undertale how to get genocide ending

Undertale How To Get Genocide Ending?

To get the Pacifist ending, you must not kill a single creature, plus spare (and date) every main character you come across. Doing so will see you access new content – so it’s well worth playing first. To get a true Genocide ending, you must kill a certain number of monsters, as well as their bosses before moving on.Mar 15, 2021

What happens when you get the genocide ending in Undertale?

At the end of another Genocide ending: Chara calls themself “The demon that comes when people call its name.” It does not matter when and where. Time after time, they will appear, and with the player’s help, they will eradicate the enemy and become strong.

Can you spare in genocide?

You just can’t spare. You are allowed to spare random encounter enemies as long as you still fufill the kill counter. If you spare a boss or miniboss(or some specific enemies like Lesser Dog or Shyren) it’s aborted. The full info is one the Genocide Route page.

How long do you have to wait after Chara kills you?

ten minutes
If the player waits for ten minutes, Chara speaks. They note that it’s strange that the player wants to bring back a world they worked so hard to destroy. They ask if the player believes they are above consequences. In the end, Chara offers to bring the world back in exchange for the player’s soul.

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How do you get the true ending in Undertale?

Undertale: 10 Tips For Getting The True Pacifist Ending
  1. 1 Don’t Fight Back During The Final Battle.
  2. 2 Reload A Save After The Neutral Ending. …
  3. 3 You Must Fight Asgore. …
  4. 4 Give Water To Undyne. …
  5. 5 Go On A Date With Papyrus. …
  6. 6 Some Items Are Worth Holding Onto. …
  7. 7 Save Up Gold. …
  8. 8 Seek Out Healing And Defence Items. …

Can you spare jerry in genocide?

When Jerry appears with Snowdrake and the protagonist makes a joke, Jerry can be spared. Due to its high defense, Jerry is surprisingly hard to kill, and takes around nine hits to kill with weapons obtainable before or in Snowdin. However, Jerry can be spared on the Genocide Route without aborting the route.

Can you go back to Snowdin in genocide?

You can’t. You have to restart the route and get them from there or use the cloudy glasses and crab from Gerson because even on a Genocide run, Gerson is still at his shop.

Does uninstalling Undertale reset it?

6 Answers. If you’re running the Steam version of the game, deleting files in the save directory won’t be enough. Steam Cloud will automatically restore those files, and it also keeps a local cache of the files to restore them even if you’re offline.

Does killing the dummy ruin a pacifist run?

Destroying the Dummy does not abort the attempt at the True Pacifist Route. If the protagonist talks to the Dummy, Toriel congratulates them.

Why does monster kid have no arms?

Monster Kid is a double amputee. That’s why they lose balance and fall all the time and have a black eye and still wear a shirt and boots. They weren’t “made” to not have arms. The tail is small and can’t act as a balance or “third leg”.

Can you do true pacifist after genocide?

You can do a true pacifist ending after genocide route if you say, Do not, and after opening the game say No, which means it resets your game and you can do a pacifist/true pacifist ending.

What happens if you dont give Chara your soul?

Refusing this offer causes Chara to abandon the protagonist, only to offer the same choice again after the game is restarted and another 10 minutes elapse.

What are the 3 routes in Undertale?

There are three main routes. For both genocide and pacifist, the ending stays pretty much the same. Genocide, you kill everyone, get asked to reset, and all that. Pacifist ends with you and the monsters on the surface, you get a choice again to stay with Toriel.

Should I spare Flowey?

If the protagonist killed Flowey on a previous Neutral Route (or if they aborted the Genocide Route, even if they spared him), he does not interact with them again until the protagonist reaches New Home again. If the protagonist spared him, he appears in the beginning of the Ruins again and advises them on what to do.

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Can you spare Asgore?

Asgore forces the protagonist to fight him, and the protagonist cannot spare Asgore. If any of Asgore’s attacks hit the protagonist and they do not have enough HP to survive it, the attack drops their HP to 1 when it otherwise would have killed them. However, the next attack that hits the protagonist will kill them.

undertale how to get genocide ending
undertale how to get genocide ending

How do you date Alphys?

