how to view history on reddit

How To View History On Reddit?

Launch the Reddit app and tap on your profile icon located at the top-left corner of the screen. This will bring up the hidden left pane which shows the app menu items. Here, tap on the “History” option to proceed. Now, you’ll be able to see all the posts you’ve viewed recently on Reddit.Aug 22, 2021

Does Reddit save viewing history?

While you’re Anonymous Browsing, Reddit won’t: Save your browsing or search history to your Reddit account. Use your Reddit activity to personalize your recommendations. Use your Reddit activity to send you personalized notifications.

Can you view someones Reddit history?

Once you find a Reddit user’s profile page, you’ll be able to see their full comment history, as well as send them a direct message.

How long is Reddit history?

Posts are automatically archived after six months, meaning they can no longer be commented or voted on. The most popular posts from the site’s numerous subreddits are visible on the front page to those who browse the site without an account.

How do you delete hidden history on Reddit?

To delete your Reddit history, you can head to the “Overview” section of your profile and delete posts one-by-one. You can also delete your entire Reddit history at once using the “Nuke Reddit History” extension for Google Chrome.

Does Reddit track what you look at?

Reddit is specific not just about what it will track about you, but how. Reddit says it only uses a select set of cookies to track user behavior (nothing new), but it also uses pixel trackers — little images embedded in a webpage. Reddit says the data related to pixel tracking is only shared internally.

Can others see who you follow on Reddit?

Your follower list will only be viewable to you—not by anyone else. “If you are someone who follows other users, please take a second to examine your subscription/follow list and make sure you are comfortable with those users being aware that you follow them,” Jain wrote in the announcement.

Where do hidden Reddit posts go?

When you hide a post on Reddit, it disappears from your Reddit feed. This action, however, doesn’t require intervention from the post owner and is taken care of from your side only. So, the post owner won’t be notified irrespective of whether you hide or unhide their post.

Is Reddit monitored?

Will Monitor Your Account For Security Breaches

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Reddit has security teams that monitor all angles of their users’ accounts.

What is Reddit anonymous browsing?

Although you can log out and browse anonymously, Reddit gives you an easy way to do it with a hidden anonymous account. Instead of logging out, you can switch to this account and browse Reddit content without associating your activity, like searches and communities you visit.

Is Reddit anonymous browsing safe?

Originally Answered: Are Reddit users anonymous? Yes. Barring what a user chooses to reveal about himself in his comments and posts, the only thing you can know about a user is his/her username and nothing else.

How do you find out who follows you on Reddit?

You can tap on your follower count to see a list of everyone who’s following you ordered chronologically (most recent first). You can use the list to follow someone back or go to their profile, block, or message them. You will also be able to search for a specific username within your follower list.

Is there a history on Reddit?

Launch the Reddit app and tap on your profile icon located at the top-left corner of the screen. This will bring up the hidden left pane which shows the app menu items. Here, tap on the “History” option to proceed. Now, you’ll be able to see all the posts you’ve viewed recently on Reddit.

How do I view my Reddit posts?

How do you see hidden Reddit?

how to view history on reddit
how to view history on reddit

Is it safe to watch videos on Reddit?

If you’re asking if your data is safe with Reddit, then yes, for the most part. The site has the necessary infrastructure to keep most hackers away which helps with data safety. … Reddit allows users to control if other people can search for their username on the site or if they can see when they post new content.

Who is behind Reddit?

Reddit overview
Launch date 23 June 2005
People Steve Huffman (co-founder, CEO), Jen Wong (COO), Christopher Slowe (CTO), Alexis Ohanian (co-founder)
Business type Private
Owner Advance Publications (majority shareholder)
Industry Internet, social
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Is chatting safe on Reddit?

Reddit is designed for adult users, not kids. It’s not a safe place for kids or younger teens because of risks including predators, misinformation, dangerous online challenges, and data leaks.

How do I turn off history in Reddit?

Tap your profile icon at the top-left. Choose Settings at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down and touch Clear local history. Tap Clear local history at the bottom of the screen to confirm.

How do you see anonymous history on Reddit?

I only happened across it by accident which leads to be believe that reddit doesn’t really want you using it. Either way, once you know where it is it is simple to activate: open the Reddit app > tap the drop down icon below your profile name > select Anonymous Browsing.

How do I see what Subreddits I’m in?

Click MY SUBREDDITS near the top left of your screen. From the dropdown you’ll see up to 250 of the communities you’ve joined. To see all the communities you’ve joined, select edit subscriptions at the bottom of the dropdown menu, and click my subreddits.

How do I follow someone on Reddit?

Navigate to their profile page and there will be a ‘friend’ button. You can view your friends list from your profile or by visiting r/friends.

Can you block followers on Reddit?

To block someone from their profile: On iOS/Android, go to the top right corner of their profile and tap … and select Block user. On, go to their profile and click More Options under their avatar and select Block User.

How do I delete history on Reddit app?

How do I delete Reddit app history?
  1. Tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap “Settings.”
  3. Under “Advanced,”tap “Clear local history.”
  4. Tap “Clear local history” on the window that appears to complete the process.

Why can’t I see my Reddit post?

Make sure you’re sorting posts by new

By default, most communities sort their posts by hot, which prioritizes posts with the most upvotes. If you’ve just made a new post in a community with a lot of upvoted posts, you may not see your post unless you sort by new.

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What is the oldest Subreddit?

The very first subreddit was /r/nsfw. That was to get all the NSFW content off the main page. Technically at that point /r/ became a subreddit too, but it wasn’t addressed that way until later. The next one was /r/programming, to get the programming content off the front page.

How do I know if my Reddit post was removed?

You can also just google the post title (you need to remember it, obviously!) and add “reddit”. You won’t see the author though. If it’s a post that has been deleted by the user you will see this post with the word [deleted] instead of the username.

Does reddit karma go away if you delete a post?

Even if you delete a comment, the karma for this subreddit will stay the same. So, no need to gamble the karma system of reddit. Post meaning and fun stuff and you’ll start gaining the karma naturally.

Can you hide your reddit posts?

From your phone’s home screen, tap on the Reddit icon to open it. … On the top-right corner of a post, tap on the three-dotted icon. On the menu that appears, tap on ‘Hide post’. To confirm that the post is hidden, a menu will briefly float over the bottom of the screen with the words, ‘Post hidden’.

Can you archive posts on reddit?

As most of you probably already know, reddit “archives” all submissions and comments older than 6 months, which prevents those posts from being voted on, replied to, or reported.

Is Reddit ok for 13 year olds?

Cool and usually OK for tweens

Overall, Reddit is safe if you pick a few key, safe subreddits to join and don’t stray too far into the weird stuff.

Is Reddit safe for 14 year olds?

definitely not for kids,” adding: “The drawback on Reddit is the same as it is for the entire Internet — there’s just no telling what people will put out there. Links, comments, and entire subreddits may expose kids to biased, offensive, or sexual content. Reddit’s best audience is a grown-up one.”

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