love is war who does chika end up with

Love Is War Who Does Chika End Up With?

She has engaged Miyuki Shirogane in harsh tutoring sessions in volleyball, singing and dancing.

Who does Chika ship with?

Fujigami is a het ship between Chika Fujiwara and Yu Ishigami from the Kaguya-sama: Love Is War fandom.

What does Chika do in love is war?

Depicted in the story as coming from a prestigious family of politicians, Chika is the student council secretary of Shuchiin Academy, where she works closely with her fellow student council members, vice president Kaguya Shinomiya and president Miyuki Shirogane.

Who will end up with Kaguya Shinomiya?

Kaguya finally confesses and asks Miyuki to be her boyfriend. In Chapter 162, she happily announces to Hayasaka that they’re officially dating. The last episode of season two adapted around until Chapter 101, so we may not see them get together during Season 3 just yet.

Does Ishigami end up with Tsubame?

Despite Ishigami doing his best to convince Tsubame to accept him, Tsubame ultimately rejects Ishigami and she promises him that the two of them will remain friends and Ishigami sees her off with a smile and a gift of flowers. They still meet when the former Cheer Club hangs out.

Did Fujiwara kiss Hayasaka?

Ai Hayasaka and Chika Fujiwara are Kaguya Shinomiya’s closest friends and they occasionally meet and talk to each other. … Hayasaka asks Fujiwara how she feels about kissing and when the other girl admits she would like to be forced into a kiss by surprise, Hayasaka does exactly that.

Does Fujiwara like Hotaru?

The surname Fujiwara means “wisteria” (藤) (fuji) and “field, plain” (原) (hara/wara). It does not seem to interest Fujiwara that he hurts Hotaru Mizushina (Fujiwara’s current girlfriend) physically. Fujiwara has no romantic feelings towards her, but he likes to mistreat her sexually.

Who is Miyuki girlfriend?

Miyuki Shirogane
Year Level Junior (2-B) (formerly) Senior (3-A) (current)
Relationships Kei Shirogane (sister) Papa Shirogane (father) Unnamed mother (estranged) Unnamed Grandparents Kaguya Shinomiya (girlfriend)
Japanese VA Makoto Furukawa You Taichi (child)

Does Chika have an IQ of 3?

Chika has multiple ribbons that she names each and every one of them. … In Kaguya Shinomiya’s flashback, Chika stated that her IQ is 3 , but where and how she got that number is unknown.

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Will there be a season 3 of kaguya Sama love is war?

Great news, anime lovers! Season 3 for ‘Love Is War’ is officially confirmed. ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’ is among the most popular anime series as of the moment.

Does Kaguya marry shirogane?

About Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai

Both are too proud to confess their love and scheme to make the other confess their love first. Disclaimer Note: For those of you who have either read the manga or would immediately like to know recent manga updates, Shirogane and Kaguya do get together.

Who did Kaguya marry?

Lord Tenji is involved in living relationship with Kaguya. Which makes Lord Tenji to be so called “Husband of Kaguya”.

Does Miyuki kiss Kaguya?

Summary. Now that Kaguya and Miyuki have shared their first kiss, the time has come for them to truly understand each other and admit their feelings.

Does Ishigami date Miko?

It is hinted at the end of Chapter 137 and 140 that Miko’s feelings towards Ishigami have changed, possibly leaning towards romantic, after she recognized the type of person Ishigami is underneath his stand-offish appearance and demeanor.

Who is Ishigami shipped with?

It turned out that Kaguya and Osaragi ship the two, Chika and Rei ship Ishigami with Miko instead, while Shirogane wants to support both pairs.

love is war who does chika end up with
love is war who does chika end up with

What grade is Kaguya?

A second-year high school student and Shirogane’s classmate in class 2-B. She has excellent grades, one of the highest at the school, and is the daughter of the chairman of a major shipbuilding company and also the granddaughter of the director of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations.

