look what ive found

Is Look what I’ve found correct?

Use this phrase to point out something that you’ve just discovered. It’s often used interchangeably with “Look what I found.”

What I found or what I’ve found?

Both of them are correct, they just mean slightly different things. I’ve found, which is the present perfect, means “as of this moment, I found someone (in the past)”; the present perfect is used to indicate that an action happened some time in the past but is related to the present.

Did u find or have u found?

‘ is correct. Latter is correct because when we use the helping verb DID we must use the present indefinite form of verb that is a FIND in this case not the ‘found’ which is past tense of ‘find’. 1. Find(s) — finding —found —- found are the tense making forms mean to notice, come across, obseve etc like.

Can be find or found?

The correct sentence is: “I can find.” This means that you think that you could potentially find something. This statement is present tense. “Found” refers to past tense and you cannot say you can found because found means that you have already found something in the past.

How do you use found?

Found sentence example
  1. We just found out. …
  2. She found him in the living room reading the newspaper. …
  3. It was a good thing he found it so amusing. …
  4. I’m glad he found a car for you. …
  5. Yesterday, when I was digging in it, I found a box full of gold and jewels. …
  6. It even found its way into her writing.
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Have been found meaning?

Has been found referes to something that was found out. Ex: the truth has been found out. Been generally refers to something that goes under the process.

Have found meaning?

It means it was true in the past, it is true now, and you tend to believe that It will be true in the future. I’ve found this quote to be true means you realized it’s true in the past. – jakesamz. Jan 2 ’20 at 14:31.

Had found or have found?

“I found” is simple past (yesterday I found a ten pound note). “I have found“ is present perfect (I have found a ten pound note so I’ll treat you!). ”I had found” is pluperfect (I had found a ten pound note but it still wasn’t enough to pay my bill).

Did not find or found?

This is not correct. Don’t use this phrase. Verb Tense: When using the auxiliary verb “did”, you must use the present tense of the main verb, “find”.

Did you find out meaning?

“Did you find out?” implies that if he didn’t, there will be no further opportunity for finding out. “Have you found out?” implies that if he hasn’t, he still might be able to do so. F.

What did Tommy find?

Tommy found a real book in the attic of his house. The book was at least two hundred years old so pages had turned yellow and crinkly. It was a different from the books Margie and Tommy were used to because they had teiebooks to read from while the book Tommy found was printed on paper. 2.

Why do I find or found?

If you presume they have already looked at the list, use “found”. If you would like them to review the list, but they haven’t done so, use “find”. So, since you are putting the sentence below the list, “found” makes sense. But if you were to put that sentence ABOVE the list, you would need to use “find”.

Has find or found?

“Have found” is equally acceptable. “Find” is in fact the better choice here. It is being used in the sense of “observe” (which is where we get the word “findings” from), and while the evaluation happened in the past, the observations are being made right now.

What is the past tense of found?

found ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌
present tense
he/she/it founds
present participle founding
past tense founded
past participle founded
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Has been found sentence?

Yet it has been found wanting. Now it has been found. It has been found that this slag contains uranium. It has been found in deer 65 miles from here.

look what ive found
look what ive found

How do you use Find in a sentence?

Find sentence example
  1. I think I shall find them helpful. …
  2. The enemy will find it out. …
  3. I find it hard to believe you wouldn’t help him if you could. …
  4. Lisa glanced up to find Giddon watching them thoughtfully. …
  5. Her parents are very anxious indeed to find a teacher for her. …
  6. I’ll send it off to find out.

Have been found or were found?

While reporting news, “have been” is generally preferred to “were”. One of the reasons for this is to indicate that this event happened in the recent past. It is possible to use “were” but then you would add a time in the recent past when they were found, like “this morning” or “at 2 o’clock”, for example.

Had found meaning?

This means that, at some point in the past, an event happened. “Had found” is also in the past tense, but it is in the pluperfect tense. This is similar to perfect tense but even further in the past.

Is find present or past tense?

Find verb forms
Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
find finding found or fand ( dialectal )

Is have found present tense?

When I read “You have found them!” there is a connotation that this is more ordinary and perhaps accidental than the first construction. I would say “You found it.” and I think most Americans would say that. British English uses the present perfect tense in cases where American English would use the simple past tense.

Could found or could find?

So, you indeed should have used “could find“. The modal verb, can is already in its paste-form: could.

Was not found meaning?

NOT FOUND. These words are endorsed on a bill of indictment by a grand jury,. when they have not sufficient evidence to find a true bill; the same as Ignoramus. (q.v.)

Is not found is correct?

file not found. It’s simple and yet it conveys all of the necessary information. To answer your question, the shortened messages would not be appropriate anywhere that formal language is used.

Did they find or found?

Yes, in such questions you should use the verb do. Note that after do you should use the bare form of the verb: find, not found. The verb do carries the Past Tense, being transformed into did, so there’s no need for find to carry the Past Tense too. The two verbs work together, after all.

How did you find something meaning?

Asking, “How did you find [something]” to query someone’s opinion or experience doesn’t seem to relate directly “find” in the context of locating something. Even as a metaphor, referring to the act of locating something rarely includes a description of the thing itself.

What is the meaning of in find?

A1 [ T ] to discover, especially where a thing or person is, either unexpectedly or by searching, or to discover where to get or how to achieve something: I’ve just found a ten-pound note in my pocket.

Where did the Tommy find the old book?

the attic
Tommy found the old book in the attic of the house.

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What did Tommy find in the attic of his house?

Answer: Tommy found an old book with yellow crinkly pages about 100 years old from the attic . It was a book on school . He and Margie found the book quite funny because the words stood still and they have to turn the pages in contrast with a telebook.

Where did Margie go answer?

Answer: Margie’s school was just a room called schoolroom in her home itself right next to her bedroom.

What is the difference between find and finds?

As verbs the difference between find and finds

is that find is to encounter or discover by accident; to happen upon while finds is (find).

What is the tense for found?

The past tense of found is founded (childish). The third-person singular simple present indicative form of found is founds. The present participle of found is founding.

What is the perfect tense of found?

The past tense of found is founded

Conjugate Found. Found in Present Simple (Indefinite) Tense. Found in Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense. Found in Present Perfect Tense.

Has been found synonym?

What is another word for be found?
lie be
be present have a place
be perched repose
bear set
be kept be stored

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