what does 17 38 mean in trap queen

What does 1738 actually mean?

The name was inspired by a brand of cognac called Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, which Fetty Wap explained was “the finest liquor in the urban district.”

Who made 1738 song?

Fetty Wap

What does the name fetty WAP mean?

Fetty is money
“Fetty is money… Wap is from Gucci Mane [nickname] Guwop.” As Fetty explains in an interview with Global Grind, ‘Fetty’ is slang for money and ‘Wap’ is a tribute to his idol, Alabama rapper Gucci Mane, who is also referred to as Guwop. [

What kind of liquor is 1738?

Born from the cask and named after a royal approval, Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal is a truly distinctive cognac; particularly smooth with a blend of uniquely oaky eaux-de-vie.

When did the song 1738 come out?

Following its online premiere in March 2014, it was released independently on April 22, 2014, before being re-released in conjunction with 300 Entertainment on December 15, 2014. The song was well received by critics who praised the vocals and production for being cheery and infectious.

What happened to Fetty Wap?

The artist, best known for 2014’s “Trap Queen,” pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail on Friday. Rapper Fetty Wap was arrested Thursday night by the FBI on federal drug charges, a senior law enforcement official said.

What is the song 1738 about?

According to Urban Dictionary, 1738 is “A term used by rapper Fetty Wap in his song ‘Trap Queen’ to represent his squad in New Jersey: the Remy Boyz 1738. The Remy Boyz named themselves after a cognac liquor which they claim to be the finest: the Rémy Martin 1738.”

How can I be a trap queen?

A trap queen respects the grind but prioritizes the crew.

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Trap queens are deliberate and interested by their work and money-making endeavors, but if a friend or a significant other needs a wing-woman, a trap queen will be there for them immediately.

Is fetty WAP retired?

Fetty Wap
Occupation Rapper singer songwriter
Years active 2013–present
Spouse(s) Leandra Gonzalez ​ ​ ( m. 2019; div. 2020)​
Children 6

What fetti means?

fettinoun. The Term “fetti” is used to stand for Money. It is an Abbreviation of Both Confetti (when money is thrown at a club, it is known as confetti), and of “Federal Note”, Fetti. ‘

Is Rémy Martin VSOP VS 1738 better?

It’s a fruity cognac, but whereas a typical VSOP is often bright and vibrant, the 1738 features darker, more subdued and more concentrated fruitiness.

Is 1738 a VSOP?

According to BNIC standards, 1738 Accord Royal would qualify as a V.S.O.P., because all of the eaux-de-vie are at least four years old. Because 1738 Accord Royal is also blended with some eaux-de-vie aged up to twenty years, Remy Martin would be underselling it as a V.S.O.P.

How long is 1738 aged for?

between four and 20 years
Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal is a blend of nearly 240 grape eaux-de-vie (clear, colorless brandies) aged between four and 20 years in Limousin oak casks.

Is Trap Queen Diamond Certified?

“Trap Queen” was certified diamond on November 8, 2019.

Who is the queen of rap music?

Nicki Minaj
While Minaj has held the “Queen of Rap” title for at least ten years, the King of Rap has jumped from Jay Z to Kendrick Lamar to Drake and back. Nevertheless, all of these men have had successful careers, existing and collaborating among one another. But Nicki Minaj has had to take a different path.Sep 15, 2020

what does 17 38 mean in trap queen
what does 17 38 mean in trap queen

Is fetty WAP independent?

But Fetty stuck with his original team – the same people who helped him create his hits – because he didn’t want to force collaborations with artists that didn’t make sense. As a result, Fetty is now one of the top independent rappers in the game today.

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How did fetty lose his daughter?

The 4-year-old daughter of rapper Fetty Wap died from complications of a heart defect that she suffered from since birth, according to reports. Lauren Maxwell died June 24 from “a fatal cardiac arrhythmia due to complications of congenital cardiac anomalies,” the entertainment news website TMZ reported.

What happened to fetty WAP’s four year old daughter?

Fetty Wap’s four-year-old daughter died from a heart defect that she had had since birth, her death certificate has confirmed. The rapper’s daughter Lauren Maxwell, who he shared with dancer and musician Turquoise Miami, died last month. … She had been born with the condition, dying of an irregular heartbeat.

Who is fetty WAP net worth?

Fetty Wap’s net worth is reported to be $1million. The 30-year-old’s earnings come from his music sales, YouTube, investments, and tours. The rapper is from Paterson, New Jersey, and his real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II.

What number does fetty WAP always say?

“1738 is the finest liquor in the urban district. If you go to the liquor store and you get a bottle of 1738, it’s going to be the most expensive Remy… And that’s what we are, we’re the finest, we’re the best,” he once explained to Vlad TV.Apr 29, 2016

How many sales does WAP have?

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ has now sold over 2 million units in the United States. The rappers shot straight to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart with their hit single, and Cardi has admitted via Twitter that she’d love to perform ‘WAP’ for her fans at concerts and festivals.

What is a trap BAE?

Product Details. A trap bae is the female version of a hustlaaa 🤑This cotton tee is for all the girl bosses on the grind! Featuring screen-print detailing on the wearer’s left, crew neckline, and soft cotton fabric material.

What is the trap queen genre?


What is a Bando?

Bando, American-English slang for an abandoned house which is often used as a drug house.

What happened to Fettys eye?

Born Willie Junior Maxwell II on June 7, 1991, the 30-year-old lost his left eye shortly before his first birthday. … He said: “When I was little, I had gotten into a little accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes.”

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Does Rich Homie Quan still rap?

Dequantes Devontay Lamar (born October 4, 1989), better known by his stage name Rich Homie Quan, is an American rapper. He was previously signed to labels T.I.G. Entertainment and Motown, and is an independent artist as of 2021.

Is fetty Alexis baby father?

Alexis Skyy confirmed Fetty Wap isn’t her daughter’s father. Two years ago, Fetty said Alaiya Grace, 3, wasn’t biologically his, but Alexis didn’t speak out about it. A man named Brandon Medford is Alaiya’s (aka Lay Lay) father. He’s the co-founder of a luxury car dealership.

What does WAP mean urban dictionary?

WAP was entered on Urban Dictionary on August 6, 2020, the day before the song dropped, after Cardi B teased the release in interview during which she explained WAP stood for wet-ass pussy.

What is confetti slang for?

Definition of Irish confetti

dated slang. : a rock or brick used as a missile.

Is fetti on Spotify?

Fetti – song by Thybxlle | Spotify.

Is Remy Martin better than Hennessy?

Even though Hennessy sells more Cognac overall, it seems that when comparing the two collections, they both win big. According to brand ambassador Maurice Hennessy, an eighth-generation family member, the company’s V.S. expression is the most consumed Cognac in the world. And as for Rémy, its V.S.O.P.

Who owns Remy Cointreau?

Introduction. The Rémy Cointreau Group, whose Charentaise origins date back to 1724, is the result of the 1990 merger of holding companies owned by the Hériard Dubreuil and Cointreau families, which controlled E. Rémy Martin & Cie SA and Cointreau & Cie SA, respectively.

What is the best XO brandy?

Best XO Cognacs
  • Bisquit & Dubouché XO. …
  • Château de Montifaud XO. …
  • Delamain Pale & Dry Centenaire XO. …
  • Frapin Château de Fontpinot XO. …
  • Hennessy XO. …
  • Hine Antique XO. …
  • Jean Fillioux Grande Réserve XO. …
  • Paul Giraud Vieille Réserve XO.

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