what does idle mean discord

What Does Idle Mean Discord?

Idle signifies that the user is “AFK” (or Away From Keyboard). This means that the user has the Discord app open on their computer, and is logged in, but hasn’t opened the app for a few minutes.

What does being idle do on Discord?

After a user has been inactive for around 5 minutes, Discord will automatically set the users status to Idle which means that the user hasn’t used Discord for a while and might be busy or AFK (Away From KeyBoard). Users can set this to let others know if they are available or not.

How do you know if someone is idle on Discord?

When a person is online and actively communicating with other people, the status indicator would appear green. If they have stepped out for a while — or Away From Keyboard — the status might show idle. ‘Do Not Disturb‘ disables all incoming notifications while ‘Invisible’ gives the shroud of invisibility.

How do I stop Discord going idle?

  1. Keep the app open in background.
  2. Go to your discord profile and tap “Set Status” then tap the last option i.e. “Custom status” then Name it as “Online” and in place of emoji set a green dot just by searching green in search tab. Don’t forget to choose option Don’t Clear. Then save it! Yuppy you are done.
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What does invisible mean Discord?

“Invisible – Displays you as offline to everyone else but you still receive desktop notifications and have full access to Discord. offline on your own screen, no dot on other users’ screens (since you’re displayed as offline).”

How do I go offline on Discord?

To manually set yourself to invisible in Discord, just click your avatar located in the lower left-hand corner of the app and select ‘Invisible’ from the popup box.

What does Half Moon mean on Discord?

The Idle status on Discord is represented by a yellow crescent moon shaped icon on the lower right corner of a person’s profile image. … Unlike “Do Not Disturb,” people who are idle on Discord will still receive notifications for messages or posts on servers that they allow them for.

How do I appear offline to one person on discord?

Click on your profile picture (or, as we call it, pfp or avatar). Click “Invisible”.

How long does discord take to idle?

In the context of Discord, an idle user status means that the user in question has not logged out of Discord, but has not looked at or interacted with Discord for a few minutes. If you’re familiar with the term “AFK” (Away From Keyboard), Discord’s idle status is essentially the same thing.

How do you use AFK BOT discord?

Can my friends on Discord see what I’m doing?

Discord users can usually see what games or music you are playing due to the default Discord Activity Status setting. Other users will also be able to see your mutual servers and mutual friends. You can disable your activity status by: Open Discord>User Settings>Activity Status.

How long can a Discord status be?

Custom statuses are a profile feature on Discord. It allows users to set their own message for other users to see, acting like a playing status. The character limit for a custom status is 128.

Can u tell if someone is invisible on Discord?

No you cannot tell if someone is invisible on Discord. This is one of the most requested features on the suggestion forums but so far the company has not given in to those wishes. … If you don’t want to be seen on Discord, log out.

What does a green phone mean on Discord?

A green phone icon is applied when an user is connected via the mobile app. It can’t be applied manually.

What does active mean on Discord?

it shows games based on your game activity/playing status, disabling that should prevent it from showing the game you’re playing. 2. it only shows voice channel and other in-server activity if both you and that user are in the server. 3.

what does idle mean discord
what does idle mean discord

Can you tell when someone was last active on Discord?

With the last online information, it will tell when a person was last online. If people have privacy concerns, they can turn it off manually.

Is Dyno safe Discord?

Dyno. Dyno is a popular Discord moderation bot used on more than 800,000 servers. … It can also work as a role bot to assign roles to users who cause trouble and limit their activities. After banning a user, Dyno can also save their chat messages instead of letting Discord auto-delete them.

Does Discord automatically go idle?

Discord automatically detects your activity on the app and sets a status accordingly. Idle is set automatically when you don’t open the Discord server for a while. However, you can also set your status as Idle manually if you want to signify to others immediately that you’re AFK.

How do I move AFK Discord?

On a computer:

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Scroll to the second section after the server icon and name. Set the ‘Inactive timeout’ value from the given options. When members are inactive for more than this duration, Discord moves them to the AFK channel. Press ‘Save Changes’ to confirm.

Can Discord see my Spotify?

If you connect your Spotify account to Discord, info will be visible on both the mini profile and the full profile: There are a few key points to get hyped on with Spotify in Discord: You’ll be able to share what songs you’re listening to with your friends.

Can Discord see your DMS?

Your private messages are not end-to-end encrypted, and data breaches are a possibility on any online platform (Discord has a bounty out on vulnerabilities). Furthermore, Discord’s trust and safety team does have the ability to read private messages and messages sent in private servers when investigating user reports.

Can Discord see what your watching on YouTube?

How do I get discord Nitro?

Whether you use an iOS or Android device, you can follow these simple instructions:
  1. Upon launching the app, click on your Discord profile picture from the bottom menu to access the Settings menu.
  2. Here, tap on Get Nitro under Nitro Settings.
  3. Now, you’ll see the option to subscribe to Nitro.

Is there a character limit in discord?

If you use Discord then you know that when posting a message it has a 2000 character limit.

Why does discord have a 2000 character limit?

But discord what I understand is design for game lovers and showing their screen to someone. Discord want to prevent spam or flooding of text into system. That’s why discord have a 2000 character limit.

Does Discord run in sleep mode?

When your PC goes to sleep, Discord will put your status as Away after a certain amount of time, just as if you were afk. Because your PC is still getting power, as minimal as it may be, allowing you to keep programs open indefinitely, that’s how discord sees it: it’s still open, which means you’re still online.

How do you know if someone deleted their discord account?

Active Users should look something like this:

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When an account is deleted, the name of the account changes to something along the lines of “DeletedUser#####.” The numbers that appear after the “DeletedUser” may be all zeros or a bunch of randomly generated numbers.

Can dynos play music?

What is Dyno bot? … Whether you want to display automated display messages for new members, play music right from within the server, mute rowdy members, or anything else, you can easily get it down with Dyno Bot.

How do I stop MEE6 spam?

What does the Carl bot do?

The Carl Bot is an advanced bot that allows you to manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles, like many Discord server bots available online. It also takes AutoMod to the next level by not letting spam material, attachments, or links through and penalizes the people who post such stuff.

How do you make a bot on discord?

Creating a Bot account is a pretty straightforward process.
  1. Make sure you’re logged on to the Discord website.
  2. Navigate to the application page.
  3. Click on the “New Application” button.
  4. Give the application a name and click “Create”.
  5. Create a Bot User by navigating to the “Bot” tab and clicking “Add Bot”.

What is inactive timeout in discord?

Ok, so in INACTIVE CHANNEL, select the AFK channel that you have created. Now, in INACTIVE TIMEOUT, select a timeout. (For instance, if you select 30 minutes timeout, then if a person is idle from 30 minutes in the voice channel, then they will move to this AFK channel.)

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