what does easy mean in slang

What Does Easy Mean In Slang?

—used as a way of saying that one is not hard to please and will accept what someone else decides “Should we stay at home or go out?” “Whatever you like: I’m easy.”

What does this word mean easy?

Adjective. easy, facile, simple, light, effortless, smooth mean not demanding effort or involving difficulty.

What is an easy person?

An “easy” man or woman (mostly applied to women, however) is one who carries on with questionable sexual conduct. In other words, someone who “sleeps around” is considered to be “easy”.

What is the use of easy?

“My apartment is an easy walk from school.” “Giving her the job was an easy choice.” “This is an easy problem to solve.” “This hike was not an easy feat.”

What is another way to say easy?

synonyms for easy
  1. accessible.
  2. clear.
  3. effortless.
  4. obvious.
  5. painless.
  6. simple.
  7. smooth.
  8. straightforward.

When people say easy now?

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What is an easy woman?

1. a dirty, slovenly woman. 2. a. a sexually immoral woman.

Does simple mean dumb?

Simple means clear and straightforward. Einstein’s equations for the special theory of relativity are simple (in expression, at any rate). Stupid means dismissive of evidence or argument. It is stupid (for example) to suppose that a man can fly by flapping his arms.

What kind of word is easy?

Easy has many other senses as an adjective and one as a noun. The most common sense of easy describes something that is simple and requires very little effort or work. This sense is an antonym of words such as difficult, challenging, or tough. Easily means in a way without difficulty.

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What is sentence of easy?

lukaszpp 374744 It’s really easy for me to speak Japanese. shirayuki 400397 Speaking English isn’t easy, but it’s fun. CK 804132 That half of the battle would not be easy. Source_VOA 1841797 That sounds a lot easier to do than it is. CK 57017 This book is easy enough for them to read.

What is an example for easy?

The definition of easy is something that can be done with ease, is not hurried, is not difficult, is free from anxiety or is comfortable. An example of easy is cooking a meal without the pressure of time. An example of easy is a hike that continues at the same elevation.

What is the opposite in meaning of easy?

▲ Opposite of needing very little effort. difficult. challenging. uneasy.

Is not Easy idiom?

and hard row to hoe

Fig. a difficult task to carry out; a heavy set of burdens. It’s a tough row to hoe, but hoe it you will. This is not an easy task.

What does easy on mean?

Definition of easy on

: not harsh or severe in punishing or criticizing I think they’re being too easy on the vandals.

What does it mean to be easy going?

Definition of easygoing

1a : relaxed and casual in style or manner an easygoing boss. b : morally lax. 2 : unhurried, comfortable an easygoing pace. Other Words from easygoing Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About easygoing.

what does easy mean in slang
what does easy mean in slang

What is a cheap girl?

The Definition of a Cheap Girl. A cheap girl is not just a girl who lets you sleep with her on a first date. A cheap girl is any girl who lets you sleep with her before marrying her. Cheapness has nothing to do with having money. Money does not determine a human being’s worth.

How do you get a guy to call you?

Is simple an insult?

This is one of many words — such as moron, dummy, and dimwit — that insult a person’s intelligence. … However, the word simple implies more than lack of intelligence; it suggests being innocent or naive too. So a simpleton could be considered a hillbilly or yokel as well as a dullard or dunce.

Is being simple a bad thing?

Being simple is not bad but a quality which not many people have in todays world. In todays world if you go around finding simple people then trust me that you’ll have to go a long way to find one. The problem is that we have made lives so complicated that simplicity just doesn’t fits in in general.

Is being simple minded a good thing?

One of the most crucial ways that being single-minded helps you in life is that it allows you to indulge yourself at the task in hand completely. When you multitask, your brain jumps from one task to another without spending enough time at either of the tasks to complete them with perfection.

How do you describe easy?

Some common synonyms of easy are effortless, facile, light, simple, and smooth. While all these words mean “not demanding effort or involving difficulty,” easy is applicable either to persons or things imposing tasks or to activity required by such tasks.

What does easy breezy mean?

or eas·y breez·y

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adjective Informal. easy: an easy-breezy way to update your wardrobe. fresh and sprightly; breezy: She writes in an easy-breezy tone.

What is the form of easy?

easy ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌
adjective easy
comparative easier
superlative easiest

What is the adverb of easy?

Easy or Easily

Easy is an adjective used to modify nouns and pronouns. It is also used with linking verbs. … Easily is an adverb, and it is used to modify verbs.

Is not Easy sentence?

It is not easy to answer these questions. But it is not easy to prove that it is attainable. I know it is not easy to do this in all cases. … The question is not easy to answer.

What are simple sentences 5 examples?

Examples of simple sentences include the following:
  • Joe waited for the train. “Joe” = subject, “waited” = verb.
  • The train was late. …
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. …
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. …
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

Is tough opposite of easy?

“It’s likely that you’ll breeze through the first three obstacles as they are relatively effortless.”

What is the opposite of tough?
effortless easy
soft light
cheap facile
mindless simple
undemanding calm

What is the meaning of hard nut to crack?

Definition of a hard/tough nut (to crack)

: a person or thing that is difficult to deal with, understand, or influence The team’s defense is a tough nut to crack. The problem is a hard nut to crack. He’s a tough nut, but I think I can get him to agree to the contract.

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What are the 10 idioms?

Here are 10 of the most common idioms that are easy to use in daily conversation:
  1. “Hit the hay.” “Sorry, guys, I have to hit the hay now!” …
  2. “Up in the air” …
  3. “Stabbed in the back” …
  4. “Takes two to tango” …
  5. “Kill two birds with one stone.” …
  6. “Piece of cake” …
  7. “Costs an arm and a leg” …
  8. “Break a leg”

How do you say it was hard?

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing:
  1. It’s not so easy..
  2. It’s a bit tricky..
  3. It’s not the easiest ___ in the world..
  4. It’s quite tough at times..
  5. It’s (quite / a bit) hard going..
  6. It’s nigh on impossible..
  7. The course is quite demanding.
  8. The course can be gruelling at times.

How do you become easy on someone?

Definition of go easy on

1 : to treat (someone) in a way that is not harsh or demanding The students might respond better if the teacher went (a little) easy on them. 2 : to use less of (something) My doctor said to go easy on fatty foods.

What is a good girl?

There’s a good girl!: You are behaving well! You are being obedient or well-behaved!


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