thirteen reasons why episode 5

What is the saddest episode of 13 reasons why?

10 Emotional Moments From ’13 Reasons Why’
  • The Night We Met (Season 1) …
  • The Death Of Justin Foley (Season 4) …
  • The Making Of Tape 14 (Season 1) …
  • Hannah Baker’s Suicide (Season 1) …
  • Clay Jensen’s Lockdown Breakdown (Season 4) …
  • “I’m A Survivor” Assembly (Season 3)

What episode does Bryce and Chloe hook up?

Bryce and Chloe is the eleventh episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the twenty-fourth episode of the series overall.

What season did Clay lose his virginity?

Not only did Clay randomly lose his virginity to Sheriff Diaz’s daughter in Episode 5, but he celebrated by beating the crap out of her boyfriend in front of an entire house full of people.

Why did 13 Reasons Why get Cancelled?

According to Netflix, the show will end because it has reached the natural conclusion of its narrative arc. Season four “will feature the core cast’s graduation from High School,” which will be a “natural conclusion to the show.”

What’s the best episode of 13 reasons why?

These are the top ten episodes from 13 Reasons Why, ranked according to IMDb.
  1. 1 Tape 7, Side A (9.2) The season 1 finale is the show’s top-rated episode.
  2. 2 Tape 6, Side A (9.1) …
  3. 3 Tape 6, Side B (9.0) …
  4. 4 Tape 5, Side A (8.7) …
  5. 5 Tape 5, Side B (8.6) …
  6. 6 Tape 4, Side A (8.4) …
  7. 7 Tape 1, Side A (8.3) …
  8. 8 Bryce And Chloe (8.2) …
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Is there a sequel to 13 reasons why book?

“There’s never going to be a sequel,” says Asher of the book, which originally saw Hannah survive. “Which is so weird, because when I’d had the original idea for the book, I’d thought about it happening over several days like it does on the TV show.

Does Clay and Sheri get together?

Some fans were upset that Sheri and Clay never became an item. There is definitely a budding romance between Clay and Sheri in season 1, but in season 2 it doesn’t feature at all. Clay dates Skye for a bit and then takes the time he needs to properly get over Hannah.

Do Clay and Hannah get together?

The answer was ultimately revealed during 13 Reasons Why season 1, episode 11, “Tape 6, Side A”. Hannah told the story of the time she and Clay went to a party together. There, they finally gave in to their feelings and almost turned their friendship into something more.

Does Bryce go to jail?

After the school won the case against the Baker’s, Bryce got arrested outside the courthouse for sexually assaulting Jessica. A month later, he was sentenced to three months probation.

Who took Hannah Baker’s virginity?

Clay confronts Zach on his way to his car because he’s upset that Hannah lost her virginity to Zach and not him. Clay learns from Sheri that the Clubhouse is where the Polaroids were taken.

Who took clays virginity?

Valerie Diaz is the daughter of Sheriff Diaz and the girl Clay lost his virginity to. At a party, she flirts with Clay and later has sex with him. Afterwards, she tells her boyfriend that she hooked up with Clay which resulted in Clay beating up the guy. She’s later seen attending Justin’s funeral with her dad.

What did Zach whisper to Clay at the party?

They then sing together. When Zach notices a girl staring at Clay, he gives him advice on what to whisper in her ear to get laid. … The two end up fighting and Clay punches him repeatedly before Zach pulls him off. Then he storms off after telling Diego and Winston “I will end you.”

What did Tony do to Hannah?

Tony gave the Bakers Hannah’s tapes on a USB. He apologized for not being honest and revealed that Hannah made tapes and he kept secrets for her. The season ends with Tony, Brad, Clay and Skye going for a drive.

Who banned Thirteen Reasons Why?

Ahead of its third season, Netflix made the decision to remove the controversial and explicit suicide scene, two years after the show’s debut. They were allegedly given advice from medial experts, according to The Hollywood Reporter, as they wanted to ensure proper action was taking place to protect fans.

Does 13 Reasons Why have season 5?

Why 13 Reasons Why Won’t Get a Season 5 on Netflix.

thirteen reasons why episode 5
thirteen reasons why episode 5

Which 13 reasons why season is best?

