how to use city crest hollow knight

How To Use City Crest Hollow Knight?

The Crest needs to be inserted into a slot on a statue of the Great Knight Hegemol. Placing it there consumes the City Crest. After walking through the opened gate, it closes and cannot be opened again.

What do you do with the city crest in hollow Knight?

City Crest is an Item in Hollow Knight. It is used to open the gate that leads to the City of Tears.

Where is Hegemol statue?

A statue of Hegemol can be found outside the City of Tears, requiring the City Crest to open the gate to the city.

How do I get into the city of tears?


Take the top right exit into the next area, then climb until you reach the sign where Hornet was last sighted. Follow the path to the right, then use the Mantis Claw and Mothwing Cloak to wall-jump and dash through the thorny platforming section.

How do I get to the city of tears from fungal wastes?

The west main gate can be opened from the Fungal Wastes by using the City Crest on the statue of the Great Knight Hegemol. The east part of the city can be accessed by using the Tram Pass to get to Ancient Basin and then going up.

Is Hollow Knight a girl?

Like the rest of their Vessel siblings, the Knight is genderless.

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How do you wall jump in hollow Knight?

Function. While close to a wall while in midair, press in the direction of the wall to cling to it and slide down. Press JUMP to launch diagonally away from the wall. This can be repeated an infinite number of times, allowing the Knight to climb up walls.

How much HP does traitor Lord have?

Behaviour and Tactics
Traitor Lord Hall of Gods text: “I defile the gardens of false royalty” “Treacherous god of anger”
Health 1300
Arena changes The arena is much larger than the base game fight, no difficulty differences. No Mantis Traitors appear before the fight.

What do you do after ancestral mound?

Leave the Ancestral Mound and head back to the central area of the Forgotten Crossroads and head to the mid-top-left side of the section which will lead you to the next location, Greenpath.

Is the hive queen dead hollow Knight?

Hive Knight, Vespa’s former protector, is defeated and the Hiveblood Charm is acquired, Vespa’s spirit can be found in the same area that Hive Knight is fought. Her corpse can be seen in this room in the background.

How do I get to watcher Knights?

The Watcher Knights are a multi-enemy boss encounter at the top of the Watcher’s Spire in the City of Tears. To find the arena, head left from King’s Station, cross the residential area, then ascend the Watcher’s Spire, located in the center of the city.

How do you open the door in fungal waste?

You’ll notice a locked door with an item on the other side. You’ll need the Mantis Claw to reach it by climbing up the wall at the bottom. Continue up to the top and take the next exit to the right. Do one lap around to the right, up and then back to the left until you find a Switch to open the short-cut.

How do you open the gate in City of tears?

How do I upgrade my nail in Hollow Knight?

Nail is the term used to describe the bladed weapons wielded by several enemies, NPCs, and bosses in Hollow Knight, including the Knight. The Nailsmith in the City of Tears can upgrade the Knight’s Nail up to 4 times if given enough Geo and Pale Ore, which increase the damage of Nail strikes.

How do you become immune to acid Hollow Knight?

how to use city crest hollow knight
how to use city crest hollow knight

How do you get wings in Hollow Knight?

To get the Monarch Wings double jump upgrade in Hollow Knight, you’ll need to make your way to the Ancient Basin and keep progressing after the Broken Vessel boss fight. The Monarch Wings double jump upgrade can be found in the chamber furthest left of the bottom level when looking at the map.

Is Hornet a vessel?

The vessel HORNET (IMO: 9197844, MMSI 352767000) is a Crude Oil Tanker built in 2000 (21 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Panama.

Is Silksong a prequel?

Hollow Knight: Silksong is the epic sequel to Hollow Knight, the award winning action-adventure.

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Is Hollow Knight a bug?

Hollow Knight is a 2D Metroidvania action-adventure game, that takes place in Hallownest, a fictional ancient kingdom. The player controls an insect-like, silent, and nameless knight while exploring the underground world. … The knight starts with a limited number of masks, which represent the hit points of the character.

Can you fly in hollow Knight?

Crystal Heart is an Ability in Hollow Knight. It allows the Knight to fly forward horizontally until colliding with a wall or enemy that is not killed by the dash.

How do you get monarch wings?

You must defeat a medium-difficulty boss named the “Broken Vessel.” It’s on the right side of where the Monarch Wings are. After defeating the Vessel, keep going further left. Eventually, you reach a fountain of moths. This fountain will bestow the Monarch Wings upon you.

How do you jump farther in hollow Knight?

Function. Press JUMP while in the air to perform a double-jump. Refreshes when the Knight lands on the ground, takes damage, bounces off an enemy/object with their Nail, or clings to/jumps off a wall using the Mantis Claw. Similar to the regular jump the height of the “flap” scales with how long the JUMP button is held …

Should you save cloth Hollow Knight?

Cloth needs to be saved in the Ancient Basin for her to appear during Traitor Lord’s fight. If Traitor Lord was fought but not defeated before Cloth was rescued in Ancient Basin, then rescuing Cloth does not trigger her next encounter at the entrance of the Queen’s Gardens.

How much damage does abyss shriek do?

Damage Values
Charm Damage Per Hit Total Damage
None 20 80
Shaman Stone 30 120

What is the reward for beating traitor Lord?

How do you use a vengeful spirit?

Vengeful Spirit Usage

Press the FOCUS/CAST or QUICK CAST button to conjure a large projectile in a straight line. This penetrates through objects, walls, obstacles, shields, shells and damages enemies that come in contact with – deals 15 damage.

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How do you rescue grub in hollow Knight?

Wall jump and dash your way up to the ledge on the left, hit the lever, then climb the left wall until you reach the Soul collector again. Drop down and hug the left wall and you’ll land on a ledge where you’ll find the Grub. Smash the glass to free it and let it return to the Grubfather.

Is Hollow Knight hard?

Hollow Knight is full of difficult boss battles. Hollow Knight is one of the best Metroidvania games to see release in a very long time. … As you venture around Hallownest, you’ll encounter many bosses, and very few of them are not punishingly hard.

Is there a boss in the hive?

Hive Knight is an optional boss in Hollow Knight, introduced in Lifeblood. Defeating him grants a new Charm, Hiveblood.

Reward Journal
Hiveblood 1

Are there any benches in the hive?

The map for The Hive is found with Cornifer in Kingdom’s Edge but the area is mostly linear so it’s almost impossible to get lost. Head all the way across to the left, down and then all the way to the right to find a Bench suspended in bee’s wax.

Is Hornet A Bee Hollow Knight?

Hornet gets her name from the stinger-like needle she wields as a sword. As the daughter of Herrah and the Pale King, she’s not a bee, but rather a half-spider, half-Wyrm. (Wyrms are basically ancient slug gods.) As such, her body produces Silk, which is her version of the Knight’s Soul power.

How much HP do the watcher Knights have?

Behaviour and Tactics
Watcher Knight Hall of Gods text: “We lie dormant, guarding the Spire’s peak” “Sentinel gods of the spire”
Pantheon Pantheon of the Knight, 8th boss
Health 350 (each)
600 (each)
Arena changes Same arena as the base game fight, no difficulty differences. Their number cannot be brought to five.

Can you cheese The Watcher Knights?

How do I access watcher spire?


Take the elevator up, then follow the path left and into the next area. Take the elevator in the next area to the top, then stop just after stepping off the elevator. Double-jump into the air and slash the weakened ceiling until you destroy it.

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