Get the ferry from Hotlands to Snowdin Village and go to Papyrus’s house, and Undyne will give you a letter to deliver to Alphys. Take the ferry back to Hotlands and slide the note under the door, and after a brief and awkward conversation you’ll end up on a date with Alphys.

Is monster kid a boy or girl?

According to the Wikia page for Monster Kid he is referred to as male in the art book and uses the Japanese word for “himself” when playing the Japanese translation of the game. Monster Kid does not seem to have any other references to their gender.

Can you encounter Glyde in genocide?

Glyde is a hidden monster the protagonist can encounter in Snowdin Forest. … The higher the kill count of the protagonist during the Genocide Route, the longer it takes for Glyde to appear — possibly upwards of thirty minutes.

How do you spare Shyren Undertale?

To spare Shyren, she must be Hummed to at least once.

Who is Undyne the undying?

Undyne (/ˈʌnˌdaɪn/ UN-dyne), known as StrongFish91 on the UnderNet, is a fish-like monster that leads the Royal Guard. Clad in her full suit of armor, she pursues the protagonist through the entirety of Waterfall and is frequently evaded or inadvertently thwarted by Monster Kid.

How do you beat Undyne the undying easily?

You’ll want to bring along some Cloudy Glasses and/or the Torn Notebook to increase your invulnerability. When she starts using her red circle attacks, you’ll want to stick to the walls and try to position yourself so that you can always escape through a gap.

Can you backtrack in Undertale genocide?

8 You Can’t Backtrack

The Genocide Route, while sounding simple enough on paper — ‘just kill everything’ — has a few quirks about it that may throw you back into the Neutral Route if you’re not careful.

How many kills do you need to fight Sans?

The total number is definitely around 95-120, but it’s probably better to focus on the other aspects of the Genocide Route (Encounters without monsters, slowed music, unique dialogue) than the kill count.

What happens if you do genocide before pacifist?

Genocide requires no Pre-requisites like the pacifist ending does. there will be slight differences if you beat pacifist 1st though 😉 Technically you have to have a neutral ending before pacifist, but you don’t have to reset the save file to do all that.

What is fun value in Undertale?

The fun value is a mechanic in Undertale whereby a random number, selected on Reset, between 1 and 100 (the “fun value”) determines the occurrence of several rare events in the game. Many of these events link to W. D. Gaster, the royal scientist before Alphys.

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Does killing Napstablook ruin pacifist?

Napstablook’s face closely resembles the protagonist of the N64 game Glover. “Killing” Napstablook makes the protagonist lose one “experience point,” leaving EXP unaffected. Because of this, it does not cause a True Pacifist Route to end and is a hint early in the game that experience points are not the same as EXP.

How do you spare Temmie?

To spare Temmie, the protagonist must talk to her or feed her Temmie Flakes. Flexing at Temmie results in her departure and is soon replaced by Aaron. Notably, this Aaron can be spared by flexing once as opposed to thrice.

Can you eat Vegetoid?

Choosing “Devour” when Vegetoid is ready to be spared heals 5 HP and ends the fight. … In the demo, Vegetoid would be eaten whole and considered killed, giving the protagonist EXP, and the dinner option is not present.

Can you save monster kid in genocide?

No. Sparing monster kid will place you back on a neutral path, triggering the normal Undyne fight in the next room, instead of the Undyne the Undying fight there. Highly active question.

What happens if you let monster kid fall?

Let them fall: If the protagonist lets Monster Kid fall, Undyne will dive down after Monster Kid to save them. Monster Kid severs their friendship with the protagonist. … Run away from Undyne: If the protagonist runs away from Undyne, she will again save Monster Kid, who assumes that they had ran away to get help.

What creature is Alphys?

Alphys (/ˈælfiːz/ AL-feez) is a female, reptilian monster that lives in the lab in western Hotland. She is the incumbent Royal Scientist, a position she was awarded by Asgore after the disappearance of her predecessor.

Does sans know about the resets?

Sans gets a little memory from non-true resets, but literally every other major character does. The only difference is Sans is AWARE ABOUT EXISTENCE OF RESETS and of course he’ll give those pieces of memory more importance. But that still doesn’t mean he remembers literally everything.

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