storage wars northern treasures where is it

Where does Storage Wars Northern Treasures take place?

This version of STORAGE WARS follows four teams hoping to score big on a modern treasure hunt, as these high-stakes buyers descend upon repossessed and forgotten storage units in Ontario, Canada, presented by auctioneer Don Reinhart.

Is Storage Wars Northern Treasures real?

So you might actually be disappointed to hear that some of the treasure-hunting reality shows like Storage Wars aren’t reality — they’re scripted and staged and, yes, totally fake.

Where is Canadian Storage Wars filmed?

TORONTO – The hunt is on for the future Canuck stars of Storage Wars Canada.

How Much Do Storage Wars Canada actors make?

Attending cut-through storage auctions comes at a good price as the actors are said to make, per episode, $15,000 to $25,000 according to Tuko.

What does Roy from storage wars do for a living?

Buyers. Roy Dirnbeck – “The Instigator”: Owns an established courier business, and looks to buy storage lockers as a hobby. He’s known to spend big, and win a locker at any cost.

Which Storage Wars person died?

Mark Balelo
‘Storage Wars’ Death: Mark Balelo Committed Suicide, Medical Examiner Confirms. “Storage Wars” star Mark Balelo, who was found dead on Monday at the age of 40, committed suicide by inhaling exhaust fumes, the Ventura County medical examiner’s office said.

How fake is the show Storage Wars?

According to star David Hester, A&E’s top-rated program is a fake. If you’ve never seen an episode of the series, the show follows a group of professional buyers who bid on unpaid storage units to, hopefully, find something worth selling for a profit.

Where did Barry Weiss get his money?

Career. Prior to becoming a reality star, Weiss and his brother made a fortune in the produce business. He spent more than 25 years building a wholesale produce business, then retired to focus on storage hunting. The business eventually gave Barry enough money to retire and spend several years traveling the world.

Why is Dave Hester not on Storage Wars?

Hester suffered a hemorrhagic stroke due to high blood pressure and sleep apnea. The stroke was severe enough for Hester to believe he was going to die. As a result, the star has taken some time to recover, so he isn’t in a lot of the newer episodes.

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Is Storage Wars Canada Real?

Yes, It’s Real

There’s been a lot of speculation over other “Storage Wars” series in the U.S., with allegations that items are planted in storage units for more drama.

How many seasons of Storage Wars Canada are there?


How old is Roy from Storage Wars?

The reason for Roy Garber’s absence in Shipping Wars’ final seasons revealed. For the unversed, the reason for Roy Garber’s absence in the Shipping Wars was his untimely death because of a heart attack. In January 2014, Roy passed away at the age of 49 in Texas’ Austin city, USA.

What did Brandi from Storage Wars do?

The celeb has been arrested on one count of domestic violence and battery in connection with his ex and co-star Brandi Passante whom he allegedly attacked at a bar in Orange County, California on April 30.

Why did Barry leave Storage Wars?

Why Did Barry Weiss leave ‘Storage Wars’? It was a personal decision. Although there were initially some rumors that Barry had passed away, Barry actually left because he wanted to get back to his original job of “professional slacker.” (Sounds like typical Barry to us.)

What happened to the auctioneer couple on Storage Wars?

In 2014, Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Doston suffered a double brain aneurysm. He was hospitalised and recovered from surgery after collapsing in his home in June 2014. His wife Laura Doston saved his life by performing CPR and the pair have since become strong advocates for learning the vital technique.

storage wars northern treasures where is it
storage wars northern treasures where is it

How Much Is Roy worth on storage wars?

Roy Garber net worth: Roy Garber was an independent shipper and participant in the A&E reality TV series Shipping Wars who had a net worth of $800 thousand.

Who is Roy on Storage Wars?

Shipping Wars star Roy Garber has died at the age of 49. Garber passed away after suffering a major heart attack on Friday, Jan. 17 in Texas, according to TMZ. The reality star leaves behind a longtime girlfriend, who broke the news, and a son Travis.

Is Brandy and Jarrett still together?

As Jarrod and Brandi shared in the Season 13 premiere, however, they are no longer together. Jarrod and Brandi chose to keep their breakup a secret for more than two years, having parted ways in 2018. Although they never got married, they share two kids: Payton and Cameron.

Have they ever found a dead body on Storage Wars?

Updated at 7:49 p.m. ET: Mark Balelo, who appeared on A&E’s “Storage Wars” as a frequent locker buyer, was found dead Monday at his California workplace, the Ventura County Star has reported. The reality personality died of carbon monoxide poisoning, the Ventura County Coroner’s Office confirmed to E! News.

What happened to Victor from Storage Wars Texas?

Originally from New York, Victor Rjesnjansky moved to Flint in 2007. He opened a resale shop in Tyler and is now one of the main characters on A&E’s show “Storage Wars: Texas”. … Like most characters on the show, Victor owns his own shop called “31 House” and it is right here in Tyler.

Why is Jared not on Storage Wars?

He reportedly left the bar before cops arrived, but police later caught up with him. Jarrod has since been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

Is Storage Hunters real or scripted?

Brandon and Lori Bernier speak to Digital Spy about life on the show. During our chat, Jesse warned us to never mention the “B word”, referring to his fellow hunters Brandon and Lori Bernier, making it known that their on-screen rivalry is very much real. …

What happened to auction hunters?

Auction Hunters follows Allen Haff and Clinton Jones, as they participate in storage unit auctions, however, the show was abruptly canceled after season five. … In April 2015, Spike announced that it would not be renewing Auction Hunters for another season. The network has yet to reveal why the show was canceled.

Is Dave Hester married?

Donna Hester

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What happened to Mo on Storage Wars?

What happened to Moe Prigoff from ‘Storage Wars: Texas’? Although Moe was once a fixture on Storage Wars: Texas, he is no longer a part of reality TV. Before he became the lovable face of the show, he was a podiatrist. And, it would appear that he might still have an office in Dallas.

What happened to Ivy from Storage Wars?

Calvin lives in Acton, California, with his wife Wendy and the couple’s two sons. He’s living a much quieter life without the Storage Wars cameras rolling, but uses his personal social media platform to promote his store and the items for sale in it.

What happened to Brandon sheets from Storage Wars?

Brandon Sheets, Average Middle Class

Brando is now a real estate agent. He left California and now works for Keller Williams in Arizona. Along with his wife Melissa, they have two children.

Is Storage Wars coming back in 2021?

Season 13 of Storage Wars premieres Tues., Nov. 2, at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

How much is Dave from Storage Wars worth?

Dave Hester Net Worth
Net Worth: $4 Million
Gender: Male

Are items planted on Storage Wars?

The lawsuit filed by Hester refers to previous questions from the public about whether items were planted in the storage units, and quotes an A&E statement on the matter: “There is no staging involved. The items uncovered in the storage units are the actual items featured on the show.”

How many seasons was Northern treasure on Storage Wars?


Does Netflix have storage wars?

Storage Wars no longer resides on Netflix in the US. You’ll have a tough time streaming the series at length given it’s locked behind A&E’s own app but two seasons can be found on Amazon Prime and Hulu respectively. … That was up until 2012 when A&E Networks decided it wouldn’t be renewing its contract with Netflix.

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