Who does Ishigami Yuu like?

Tsubame is the object of Ishigami’s affection and a fellow member of the Cheer Club for the Sports Festival. After the Sports Festival, Ishigami is shown to have a crush on her, which is noticed by every other member of the Student Council.

Did Chika kiss Hayasaka?

Hayasaka inquired about Chika’s feelings toward kissing, and Chikal admitted she would like to be forced into a kiss by surprise. Hayasaka then made an attempt to kiss her. The two’s relationship has become awkward and ambiguous since winter break.

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Where is Hayasaka from?

Hayasaka was born in the city of Sendai on the main Japanese island of Honshū.

Do Yuma and Hotaru get together?

Yuma finally confesses to Hotaru in the fifth manga volume that she has feelings towards her but is rejected. She then turns to Takeda after feeling like she had been used the entire time by her. Hotaru is Yuma’s best friend since they were children.

How old is Hotaru in Netsuzou trap?

is one of the main characters of the series. She is a student in the second year of high school and the childhood/best friend of Yuma Okazaki whom she leads a romantic relationship with and the girlfriend of Fujiwara.
Hotaru Mizushina
Kanji 水科 蛍
Rōmaji Mizushina Hotaru
First Episode 1 Chapter 1
Age 16

How does Netsuzou trap end?

Yet, in the end, it had to be Yuma committing to their relationship that gave Hotaru the necessary leverage to leave Fujiwara and try her luck in a lesbian relationship with her best friend. Fujiwara ends up single (not really but you know) and the only one that seems to be having the worst end of the deal is Takeda.

How old is shinomiya Kaguya?

Kaguya Shinomiya
Age 17 (As of Chapter 152)
Gender Female
Birthday January 1 (Capricorn)
Hair Color Black

In what episode does Chika dance?

Episode 3
Chikatto Chika Chika (チカっとチカ千花っ♡) also known as “Chika Dance Song” was performed by Konomi Kohara, voice of Chika Fujiwara, as the ending theme for Episode 3 of the first season of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.

What does Chika mean?

God is supreme
Chika (Chíkà) is an Igbo name meaning ‘God is supreme‘, it’s made of the words chí ‘God, universe, originator’, and kà ‘greater, superior’

Is Chika Fujiwara smart?

4 Smart: Chika Is A Ramen Connoisseur

Her choices of toppings, noodles, and broth prove that she is one of the smartest characters in the show.

How many OVAS love is war?

Announced in the ninth issue of Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine, home to the Kaguya-sama: Love is War manga, which officially revealed info on the three-episode OVA. It will release on DVD in Japan on May 19, coming bundled with Volume 22 of the manga series.

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Is kaguya love is war finished?

This year’s 45th issue of Shueisha ‘s Weekly Young Jump revealed on Thursday that Aka Akasaka ‘s Kaguya-sama: Love is War ( Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai – Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunōsen ) manga is entering its final arc. … Viz Media is publishing the manga in English, and it describes the story: All’s fair when love is war!

How many seasons love is war?

Will there be a season 3? Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is one of the most well-loved anime series today. It’s a typical high school anime but it stands out among fans because of its well-written comedy and characters. It has spawned two seasons already and just last Friday, June 26, it released episode 12.

Who confesses first in kaguya-Sama?

1. Does Kaguya confess to Shirogane? Kaguya confessed to Miyuki Shirogane. She confessed during winter vacation (or on December 27) with a kiss — a French kiss — to Miyuki underneath a magical moonlit twilight sky!

What chapter does Miyuki confess to Kaguya?

Miyuki Shirogane Wants to be Confessed to, Part 5 is the one hundred-thirty first chapter of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai manga series.

Who betrayed Kaguya?

Tenji loved Kaguya dearly and was protective of her, as they both desired a world of peace. However, his love for peace proved to be far greater than his love for Kaguya, as he was willing to betray and have her killed to keep war from breaking out.

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