overwatch how to counter reaper

How do you counter DPS Reaper?

He does have weaknesses and certain heroes are effective reaper counters.

Reaper Counters.
Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Winston McCree
Mercy Pharah
Zenyatta Genji
Roadhog Zarya

Does DVA counter Reaper?

D.Va Counters are mainly mei as well as others who at close range would shred any tank hero. Reaper and Zarya make for some amazing D.Va Counters. … This makes both the best D.Va Counters in the game, as they can safely attack her while Defense Matrix is in use.

How does Winston counter Reaper?

Reaper and Bastion are among this Winston Counters and are mostly tank hero counters in general.

Winston Counters.
Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Zenyatta Reaper
Widowmaker Roadhog
Symmetra McCree
Hanzo Mei

Does Zarya counter Reaper?

The best ones are Reaper of course, Pharah is another since Zarya has a hard time hitting her in the air. For that reason, Pharah is seen as one of the best Zarya Counters. If Zarya is being played poorly she will do very minimal damage while being almost useless.

Zarya Counters.
Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
D.Va Reinhardt

How do Reapers deal with tanks?

Does Junkrat counter Reaper?

Junkrat’s biggest weakness is not only that he lacks long range damage, but also the ability to deal in air enemies. This is why Pharah is possibly the best Junkrat Counter available in Overwatch.

Junkrat Counters.
Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Zenyatta Widowmaker
Torbjorn McCree
Reinhardt Reaper
D.Va Hanzo
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Is Reaper 2021 overwatch good?

Reaper. It’s currently harder for him to get purchase with so many Wrecking Balls around. The other team might be very spread out making it harder to output the massive damage he can do. Also, he’s likely to run into stuns with Brigitte and McCree being popular choices.

Who counters hog?

Roadhog Counters
Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Bastion D.Va
Lucio Zarya
Pharah McCree

Is Reaper a bastion counter?

certain cases heroes who can get behind bastion like tracer and reaper, are able to damage bastion Weak point making them great Bastion Counters. … Such as genji, tracer and even reaper if given the chance are excellent Bastion Counters.

Does Winston counter symmetra?

Pharah, Junkrat and even Winston are among the best Symmetra Counters. Symmetra is best played on defense rounds since she can make better use of her sentry turrets and teleporter. Up close Symmetra can do lots of damage, even melt tanks when given the time and chance.

How do I get better at reaper?

Reaper Tips
  1. Don’t Wraith into the fight, you’ll mostly end up dying and be left without escape mechanics. …
  2. If you get, for instance, hooked and waiting to exit the stunned mode, hold down the Wraith button, don’t spam it, just hold it, it will be used immediately when the game allows it.

Who is the best Reaper in overwatch?

Rank Player Hero Score
1st ju1ceb0x 7 days ago 23,992
2nd WrA1ThFK about 4 hours ago 22,724
3rd SneakyTurtle 11 days ago 22,469
4th ĿƗƇĦ 5 days ago 21,558

Who can counter Moira?

Character specifically, try these:
  • Sombra can hack away Moira’s only means of escape and prevent her from utilising orbs to protect herself. …
  • McCree and Widowmaker both usually play at too far a range for a Moira to safely contend with. …
  • Hanzo’s rework allows him to play around any of Moira’s play styles. …
  • Tracer.

What tank counters Pharah?

Pharah Counters
Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Reaper Roadhog
Mei Widowmaker

How do you counter rein?

While Barrier Field is up This will allow your team to move safely through an area and fire back without the worry of taking damage. Reinhardt works well when combo with Bastion or Torbjorn, as he can protect their defense damage with his shield.

overwatch how to counter reaper
overwatch how to counter reaper

Is Reaper a tank buster?

On top of that, Reaper is arguably one of the best Tank killers in the game right now. So if you’re tired of fighting against six Winstons, two Roadhogs, or a triple tank meta, play Reaper. They are very easily crossed off his list.

How do you deal with Reaper as Reinhardt?

