what are trips 4chan

What Are Trips 4chan?

A trip is a post ID which ends with 3 identical numbers. For example 586794333 or 586794555 are both trips.

What does roll trips mean?

If you roll 4-5-6, you automatically win. Trips. Rolling three same numbers is known as rolling a trip.

What does dub mean on 4chan?

In August 2012, 4chan users attacked a third-party sponsored Mountain Dew campaign, Dub the Dew, where users were asked to submit and vote on name ideas for a green apple flavor of the drink. Users submitted entries such as “Diabeetus”, “Fapple”, several variations of “Gushing Granny”, and “Hitler did nothing wrong”.

What are the odds of getting dubs?

There are 6 ways we can roll doubles out of a possible 36 rolls (6 x 6), for a probability of 6/36, or 1/6, on any roll of two fair dice. So you have a 16.7% probability of rolling doubles with 2 fair six-sided dice.

What does it mean to trip off the tongue?

Definition of roll/trip off the tongue

: to be easy to say or pronounce The name just rolls off the tongue.

What is the tongue?

The tongue is a muscular organ in the mouth. The tongue is covered with moist, pink tissue called mucosa. Tiny bumps called papillae give the tongue its rough texture. Thousands of taste buds cover the surfaces of the papillae.

Why is a win called a dub?

A “Dub” is slang for “W” which is short for win. The word “dub” has ancient origins in archaic French, it basically meant to strike as with a sword. The verb dub is synonymous in current usage to the verb name, and it has been used in that context in English as far back as 1100.

How do you get Tripcode on 4chan?

A secure tripcode can be generated by placing two hash marks in the [Name] field, as opposed to one as with a normal tripcode (ex. “User##password”). Secure tripcodes use a secret key file on the server to help obscure their password.

What are 4chan quads?

On the image board 4chan, every time you post your post gets a 9 digit post ID. An example of this post ID would be 586794945. A Quad is a post ID which ends with 4 consecutive identical numbers. For example 586794444 and 586796666 is a Quad.

What is the highest probability?

The range for probability of an event’s occurrence is from 0 i.e. no chance of event happening, to 1 i.e. event certain to occur. Hence, the largest value of an event’s occurrence is 1 .

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What is the probability of rolling the same number twice?

The probability of rolling any number twice in a row is 1/6, because there are six ways to roll a specific number twice in a row (6 x 1/36). Another way to think about it is that you don’t care what the first number is, you just need the second number to match it (with probability 1/6 ).

What is ripped off?

1 : an act or instance of stealing : theft also : a financial exploitation. 2 : a usually cheap exploitive imitation. rip off. verb. ripped off; ripping off; rips off.

What is the meaning of trippy trippy?

Definition of trippy

: of, relating to, or suggestive of a trip on psychedelic drugs or the culture associated with such drugs trippy music a trippy experience.

What is trip down?

3 a false step; stumble. 4 any slip or blunder. 5 a light step or tread. 6 a manoeuvre or device to cause someone to trip.

Can u pop a lie bump?

Bumps: Canker sores often appear under and around the tongue. These sores are small, red, and painful little bumps that can appear and disappear quickly. A single, painful bump at the tip could be transient lingual papillitis, “lie bumps,” which can pop up if your tongue gets irritated.

what are trips 4chan
what are trips 4chan

Does your tongue look weird with Covid?

For a while we’ve been noticing an increasing number of people reporting that their tongue doesn’t look normal, particularly that it is white and patchy. Professor Tim Spector, COVID Symptom Study lead, tweeted about this in January and got a lot of responses – and some pictures!

Why do girls get tongue piercings?

The most common part pierced for sexual pleasures is the tongue. … People that use them seem to get off on the fact that their partner enjoys oral sex so much. Meanwhile, the one on the receiving end usually also loves the power of the tongue ring.

Why is a $20 bill called a dub?

Dub was shortened from double in the 1920s. … Dub for double was slang for $20 (double ten) in the 1940s and for $20 worth of a drug in the 2010s, as seen in some hip-hop lyrics. Speaking of drugs, dub named a cigarette in the 1970s and then a marijuana joint in the 1990s, perhaps as a form of doobie.

What is dubbed short for?

When a film is dubbed it means the audio has been re-recorded in another language. Often the options for “sub” (subtitle) or “dub” are given for a translated film which made me wonder if dub is short for something or what its origins are, and why it has come to specifically mean record in another language.

What is sub in anime?

Anime fans know there are two ways to watch any show: dubs or through subs. “Subs” is shot for subtitles, which pretty much everyone is familiar with, but what about “dubs”? The word, short for “dubbing” refers to the process of recording a new vocal track in a different language and replacing the original.

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How do I see my posts on 4chan?

Open your bookmarks or favorites folder from within your browser and select your 4chan post to view it. Your post will be viewable for only a limited time until it’s deleted by the site or administrators.

How do I post on 4chan?

Posting a thread

To start a new thread on any of the site’s boards, you must click the Start a New Thread link and then upload an image (4chan is an imageboard, after all). There is no account registration process on 4chan. Most users tend to post threads anonymously, simply by leaving the name field blank.

What is the lowest probability of an event?

We can also think of probabilities as percents: There is a 7.69% chance that a randomly selected card will be an Ace. Notice that the smallest possible probability is – if there are no outcomes that correspond with the event.

What do you call an event that Cannot occur?

Impossible Even: An event which cannot occur at any performance of the experiment is called an possible event.

What will be the probability of an impossible event?

What is the Probability of an Impossible Event? The probability of an impossible event is . Impossible events can’t occur. … Therefore, the probability is 0.

What are the odds of rolling 2 sixes in a row?

Thus only one of the 36 possible outcomes has a 6 on both dice and hence the probability of two sixes will be 1 over 36, or 1/36.

What are the odds of rolling a 1 on a dice?

Since there are six possible outcomes, the probability of obtaining any side of the die is 1/6. The probability of rolling a 1 is 1/6, the probability of rolling a 2 is 1/6, and so on.Feb 2, 2020

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What are the odds of rolling 2 Nat 20s in a row?

However, the probability of rolling freely selected number twice, i.e. any of two 1s, two 2s, … two 20s, will be 1400⋅20=120 .

Are rip offs illegal?

A ripoff (or rip-off) is a bad financial transaction. … A ripoff is usually distinguished from a scam in that a scam involves wrongdoing such as a fraud; a ripoff may be considered excessive, but not illegal.

What does talking at cross purposes mean?

Definition of at cross-purposes

: in a way that causes confusion or failure because people are working or talking with different goals or purposes We’ll never succeed together if we continue to work at cross-purposes (with each other). It became clear that they were talking at cross-purposes.

What is the Bengali meaning of tripping?

IPA: trɪpɪŋBengali: ট্রিপিংগ

Is Trippy a bad word?

“Do you want to trip?” means, “do you want to take the drug LSD?” Trippy, a slang form of trip often used in speech today, possesses no proper meaning in an English dictionary. It explains any incident not normal to you or others.

What is the definition of hallucinatory?

Definition of hallucinatory

1 : tending to produce hallucination hallucinatory drugs. 2 : resembling, involving, or being a hallucination hallucinatory dreams a hallucinatory figure.

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