what do you fear my lady

What Do You Fear My Lady?

Aragorn : What do you fear, my lady? Eowyn : A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.

What does Eowyn say to Aragorn?

Eowyn sees them off, and again has a cup. Tolkien says that she: set it to her lips and drank a little, wishing them good speed; and then she gave the cup to Aragorn, and he drank, and he said: ‘Farwell, Lady of Rohan! I drink to the fortunes of your House, and of you, and of all your people.

What does Arwen say to Aragorn?

Arwen : And to that I hold. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone. Arwen : I choose a mortal life. Aragorn : You cannot give me this.

Did Aragorn heal Eowyn?

No, Eowyn was not dead when Aragorn called her back, though she was dying. He healed her of what would otherwise have been a terminal illness (the Black Breath), but he did not resurrect her.

What does Westu Hal mean?

good health to you
Probably the best known OE phrase Tolkien borrowed, and one which is fun to use with friends, is the greeting Wes þu hal. It means roughly ‘good health to you‘. The archaic word ‘wassail’ comes from it and Tolkien uses a modern spelling form in the phrase – ‘Westu Théoden hal’

What power does Arwen’s necklace have?

Princess Arwen Evenstar gave her beautiful necklace to Aragon to pledge her eternal love to him. This special gift from an immortal elf to a mortal man symbolized Arwen’s decision to forsake her immortality to be with the person she truly loves.

What is Arwen saying at the river?

In Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring, when Arwen defeats the Ringwraiths after crossing the river, the words she speaks in that scene translate into English thus: “Waters of the Misty Mountains, hear the word of power, rush, waters of Bruinen (Loudwater), against the Ringwraiths!” (Nîn o Chithaeglir lasto

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What does Legolas say to Aragorn?

Aragorn [to Legolas]: ‘Thank you.

How did Éowyn get hurt?

The Nazgûl leader’s flying steed attacks Éowyn, but she kills it, cutting off its head with her sword. The Nazgûl then shatters her shield and breaks her shield-arm with his mace, but is distracted by Merry, who stabs him behind the knee with a barrow-blade.

How long did Éowyn live?

Language Rohirric and Westron
Birth T.A. 2995
Death Between Fo.A. 11 and 63 (aged 37-94)
Notable for Delivering the killing blow to the Witch-king of Angmar

Who is Aragorn in love with?

Aragorn fell in love with Arwen at first sight. 30 years later, the two were reunited in Lothlórien. Arwen reciprocated Aragorn’s love, and on the mound of Cerin Amroth they committed themselves to marrying each other.

What does Gandalf say in Rohirrim?

‘Verily,’ said Gandalf, now in a loud voice, keen and clear, ‘that way lies our hope, where sits our greatest fear. Doom hangs still on a thread. Yet hope is still, if we can but stand unconquered for a little while.

What is the name of Arwen’s necklace?

the Evenstar
the Evenstar, a jewel which Arwen gives to her love Aragorn; invented for The Lord of the Rings film series directed by Peter Jackson.

What happened to Galadriel’s Ring?

Galadriel bore Nenya on a ship from the Grey Havens into the West, accompanied by the two bearers of the other Elven Rings. With the ring gone, the magic and beauty of Lórien also faded, and it was gradually depopulated; it was deserted by the time Arwen came there to die in FO 121.

What happened to Arwen’s necklace?

The Evenstar given to Aragorn In Peter Jackson’s films, the jewel is replaced by the Evenstar, a silver necklace with a white stone, which is given to Aragorn by Arwen in Rivendell.

what do you fear my lady
what do you fear my lady

What does glorfindel say to Aragorn?

Glǽmscrafu – Glorfindel’s greeting to Aragorn.

What does Galadriel say in Elvish?

Galadriel: “Namárië.” (Farewell.) “Nadath nâ i moe cerich.” (There is much you have yet to do.)”

What language does Arwen speak?

Sindarin is the language usually referred to as the Elf-Tongue or Elven-Tongue in The Lord of the Rings. When the Quenya-speaking Noldor returned to Middle-earth, they adopted the Sindarin language.
ISO 639-3 sjn
Linguist List sjn
Glottolog sind1281
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What does Legolas say to Gimli?

You move me, Gimli,” said Legolas. “I have never heard you speak like this before. Almost you make me regret that I have not seen these caves. Come!

What does Aragorn say to Brego at Helms Deep?

[Aragorn makes his way to Helm’s Deep.] Aragorn: “Mae carnen, Brego, mellon nîn.” (Well done, Brego, my friend.)

What does Legolas say at Helm’s Deep?

Legolas: “Aragorn, men i ndagor. Hýn ú ortheri. Natha daged aen!” (They cannot win this fight.

What happened Merrys arm?

An event in the Battle of the Pelennor; see that entry for an overview: Merry’s Sword had stabbed [the Witch-king] from behind … … Then he looked for his sword that he had let fall; for even as he struck his blow his arm was numbed, and now he could only use his left hand.

Why did Merry hurt the Witch-King?

Rather than being able to defeat the Witch-king simply because she’s a woman, anyone on the battlefield could have felled the enemy under the right circumstances, but it was Éowyn whose courage and strength held out, making her victory all the more glorious.

How was the Witch-King killed?

As he is about to finish off the stricken king, Éowyn arrives and confronts him. The two duel briefly before Merry stabs the Witch-king in the leg, disabling him and allowing Éowyn to deliver the killing blow.

How long did Arwen live?

In the year 121 of the Fourth Age, after Aragorn’s death, Arwen died of a broken heart at Cerin Amroth in Lórien, and was buried there one year after the death of Aragorn, to whom she had been wedded for 122 years. She was 2901 years old.

Who did Frodo marry?

Frodo Baggins: Frodo did not marry nor have any children. Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck: Merry married Estella Bolger and they had at least one son together.

Who did Eomer marry?


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Did Legolas marry?

Legolas never marries. The closest he gets is spending the rest of his life, as far as we know, with Gimli; they travel around Middle Earth for decades together, and eventually Gimli is given special dispensation to travel to the Undying Lands with his “friend” Legolas—the only dwarf ever to do so.

Who loves Eowyn?

During the War of the Ring, Éowyn fell in love with Aragorn, who did not return his affections to her. She later disguised herself as a man and took Merry with her to the Battle of Pelennor Fields. She later destroyed the Witch king, with Merry helping her defeat him.

Is Aragorn half elf?

Aragorn is Dunedain and was never marked as Half-Elven. Despite his close contact with the Elves, he never had the option of whether or not to choose the Fate of the Elves or the Gift of Man and he was always doomed to die eventually.

What did Gandalf say at Theodred’s funeral?

Gandalf: “Westu hál. Ferðu, Théodred, Ferðu.” (Be-thou well. Go-thou, Théodred, go-thou.)

What does Gandalf say to Wormtongue?

Gandalf: “Be silent! Keep your forked tongue behind you teeth. I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm!”

What does Gandalf say before Falls?

The Balrog tips forward and is plunged into the depths, but as he disappears he cracks his fiery whip, the thongs of which wrap around Gandalf’s knees, dragging him to the edge and over. As he slides into the abyss he shouts “Fly, you fools!”

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