Three options:
  1. Swing away and hope someone else burst fires him down.
  2. Run away.
  3. Try for a cheeky pin.
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What is Reaper overwatch?

Reaper is one of the heroes in Overwatch. He is a wraith-like terrorist who sets out to kill his former comrades to feed his desire for revenge.

Does McCree counter tracer?

Tracer counter #3: McCree

If McCree can wait until Tracer is close enough to him, he can easily use his Flashbang to stun her in place. Once she is immobilized, she becomes a much easier target to kill. It is important for McCree to be vigilant and try to watch out for Tracer.

Does Hanzo counter tracer?

Tracer can only deal good damage when close enough to her enemies, as opposed to other Offensive heroes like Soldier: 76, and she lacks Health Points.

Tracer Counters.
Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Bastion Torbjorn
Hanzo Mei
Zenyatta Winston

Does Reaper counter Mei?

Mei is weak against Reaper because she can’t last long enough to freeze him. His damage output is very high and if you even get close to freezing him he counters mei by using Wraith Form. You can also play McCree to do really well agaianst mei, he has high damage and can easily go around mei’s wall if need to kill her.

Is Pharah meta?

Thanks to a recent hitscan nerf that saw multiple heroes see their damage fallout adjusted, Pharah has become meta once again, soaring to new heights, especially when she has help from a Mercy pocket.

Is DVA good in overwatch?

While there have been multiple metas since the game released, D.Va has been through it all and she is still a viable resource to any team. Bolstering one of the best ultimates in the game, D. Va’s kit is one that features some great crowd control aspects, along with decent damage output.

Is Sombra good or evil?

Goodman considers Sombra to be “evil in the sense that she’s kind of only out for herself”, but will stay loyal to her employer, Talon, as well as the situation continues to work out for her and further her own agendas.

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Does Mei counter roadhog?

Mei counters Roadhog by stopping him from doing his job. Using the primary fire of Endothermic Blaster you can slow and freeze him, so he won’t be able to escape, hook your teammates, or heal himself.

How much damage does Junkrat do?

While active, Junkrat is immobile but gains control of RIP-Tire’s movement. RIP-Tire can be reactivated to detonate immediately, knocking nearby enemies back and dealing 720 damage to enemies near the center gradually reduced to 445 to enemies on the edge.

Does Sigma counter roadhog?

-Roadhog has big Shield break potential that can melt Projected barrier using right clicks. -Roadhog can heal during flux, making him basically un-killable by Sigma ultimate. Pro Sigma: -Sigma can Rock Roadhog out of Breather.

Who counters Brigitte?

Hanzo is arguably the best character in the game when in the right hands. He has great range, great mobility, and high damage dealing potential and is quite effective in close range as well. Hanzo’s range allows him to deal with Brigitte from a comfortable distance.

How do you counter Torbjorn turrets?

How do you counter the TORB and symmetra?

  1. Spray the sym turrets and take them out pretty much instantly.
  2. Blizzard still charges pretty fast and also kills all turrets in its zone + freezes torb turrets.
  3. when you put an ice wall in front of a torb turret it won’t even shoot.
  4. shield / heal yourself during the process.

Who does Genji counter?

Genji Counters
Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Widowmaker Winston
Hanzo Roadhog
Zenyatta Pharah
Soldier 76 Symmetra

Who is the best symmetra player?

Rank Player Hero Score
1st Kengo in about 1 hour 24,062
2nd Frags about 23 hours ago 23,837
3rd Harmony 10 days ago 23,791
4th Biscuit about 4 hours ago 23,760

How far can Reaper Teleport?

E: Shadow Step

Shadow Step allows Reaper to stealthily teleport from one location to another at a range of 35 meters.

Who is the best DPS in overwatch?

Overwatch: The 13 Strongest DPS Heroes
  • 8 Reaper.
  • 7 Tracer.
  • 6 Ashe.
  • 5 Hanzo.
  • 4 Widowmaker.
  • 3 Echo.
  • 2 Genji.
  • 1 Cole Cassidy.

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