This is every season ranked, according to their Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score.
  • 4 Season 3: 45% In the aftermath of the trial and Bryce’s “not guilty” verdict, season three steps away from Hannah Baker’s story to shift the turn of events into a murder mystery. …
  • 3 Season 2: 52% …
  • 2 Season 4: 61% …
  • 1 Season 1: 80%
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Was Hannah Baker a real person?

So is Hannah Baker real? In an interview with Coming Soon, the author revealed that Hannah Baker is not real but the character is loosely inspired by his wife and several women he encountered in his life and their tragic stories. … These incidences inspired the author to write such a female character.

What tape is clays in the book?

Tape 6, Side A
Clay is the subject of Tape 6, Side A, although not as a reason for Hannah’s suicide, unlike all the other tapes. At the end of his tape, she explains that Clay is not the reason for her suicide, but that she felt he needed to know the reasons behind why she took her life.

Does clay listen to all the tapes?

Events/Incidents. Clay listens to all of the tapes in one night. If you were at all frustrated by Clay’s slow progression through Hannah’s tapes in the TV show, you’ll probably be a big fan of the way Asher originally chose to do it.

What happened to Zach’s dad in 13 Reasons Why?

Zach lost his dad in the summer of 2017; he implied to having felt depressed and/or suicidal after his father’s death.

Who has a crush on Clay?

Tony has a crush on Clay and we’re 100% here for #Clony. It would explain a lot, mainly why he decides to spend SO MUCH TIME looking after Clay.

What happened to Sheri Holland?

Sheri Holland doesn’t receive her own episode in the second season of 13 Reasons Why. Instead, she acts as a sounding board for those characters who grapple with facing the truth, just as she learns to do in season one. When we last see Sheri, she decides to call 911 and confess her role in Jeff Atkins’s death.

What did Marcus do to Hannah?

He publicly humiliated Hannah during the date at Rosie’s Diner and sexually assaulted her while his friends watched on from across the restaurant.

Is Clay Jensen schizophrenic Season 4?

By the fourth and final season, Clay has a full mental breakdown as a result of a combination of troubling factors. Not only does he routinely have intense nightmares featuring the now-deceased Bryce and Monty, but he also hallucinates them during his waking hours.

What did Justin do to Hannah?

Hannah devotes an entire tape (two sides) to Justin. His first tape describes how he betrayed Hannah her freshman year by dumping her without a word and then spreading rumors about her. It’s pretty easy to see why she’s mad at him for that: he broke her heart, then stomped on it. Ugh.

Did Hannah get justice?

The court case pitted Mrs. Baker against the school district’s attorney, as both sides called the students closest to Hannah to the stand. … But although the court’s verdict was not what our main characters wanted, they did get justice for Hannah immediately afterwards.

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What did Clay do to Hannah?

When prompted by Dennis, Clay testified about his friendship with Hannah, and when prompted by Sonya, Clay testified that he and Hannah spent a night doing drugs together, while coming down from her high, she described being suicidal.

Did Hannah Love clay or Zach?

YES. Hannah did love Clay. The fact that she made Clay listen to all her tapes inspite of none of the tapes being directly indicated for Clay just that Clay knows about her life and more specifically how her life ended proves that Hannah loved Clay.

Did Hannah sleep with Zach?

Zach and Hannah have sex for the first time.

As Zach put it during his testimony, their relationship was much more than the sex. They spent the entire summer together, eating ice cream, reading books, and spending time at the docks.

What drugs did clay test positive for?

In a therapy session, Clay says he doesn’t know how his drug test came back positive for weed. The therapist asks what secrets Clay is keeping. Oh, you know, just a hundred. At the party, the students are playing a game called Paranoia where they have to guess secrets about each other.

What is a find your drink party?

Find Your Drink is a party where seniors try out different drinks to find out their preferred drink before heading off to college.

When did Clay do drugs?

This post is a review of season two, episode seven of “13 Reasons Why” and contains spoilers. Content warnings: This episode of “13 Reasons Why” references rape, suicide and illicit drug use. Apparently, Hannah and Clay did drugs together.

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