what does tl mean twitter

What Does Tl Mean Twitter?

Timeline. TL is used widely online with the meaning “Timeline.” On Twitter your TL displays a stream of Tweets from accounts you have chosen to follow, as well as suggested content, promoted Tweets and Retweets.

What does TL mean in social media?

Tl;dr stands for “too long; didn’t read” and it seems to have begun in the early 2000s. It is hard to read large chunks of text online, so someone who posts, say, a 10-paragraph essay on her theories about “Star Trek” might receive a disgruntled tl;dr (or tldr) in response.

Does TW mean twitter?

trigger warning
tw = trigger warning.

What is slang for twitter?

Twitterati — Twitterati is slang for popular users on Twitter, people who usually have large groups of followers and are well known. Twitterer — A Twitterer is a person who uses Twitter. Twitosphere — The Twitosphere (sometimes spelled “Twittosphere” or even “Twittersphere”) is all the people who tweet.

What is TL in slang?

The abbreviation TL means “Timeline,” “Talk Later,” “True Love,” “Team Leader,” “Tight Lines,” “Tough Luck,” and “Tenderloin.”

Is TLDR rude?

TLDR is an acronym that stands for “Too Long Didn’t Read.” … The abbreviation can come off as rude, so it’s best to avoid using TLDR as a response in professional settings.

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What does T W mean?

Acronym Definition
T/W Taxiway (airfield)
T/W Thrust To Weight
T/W Teletypewriter
T/W Telephoto/Wide-Angle (camera)

What does FTW mean?

the win
Definition of FTW

slang. for the win —used especially to express approval or support Night out with the girls?

What does POV mean?

point of view
point of view: used especially in describing a method of shooting a scene or film that expresses the attitude of the director or writer toward the material or of a character in a scene.

What does LH mean twitter?

“Laughing Hysterically” is a common definition for LH on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does W mean on twitter?

W means worthy – the others will fall into place. 2.Nov 23, 2016

What does TL novel mean?

Teens’ Love or TL is a Japanese literary genre for older female readers. It may contain obscene or sexual scenes or themes, but no depiction of genitals. The art style of TL is like shoujo or josei manga, but the stories are more mature. … The ending of TL stories often lead to happy endings.

What does TL sleep mean?

Tl;dr or tldr stands for “too long; didn’t read.”. Didn’t really fall asleep until 12am.

Who put this on my TL?

However, if you’re talking about Twitter timelines, I don’t think it really matters. Either. Hello, The word “no thanks” means that the person does not want the help or anything the other person is offering.

How do I use TLDR in email?

When you have a particularly wordy message, you can include a TLDR; summary at the top. TLDR; came from message boards when someone would go into a really long discussion on something. In the end, they would include TLDR; which stands for Too Long, Didn’t Read, and a one-sentence summary of the entire message.

what does tl mean twitter
what does tl mean twitter

How do I email TLDR?

You can use the CONCEPT of a tl;dr in a formal mail. just don’t NAME it that. Call it “summary” or a similar term. Clients will love a short and to the point conclusion, because it means they don’t need to read a 50 line email if they can’t or don’t want to.

What does TDLR mean in texting?

What does the acronym TDLR stand for? TDLR is a common typo for the acronym TLDR. According to Merriam-Webster and How to Geek, the acronym TLDR stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” Shorthand term is one of many different internet acronyms that you might see on social media sites or places like Reddit.

What does LH mean TikTok?

But Gen Z is actually making it easier to communicate. People are now using tone indicators like “LH” so that nothing gets lost over text. When you come across “/LH” on TikTok it likely means “/light-hearted“. Tone indicators like “/LH” are abbreviations that let the reader know the tone of a message.

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What does SRS mean on twitter?

“Serious” is the most common definition for SRS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. SRS. Definition: Serious.

What does Gen mean twitter?

The term /gen is basically an abbreviated version of the word ‘genuine. ‘ so, if someone writes /gen at the end of their sentence, that means the statement is genuine.

What does Y N mean?

“Y/N” is an abbreviation for “your name” in fan fiction. Readers are able to insert themselves into the story where “Y/N” is written. According to Urban Dictionary, this is used in first person/ reader point of view fanfics. Many of these fanfics are found on Wattpad, Tumblr, and Twitter. “Y/N” is used often by K-pop.

What is PR N manhwa?

The N stands for note the PR for proofreader most likely. Therefore, what follows in that line is a comment of the proofreader, which is the proofreader chuckling.

What is an OOMF twitter?

Oomf is an acronym standing for “one of my friends” or “one of my followers.” This is a way to mention someone without directly naming them.

What is TL and DR?

Tl;dr or tldr stands for “too long; didn’t read.” While the internet acronym can criticize a piece of writing as overly long, it often is used to give a helpful, witty, or snarky summary of a much longer story or complicated phenomenon.

How do beginners use twitter?

What are my top tweets?

First, login to twitter.com with the account you want to analyze. Then, go to the “More” at the bottom left of your profile and choose “Analytics.” From here, you can see all of the different analytics features that are available to you on Twitter. Over time, you’ll learn to use each of them.

How do you go to your first tweet?

Login to your Twitter account, and go to Twitter’s advanced search page.
  1. Under the “People” subheading, enter your username (with no “@”) into the “From these accounts” field:
  2. Under “Dates,” select start and end dates for your search:
  3. Click “Search,” and Twitter should return a list of top tweets from that period:
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When should I use TLDR?

Generally speaking, you should only use TLDR when summarizing a piece of text, whether you’re the author or commenter. Using the phrase TLDR without offering a useful summary for the content can come off as intentionally rude (but of course, that may be your intention).

Where does TLDR come from?

That can be too long for some people at some times, especially if they’re on mobile and have five or 10 minutes before a train comes. That’s where TLDR comes from. It’s based off the Internet slang “tl;dr,” which stands for “too long; didn’t read.” The expression is often used for short summaries of long posts.

How do you use TLDR summarize anything?

Follow these steps to download and use the TLDR: Summarize Anything Chrome extension.
  1. Start by downloading TLDR from the Chrome web store.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Add to Chrome.”
  3. It will ask if you want to add the extension. …
  4. Restart your Chrome browser.
  5. Click on the extensions icon, a puzzle piece in the right corner.

Where does TL Dr go?

For example, someone sharing a story might include the tl;dr at the end to avoid spoiling anything for someone reading the whole thing. tl;dr If the tl;dr is important information, put it at the top. If it’s for convenience, put it at the bottom.

How do you use TLDR on Reddit?

TL;DR is used when large text posted, it’s basically a recap of events in a short sentence. Example: TL;DR: This is an answer on your question. If you’re interested in Reddit, you need to start your adventure in this social media right now.

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