mega man x4 what am i fighting for

What am I fighting for Mega Man x4?

Who voiced zero in Mega Man x4?

Lucas Gilbertson
Lucas Gilbertson
Occupation Voice actor
Years active 2001-present
Notable credit(s) Mega Man X as Zero
Relatives Onalea Gilbertson (sister)

Who is the voice actor of Zoro?

Roronoa Zoro/Voiced by
Kazuya Nakai (中井 和哉, Nakai Kazuya, born November 25, 1967) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator who was born in Kobe, Japan. He is affiliated with Aoni Production. His most notable role is Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.

How old is Luca’s voice?

How old is Giulia from ‘Luca’? Emma Berman, who voices the role of Giulia in Luca, is only 12-years-old. The teenage sea monsters’ voices also came from young stars — Tremblay is 14, and Grazer is 17.

Who plays Luka in miraculous ladybug?

Gauthier Battoue

Who is the voice actor of usopp?

Usopp/Voiced by
Mitsuo Yamaguchi (山口 光雄, Yamaguchi Mitsuo, born May 23, 1965), better known by his stage name Kappei Yamaguchi (山口 勝平, Yamaguchi Kappei), is a Japanese actor and voice actor affiliated with Gokū and 21st Century Fox. He currently voices Usopp in One Piece and Shinichi Kudo in Case Closed.

Is all might Piccolo?

Chris Sabat plays All Might/Toshinori Yagi in ‘My Hero Academia’ Legendary voice actor Christopher Sabat is behind some of the most iconic characters in anime. He’s voiced Vegeta, Piccolo, and more in the Dragon Ball series and Yami in Black Clover.

How did Luca end?

In the film’s last moments, Luca heads off to join Giulia at her school, leaving Alberto behind with Giulia’s kind father Massimo (Marco Barricelli). Luca boards the train headed for school, and he looks at Alberto sadly as the two move further apart. Then, Luca smiles and looks at the beautiful open world around him.

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How old was Luca and Alberto?

Jack Dylan Grazer as Alberto Scorfano, a 14-year-old boy and Luca’s best friend who is enthusiastic to explore the human world. He is a free-spirited, expressive and gregarious boy who is “all about having fun”.

How old is Giulia Disney?

How old is Giulia? Although Pixar did not give an exact age for Giulia, viewers can surmise that she is around the same age as the protagonist — 13. Luca is the only character that Disney gave an actual age to in their D23 description.

Who is Juleka dating?

Julerose is the femslash ship between Juleka Couffaine and Rose Lavillant from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.

Are Luka and Juleka twins?

Luka Couffaine is a character introduced in the second season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He is the older twin brother of Juleka Couffaine and the guitarist of Kitty Section who attracts the attention of Marinette.

Who plays Marinette?

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Voiced by
Marinette is voiced by Cristina Vee in the English dub, while Anouck Hautbois voices her in the French version of the series.

Is Usopp God?

For he is ‘God Usopp’. For the many reasons why Usopp is now worth more than Zoro and Sanji. God Usopp is essentially the creator of the Grand Fleet made up of 1000s of strong warriors dedicated towards the Straw Hats. God Usopp did have a 5-star bounty by Doflamigo which is more than Luffy’s star bounty.

How old is Sonny Strait?

56 years (June 28, 1965)

mega man x4 what am i fighting for
mega man x4 what am i fighting for

Who is Yamaguchi’s va?

Cameron Bautsch is the English dub voice of Tadashi Yamaguchi in Haikyū!!, and Soma Saito is the Japanese voice.

Is Zoro a Vegeta?

2 Roronoa Zoro – Vegeta

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The road of the Shounen rival/second protagonist is a hard one. … Zoro is rarely seen without his weights set, as he diligently strives to both protect his crew and become the world’s greatest swordsman.

Who plays Uraraka English voice?

Louisa Michelle Christian is an American voice actress and ADR script writer at Funimation and Seraphim Digital/Sentai Filmworks.

Who voices shigure Sohma?

Ryōtarō Okiayu

Why did Luca betray Alberto?

Luca probably thought if the townspeople were to go after Alberto, they’d leave him alone and he could continue living there unbothered. Luca’s betrayal was rough to watch because he encouraged the townspeople to go after Alberto while he stayed behind safely ashore.

Is Luca in love with Giulia?

In the aftermath of the climax, the main cast ultimately realizes they have to go their separate ways, as Giulia only lives in Portorosso during the summer and spends the rest of the year away at school with her mother. Luca is happy for her, but is also saddened that he can’t join her.

Does Netflix have Luca?

When will Luca be available on Netflix? Unfortunately, fans should not hold their breath when it comes to the arrival date for Luca to wash up on the popular streaming service. Netflix will most assuredly not be adding the animated film to its impressive catalog of licensed flicks.

Who is the man in the picture in Luca?

actor Marcello Mastroianni
When Luca and Alberto build a Vespa from scratch, instead of the mirror, there is a photo of Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni.

What Alberto says at the end of Luca?

Piacere, Girolamo Trombetta
In “Luca” Alberto tells Luca, “Piacere, Girolamo Trombetta?” This roughly translates to, “Pleased to meet you.” In fact, the director himself, Enrico Casarosa, explained it on Twitter.

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What is Alberto saying to Luca?

At the end of Luca, the title character leaves for Genoa with Giulia so he can attend school with her and he and Alberto embrace, with the latter telling him “Piacere, Girolamo Trombetta!”.

Does Julia find out about Luca?

Giulia did not believe in sea monsters and was frightened when Alberto revealed himself as one. She later discovered that Luca was one too, but knew they meant no harm and asked Luca to leave town as she feared for his safety.

How do you pronounce Giulia?

Giulia is pronounced “Joo-Lee-Uh”; basically, it’s just like the English name “Julia.” Giulia is a girl’s name in Italian, coming from Italian and Latin origin meaning, “youthful.” These days, it’s beginning to be adopted in this spelling by English-speaking parents as well, including Debi Mazar of Entourage fame.

Who voiced Giulia in Luca?

Emma Berman

Does Alya find out who ladybug is?

The reason why Alya hasn’t found out ladybugs true identity is because of the miraculous. Remember the New York special.


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