what does doozer mean

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What is a doozer?

The Doozers are a race of characters from Fraggle Rock who love to work. They’re tiny, green creatures with small nub-like tails who usually sport construction helmets, boots, and tool belts. Doozers stand approximately knee-high to Fraggles, at six inches tall.

Is doozy good or bad?

“Doozy” is often used to mean “troublesome” or “problematic,” but it can also be used with a positive meaning. It means “extraordinary.” It’s probably an alteration of the “daisy” flower, and started in 18th-century England as a slang word.

What does doser mean?

[doze ] Full verb table transitive verb. [substance] to measure out.

Does doozy mean easy?

So where did “doozy” come from? Etymologists believe that it’s an altered form of the word “daisy,” which was used especially in the late 1800s as a slang term for someone or something considered the best.

How tall is a doozer?

Doozers are plump humanoids, about 15 centimeters (~ 6 inches) tall, with lime-green skin and pink round noses, and a pair of short thin antennae.

What do doozer sticks taste like?

They spend their days (and the waking part of their nights) busily constructing all shapes and sizes of scaffolds and buildings throughout Fraggle Rock from their Doozer sticks, which are made from processed radishes (and taste like candy to Fraggles).

What does doozy mean in Australia?

An event, occurance or situation that is surprising, unexpected and typically bad, and not a positive experience. Also sometimes known as an RD. Can be real doozie l, or real doozy (both acceptable). Example: Just had a meeting with my boss today, I tell you what, that meeting was a real doozie!

Is doozy Australian?

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English Language, doozy means, … American, from daisy (the flower), also 18th century and onward English slang for something excellent.

What is the origin of the word doozy?

Doozy was first recorded in the form dozy in eastern Ohio in 1916 — four years before the Duesenberg Motor Company began manufacturing passenger cars. Separating doozy from the fancy cars even more is the even older adjective doozy meaning “stylish” or “splendid.” That word dates back to 1903.

Is Doser a real word?

doser, nounsu·per·dose, nounun·der·dose, nounun·der·dose, verb (used with object), un·der·dosed, un·der·dos·ing.

What is a big Doser?

a destitute person who sleeps in a dosshouse, outdoors, etc.; derelict; vagrant.

How do you use doozy in a sentence?

Doozy in a Sentence 🔉
  1. We thought our 4th of July weekend would be boring, but the eventful holiday turned out to be a doozy.
  2. This tough test is a doozy and should be studied for more than any other exam.
  3. My own wedding was nice, but my sister’s impressive ceremony was a doozy!
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Is doozy a scrabble word?

Yes, doozy is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is the a word in scrabble?

Yes, the is in the scrabble dictionary.

Where do the fraggles live?

Fraggle Rock
The Fraggles and Doozers live in a system of natural caves called Fraggle Rock that are filled with all manner of creatures and features and which connect to at least two different areas: The Land of the Gorgs which they consider part of the “Universe”.

what does doozer mean
what does doozer mean

Why was Fraggle Rock Cancelled?

The animated version of Fraggle Rock ended after only one season (13 episodes). Executive producer Margaret Loesch, who also headed Muppet Babies, attributed its cancellation to an unnamed head of children’s programming at NBC, whose daughter disliked the show, and therefore chose not to renew it.

Where do the gorgs live?

The Gorgs’ Garden is located behind the decaying castle that is the home of the three Gorgs. This is where Junior Gorg grows his radishes and other giant vegetables.

What is Australian slang for girl?

Sheila –slang for “woman”, derived from the Irish girls’ name Síle (IPA: [ˈʃiːlʲə], anglicised Sheila).

Is a real doozy?

What is the origin of the saying “That’s a real doozy”? Webster’s on-line dictionary suggests that doozy is a derivative of daisy and began to be used in about 1916. A doozy is something extraordinary or one of a kind. The Duesenberg automobile gave the word a boost.

What do Aussies call soda?

Fizzy Drink: Soda. Pop. Sometimes called Soft Drink.

How do you say sweetheart in Australia?

16. Australians don’t call their female sweetheart a “girlfriend” or “wife.” They say, “misso/missus.” 17. In Australia, we don’t call it “urinating.” We call it, “taking a piss” or “having a slash.”

How do you say beer in Australia?

Folks in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, and Western Australia call it a “middy”; Victoria and Queensland locals dub it a “pot”; Tasmanians a “ten”; Northern Territorians a “handle”; and, rather confusingly, South Australians term it a “schooner.”

How do you spell Duesenberg?

​a large, fast and expensive car made in the US between 1920 and 1937 during the Jazz Age. Its popular name was a ‘Duesie’, and Americans still use the informal word ‘ doozy’ or ‘doozie’ to mean something that is special.

How do you spell it’s a doozy?

Informal. noun plural doo·zies. Also doo·zer [doo-zer] . something that is extraordinary or outstanding of its kind: The storm was a doozy, with winds of fifty miles an hour.

Is Dozer a scrabble word?

Yes, dozer is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does a doser mean in England?

1. a. A specified quantity of a therapeutic agent, such as medicine, prescribed to be taken at one time or at stated intervals. b.

What do a queer fish mean?

Definition of odd/queer fish

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British, informal. : a strange or unusual person She’s really quite an odd fish.

What does dozy pillock mean?

2 adj If you describe someone as dozy, you mean they are rather stupid and slow to understand things. INFORMAL, disapproval.

Is Dozey a scrabble word?

Yes, dozy is in the scrabble dictionary.

What are words with Z?

  • zags.
  • zany.
  • zaps.
  • zarf.
  • zeal.
  • zebu.
  • zeda.
  • zeds.

Is wis a word?

Yes, wis is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Za a valid word?

Yes, za is in the scrabble dictionary.

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