what do we have here

What we have here meaning?

It means, “what [situation/object] do we have here?” That is, it could mean either, “what is happening here?” or, “what is this?” It would typically be used to ask for an explanation on what has recently happened in this location or an explanation on what an object is.

WHAT DOES been here mean?

Your sentence simply mean I have had the experience of being here in other words you’ve been in this place before. If you were outside somewhere else and you wanted to talk about your experience of being in this bar, you’d say I’ve been there many times.

Who started well well well?

Well Well Well (John Lennon song)
“Well Well Well”
Song by John Lennon
Label Apple
Songwriter(s) John Lennon
Producer(s) John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Phil Spector

Who do we have here or whom do we have here?

Whom should be used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition. When in doubt, try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with “he”’ or “’she,” use who. If you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom.

What you do here meaning?

So what do you do here?: What is your job in this organization? idiom.

Have you been here meaning?

In British English it means “have you visited this place before?” For example, when I go to Paris, I am often asked, “Have you been here before?” “Yes, I have been here many times.

Should have been here meaning?

He should be here might be said by someone who is not sure whether he is here or not. He should have been here definitely implies that he is not here.

Have been here before Meaning?

It can be there in any case, just its meaning is relative to the ‘time’ of the sentence. The construction “never been here before” means that the person speaking is talking about a time they were here for the first time. If it’s in present perfect, it means they are there for the first time now.

How can I use well well?

(idiomatic, dated, US, Canada) Indicating pondering or consideration, often with sarcasm or mock surprise. Well, well, well. What have we here?

How do you punctuate well?

Well is an introductory word that a comma should separate from the rest of the sentence. In sentence A, there is no comma after well. In sentence B, the first comma is correct, but the second well shouldn’t be separated from the rest of the sentence because it’s not an introductory word.

Where is well well well from?

“Well, Well, Well” is a song by Welsh singer Duffy, from her second studio album, Endlessly (2010). It was released as the lead and only single from the album worldwide, beginning on 19 October 2010 in the UK.

Who I’ve met or whom I’ve met?

Who is used as the subject of a sentence or clause. Whom is used as the object of a preposition and as a direct object. In your sentence, the pronoun would refer to the direct object, so to be correct, you should say, “The boy whom I met at the party.”

Is whose and who’s the same?

Who’s. Who’s is a contraction linking the words who is or who has, and whose is the possessive form of who. They may sound the same, but spelling them correctly can be tricky.

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When should I use who and whom?

General rule for who vs whom:
  1. Who should be used to refer to the subject of a sentence.
  2. Whom should be used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition.

What do we have here response?

It means that whatever you said, is the same thing for that person as well. For example, if someone says, “The heat is driving me crazy!” and the other replies, “Same here.”; that means that the heat is driving him/her crazy as well.

what do we have here
what do we have here

Is it here or here?

If the succeeding noun is singular, then you should use “here is.” For example, “here is the spoon” and “here is an offer” are both correct. Alternatively, if the succeeding noun is plural, then you should use “here are.” For example, “here are the children” and “here are a few offers you can’t miss” are also correct.

What is short here?

Definition. Options. Rating. HI. Here Is ….

How do you use hace and desde?

When & How to Use ‘Desde Hace’ in Spanish – For

Just as ‘desde’ focuses on the starting point of an action or event, ‘desde hace’ emphasizes on the amount of time that an action has been performed (or event has been occurring). In other words, it expresses how long something has been happening.

How have you been or being?

As a rule, the word been is always used after have (in any form, e.g., has, had, will have). The word being is never used after have. Being is used after to be (in any form, e.g., is, was, were).

How do you answer how long have you been here?

How long have you been here? Your response would be the amount of time since you landed, which generally includes the first day (or other unit of time) and doesn’t include the current day (or other unit of time): I’ve been here for 4 days.

How do you use should have been in sentence?

Use “should have been” to express what you think should have happened, but did not happen. Often, you’ll hear this phrase used in arguments or regrets about the past. For example: “You should not have lied to me!”

Should Ka have sentences?

Subject + should + have + V³ + Obj. I should have eaten. मुझे खाना चाहिए था . We should have eaten.

Should have had sentences?

You should have had your vaccines by now. You should have had your lunch by 3pm. You should have had your flicker lights on if you intended to turn. She should have had all her jewelry on her person.

Have you been there meaning?

“Have you been there?” is a simple question asking a person if they have ever visited that place before.

How do you use have you ever been?

Have you ever been on TV? The present perfect can be used to talk about things you have done in your life, without saying when you did them. It can be used to talk about experiences you’ve had, or things you have done or tried in the past. The present perfect is used to talk about if you did something, not when!

Is it never heard or never heard?

The difference is simply one of tense. Since the song is over (and thus in the past), use the past tense to describe it: It was great, I had never heard it before . If the question was asked while the song was still playing, then it’s the opposite.

What is mock surprise?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English mock surprise/horror/indignation etcsurprise etc that you pretend to feel, especially as a joke She threw her hands up in mock horror.

What the Cat Dragged in meaning?

A mild and usually playful insult used to announce someone’s arrival and suggest that the person has a messy or otherwise disheveled physical appearance. When Jennifer came in soaking wet from the rain, Candice laughed and said, “Look what the cat dragged in!” Hey, everybody, look what the cat’s dragged in.

What does the phrase Oh well mean?

You say oh well to indicate that you accept a situation or that someone else should accept it, even though you or they are not very happy about it, because it is not too bad and cannot be changed. [feelings] Oh well, it could be worse. ‘I called her and she said no. ‘—’Oh well.

Is there a comma after OK?

And even a style guide / advice (below) that always mandates periods after all of these words. Okay is one of those words that peppers the speech patterns of many people. Here is the scoop on okay. If it comes at the beginning of a sentence, follow it with a period.

Is doing good proper English?

Both are correct BUT ‘good’ is an adjective and ‘well’ is an adverb. ‘I am doing good’ is how a lot of Americans speak, and a lot of British pedants (like me) get very angry and insist that it should be ‘I am doing well’. It’s the old prescriptive over descriptive grammar argument.

Is good grammar correct?

The rule of thumb is that good is an adjective and well is an adverb. Good modifies a noun; something can be or seem good. … However, when you’re talking about health, well can be used as an adjective.

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