love, Joe kidnapped her and drove her to a remote area where they had previously spent time together.

What happened to Love’s husband?

From the conversations that took place in season 2, fans were led to believe that Love’s first husband, James, died of an unknown illness, with their short marriage leaving her heartbroken and vulnerable when she first fell for Joe.

What happened to Delilah in you?

Delilah is murdered while being held captive in Joe’s vault.

Joe follows Delilah to the storage unit and locks her in the vault with timed handcuffs, promising to let her go in 16 hours after he’s had the chance to flee the city — he doesn’t want to kill her but he doesn’t want to get arrested, either.

What happened to Pacos mom in you?

Joe tells him that everything is going to be okay and Ron won’t hurt him or his mom anymore. Joe takes care of the disposal of Ron and tells Paco not to ever tell anyone what happened. … Paco and his mother Claudia moved away from New York to start fresh.

Does love sleep with Theo?

When Love Actually Starts That Sexual Relationship With Theo

I genuinely thought that Love and Joe were perfect together, which is why it surprised me when Love actually began to sleep with Theo, despite Love showing that she still clearly loves her husband despite everything that was going on.

what happened to candace
what happened to candace

What happened to Ellie from you?

While we don’t see Ellie in the third season, it’s clear that she is still a part of Joe’s life. He continues to send her money in secret, selling rare books he is stealing from the library for cash rather than using Love’s money, presumably so that the Quinn family can’t find her. … Ellie is still in Joe’s life.

Is love pregnant by Joe?

After their fight, Love realizes that she is not pregnant. She proceeds to drink a lot of her mother’s wine and then takes a bath. There, she sees Forty in a hallucination and hashes it out with him. … Remember, in season 2, Joe was going to kill Love until he finds out that she is pregnant with Henry.

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What happened to Joe and loves baby?

The second season ended on a cliffhanger when we found out that Love was pregnant, and going into the third installment we know the pair are new parents to a baby boy named Henry. Trying to start a new life together, Joe and Love move to a suburb called Madre Linda and attempt to start over.

Who does Joe leave Henry with?

Joe does make sure to leave baby Henry in good hands though. Joe chooses to leave his son with his blind co-worker Dante. We don’t know a ton about Dante except that he’s blind, he’s a great friend to Marianne, he’s ex-military, he loves kids, and he’s married to a man named Lansing who has two teenagers.

Who is the father of Loves Baby?

The real father is Milo. This is based on the fact that Love got physical with Milo at one point to bring out the darker side of Joe. If we marked her and Milo’s relations as the time of conception, then it is highly possible that by the time she knew of the pregnancy, she hadn’t been physical with Joe yet.May 11, 2021

What happened to Dr Nicky you?

Nicky is sentenced to prison. Later, when Joe is in a relationship with Love Quinn, her brother Forty visits Dr. Nicky in prison. He explains he had been adapting Beck’s book into a movie, and did not believe he had murdered her.

Is Mr Mooney Joe’s dad?

Ivan Mooney is a major antagonist in the Netflix show You. He is the owner of a book store named after him called Mooney’s. He was the abusive foster father of the show’s protagonist Joe Goldberg.

Did Joe cause Mooney’s stroke?

It’s also entirely possible that the sinister clues around Mooney are misdirection and that Joe really did have nothing to do with his injuries. Mr. Mooney could have actually simply suffered a stroke like Joe says, and while Joe was off chasing his ex-girlfriend Candace, he left Mooney on without aid for two days.

Is Joe from you married in real life?

Yes OK Penn Badgley is currently known for playing Joe Goldberg, a inveterate stalker on the popular Netflix series “You”, In real life he is happily married to a woman who stole his heart more than seven years ago. The female in question is Domino Kirke, the mother of his first child.

Is Henry Joes baby?

In the new batch of episodes, we catch up with Joe and Love in their new suburban paradise, Madre Linda. The couple are now married and have a young baby named Henry to care for.

What did Love say before she died?

It’s that Joe is a terrible husband. She commits to killing him with a sharpened knife, just before Joe stabs her with a poisoned needle. Love dies, uttering the words, “We’re perfect for each other.”

Are Joe and love married?

With Love, however, Joe thinks things can be different. The two get married and have a baby named Henry, and as they try their best at starting a new life in the suburbs, Joe finds comfort in knowing Love has the same urges as him. At the start of You season 3, it seems like Joe and Love could be endgame.

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Who is Joe Goldberg’s half brother?

It’s been over a week since You season 3 was released on Netflix and one absolutely wild theory has now emerged: Theo is actually Jacob, who is Joe’s half-brother.

Why does Joe cut off his toe?

Joe cut off his toes so that he could fake his death and make it seem like Love killed him. … The intention behind this gruesome act was to help convince people that Love had brutally killed him so that he could slip away to Paris and track down Marienne whom he’d grown obsessed with throughout season 3.

How did Joe cover up Beck’s death?

Unluckily for Beck, Joe stashed a key in the cage, so he gets out and – off-screen – kills her, then dumps her body and frames Dr Nicky for her murder. Dr Nicky goes to jail, and Joe publishes Beck’s memoir posthumously under the title ‘The Dark Face of Love. ‘ It’s a hit.

What did Joe do to Karen?

Joe cheated on Karen and let Beck call her “little Karen Minty”. When it came time to end the relationship, Karen gathered her things and left Joe to his shenanigans without another word.

What was in the jar that Beck dropped?

When Beck found Joe’s hidden box of her underwear, Benji’s teeth, her old phone, and other pieces of evidence.

What happened to Love Quinn’s first husband?

#3: James. In the finale, a fan theory from season 2 is confirmed: she did in fact kill her first husband James. But in a twist, Love says that the murder was an accident. While poisoning Joe at their dinner table, she tells him that after James recovered from his (still unnamed) illness, he wanted to leave her.

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